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Sevens: Faunbeux’s Decision

Faunbeux’s Decision To speak from conclusions, Faunbeux was to shoulder one corner of Bahnseim’s encirclement. A condition you could call extraordinary: it would become the center of putting the surrounding nations to work and getting together the continent’s west. The … Continue reading

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Sevens: Siblings

Siblings … A room of memory. That gray round table room had become like an arena. The violently clashing blades of silver had taken on shapes as if to reflect their wielders’ hearts. The shape of LYLE’s sword was orderly, … Continue reading

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Sevens: True Revenge

True Revenge The Faunbeux Kingdom. In a room of the castle at its capital, I gathered the other four, and held a meeting about Lianne. “… And that’s how it is, so it seems she feels considerably cornered. But at … Continue reading

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Sevens: Avengers of Faunbeux

Avengers of Faunbeux The Kingdom of Faunbeux. Its central capital was located close to Bahnseim. It had originally been at the center of the country, that capital of Faunbeux. But that land west of Bahnseim was largely shaved away by … Continue reading

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That One Time the Essay a Child Wrote over Summer Break was Way too Fantasy

(TL: There is a sequel to this work: By Aska “See you later, teach’.” “Yeah, see you next time. Take care on your way home.” I turned an energetic voice to the returning students, and saw them off … Continue reading

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Sevens: The Kingdom of Faunbeux

The Kingdom of Faunbeux … The Kingdom of Djanpear. Having acquired a promise of cooperation, Novem’s party discussed matters with Jules. How much force could be sent out was one thing, but the main issue was how the soldiers of … Continue reading

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