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Sevens: Warp

Warp The middle of the night. The location was the forest near Cartaffs’ castle gate. Time-wise, we aimed for around three to four, and carried out the plan. “I’ll be off for a bit.” Wearing the Cartaffs’ soldier equipment Rauno-san … Continue reading

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Sevens: Marina Against May

Marina Against May … The group proceeding through the forest had a number of elves at the lead, as they headed for their destination point. Mercenary brigade. And from the adventurer parties, elves were selected to take the front in … Continue reading

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Sevens: Those Who Wait

Those Who Wait The day after I met the adventurers who had arrived at the site beforehand. In the room next door of the inn we used, a two-man adventurer party pretending to be innocent bystanders had taken up lodging to … Continue reading

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Sevens: Bandelphia

Bandelphia After arriving in Cartaffs, we immediately got our baggage together, and got on the move. The Guild requested we meet up with the adventurers sent to the site beforehand, the meeting point being a shop not used by the … Continue reading

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