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Sevens: Epilogue

Epilogue … Beim, a room in the Guild’s east branch. In that large, orderly room, Adele Belgi looked at the lines of desks. There were five lightly-equipped Valkyries stationed. Also present were the guild personnel, and the merchants who didn’t … Continue reading

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Sevens: Wonder Child of the Walt House

Wonder Child of the Walt House … In Bahnseim’s marquee, he held his head at the continuous stream of reports coming in. “Why? Why can’t we push through with numbers!?” “Our foe should number much less than we!” “Wait, they’ll … Continue reading

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Sevens: Lyle Walt Stands

Lyle Walt Stands After blowing up Guild headquarters, I headed to the plaza. It was filled not only by the alliance and Cartaffs’ soldiers cooperating, but by Beim’s soldiers and residents as well. A cloudy sky. Before the people who … Continue reading

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Sevens: Festival

Festival … Bahnseim’s army robbed of Redant Fortress by Lyle’s force of South Beim. Receiving the report, they sent almost half of their movable forces- a force of sixty thousand- in the opposite direction from Beim. The main force did … Continue reading

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This is Not a Chapter: Charging the Hero

I started a new project to take my mind off things, and before I knew it, I had translated 52 chapters… You can find it on the project’s menu. I will return to Sevens momentarily. Truly sorry about that.   … Continue reading

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Sevens: Pincer Attack

Pincer Attack … Bahnseim’s main camp. Still carrying out battle within the city of Beim, their heads were troubled with the war progress that wouldn’t go anywhere come so far. The order from Celes was a vague one along the … Continue reading

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