This is not a chapter: Sevens Best Waifu Poll

The best wife ranking is omnipresent. It lingers in our minds. So let’s see where it stands. And I wanted a breather after the previous chapter. You can pick up to 3

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110 Responses to This is not a chapter: Sevens Best Waifu Poll

  1. myuu7 says:

    why is fidel here omg

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  2. crossedunion says:

    vera takes my vote for top 1 then miranda then novem, vera really takes the landslide vote i guess

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  3. >Clara not at top

    I’m disappointed.

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  4. rennass says:

    My theory of Vera’s high score.
    We vote for 3 girls (factors) essential for harem.
    She is the best. I’m rooting for her.
    She is funny. I hope she has more scene.
    She is MONEY. Lyle couldn’t live without her.
    #1&2 are varied depend on people but #3 couldn’t be anyone but Vera.

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  5. ashevn says:

    one for Fidel from me ^^


  6. izecubes says:

    fidel best waifu!!!!


  7. Verde says:

    May is love, may is love…


  8. I Wanted to vote for vera too… But fidel took her place :/


  9. frenzy85 says:

    Sugar mama Vera in the lead!


  10. Nirleka says:

    Go go Aria!!!!


  11. Kortodo says:

    I see I hit 2 out of 3 top choices. Voted Vera, Aria and Clara.

    It was a though decision, not being able to pick Eva, May and Shannon as well.

    Hmmm, thinking about it, it seems my choices lean towards the least scheming ones of the bunch. Those six don’t seem like the type to form factions.

    Lyle would probably have fewer headaches if those girls were the only ones around (though he’d probably also accomplish a lot less).


  12. mr kyle says:

    why no Celes? shes obviously just a huge tsundere who just want Lyle jealous with her harem

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  13. Avalon says:

    No Porter? I am disappoint.


  14. Crabdog says:

    I can’t believe people are voting for Fidel. Raking in the votes just ‘cus he’s a little tsun… He’s a second rate waifu at best! It’d take one hell of a fluffy date chapter to convince me otherwise.


  15. Sorry but i’m in the Aria faction…. I was in conflict between her and Clara, since this two get on my top 1 easily…
    And i do agree with mr kyle, where’s the tsun tsun celes? XD

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  16. Aoitenshi says:

    I was going to ask if the order of the girls (and some guys?) are particularly made by Yorai himself… but after I refresh the page I found out that it is randomized by the poll.


  17. Robz says:

    A couple of days in and it seems Vera is neck and neck with Aria by a couple or so votes. Vera being the one who have acted the most couple-ish with Lyle so far is probably the reason, I guess? Personally, I voted for Vera, Aria and Clara.

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  18. daemon says:

    Still wondering though, how long is the poll? I mean, when do we get to see the final tally for the best waifu poll?


  19. RedKaiser says:

    I am for all goes to novem..


  20. Doctor Prinny says:

    Sad that the true heroine wasn’t even in the poll


  21. RageEnder says:

    Vera is no.1 for me and aria no2 no.3 is poyopoyo I think…


  22. pold10 says:

    The amount of votes is greater than I expected. Yorai-sama you have your own cult for yourself.


  23. xgerm says:

    monica is a great character, but maybe she’s a bit too funny to vote in this poll.
    i’m surprised vera is leading, but it is true she’s the only one who really acted as a couple with lyle


  24. Faust Voncleave says:

    My votes are for Clara, Novem and Ludmilla, in that order.


  25. Nordisk says:

    VERA is BEST WAIFU!!!!


  26. Nordisk says:

    Woah total votes of 4,897….

    So about 1632 people voted, haha you’ve got your small elite fore here yorai


  27. Damien should have been an option ;_;


  28. testla says:

    After seeing a certain chapter we should add agrissa into the mix she does like lyle to what extent don’t know exactly but it seems rather favorable for lyle


  29. santoryuun says:

    And of course that Vera is best waifu!


  30. Ladebalken says:

    Wait! Fidel got over 150 votes?


  31. Tyler89557 says:

    Wish I had started reading LNs sooner so I could find this when it was still being translated.
    I regardless of what the polls say Aria is best waifu and nothing will ever change this.


  32. Aria, Vera, May/Eva
    I ended up liking those “who don’t desire” or “willing to give up” being in the harem the most. Not much development for Aura and Thelma sadly.


  33. Seanna2k says:

    Novem is my favourite, then Aria, then Vera. These are my top 3 in order of 1st, 2nd and 3rd. But I guess Vera winning first place instead of Novem is something I’ll have to live with.


  34. Thievingskivies says:

    This is my top 3 because the poll is closed by now
    1. Novem
    2. Miranda
    3. Aria
    Its in that order also. I also feel like this is the stereotype list but aperantly it wasn’t.


  35. colorless says:

    Miranda, Aria, Vera and Clara. They’re the best imo.

    Novem, yeah, NO.


  36. Yuuno says:



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