This is Not a Chapter: Charging the Hero

I started a new project to take my mind off things, and before I knew it, I had translated 52 chapters… You can find it on the project’s menu. I will return to Sevens momentarily. Truly sorry about that.


If you want the Syosetsu synopsis on the story…


Fifty years have passed since the demon lord’s defeat.
Working as a lawyer in a country that honors law, justice, and order, Daniel Lockhart became the court-appointed attorney for the defendant of a certain incident.
The girl who proclaims herself the descendant of the hero has been arrested for murder charges.

About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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33 Responses to This is Not a Chapter: Charging the Hero

  1. Lachrone says:

    Not a problem yora. We will waiting for you. Thank you so much for the work

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ian b says:

      Yeah I noticed it last week I think or something didn’t start reading on account of busy the week was for me. Hopefully it’s a fun read.


      • Yoraikun says:

        I’m going to go with the lawyer theme and say Objection, this project was started three days, ago, therefore you cannot have seen it last week.

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        • Ian b says:

          K my bad guess it was Monday or Tuesday then.


        • 52 chps in 3 day?! But ya the chapters are pretty short. Sound’s like a pretty interesting read. Only other thing I know with a similar premise is that failed law student that became a lawyer in a fantasy world where god has decided to adapt the laws of modern japan… was a really dumb premise that felt incredibly forced just so the author could justify the mc having a elf secretary.


        • zarvii says:

          I also saw it just the other day
          with around 30+ chapter iirc
          I only tried reading prologue and chapter 1 or/and 2 tho
          just translated at your pace


        • Lachrone says:

          Procrastinating yora is the best yora right?


  2. Viableduckling3 says:

    I’m more concerned with the fact that you’ve been translating this entire time but after reading and seeing how short the chapters are I can see how you would get lost in translation.


  3. quezero says:

    looking fwd to mr. Lyle a.k.a. MARVELOUS


  4. rguardian4339 says:

    Yorai-kun: *trips…stands back up and is holding stack of chapters*

    I love how you can translate like this just to relieve stress, lol, thanks! (Hope you’re feeling better)


  5. Hawgnes says:

    Hao yo doing Yorai


  6. Fueee says:



  7. ArKain says:

    Yorai… and here I thought the lack of updates was because you were earnestly studying for your exams…


  8. 6097days says:

    Procrastinating from translating by translating huh?


  9. niwrad92 says:

    52 damm, i see there are short but equally, i will read them when i got time.


  10. appleater says:

    Lol what-procrastinates for exams, the procrastinates for sevens=52 chapters of another story



  11. Trash says:

    I was reading the Trial section, then the whole Trial chapters disappear and not found! O_o
    The other parts is accessible though.


  12. RageEnder says:

    I was reading through the visitations13 but when I was about to continue, everything is gone… Everything.


  13. ryllonceras says:

    wow! this must be so addicting for you to have translated 52 chaps in a trance. ty


  14. Nryuu says:

    can i ask for the genre please?


  15. asadlinguist says:

    Amazing procrastination. If I only had a tenth of your skill, I would have finished all my assignments and still have some time left to do more.


  16. Sorcerer King Ainz says:

    So is that daniel lockhart dude actually the hero?…


  17. colorless says:

    Hmm Charging the hero reminds me of a manga where the MC is transported in a world where he becomes a lawyer. It was good but sadly it got TL’ed really slow!


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