Sevens: Wonder Child of the Walt House

Wonder Child of the Walt House

… In Bahnseim’s marquee, he held his head at the continuous stream of reports coming in.

“Why? Why can’t we push through with numbers!?”
“Our foe should number much less than we!”
“Wait, they’ll run out of breath soon enough. Here’s where we should reorganize the feudal nobles’ soldiers, even if we need be a little forceful…”

The reason for their confusion was that Beim had finally put up a unified offense. For battle within the city, no matter how great the adventurers’ advantage was, their numbers were different. When they thought they’d be pushing through with numbers, there was no helping that they faced a close fight.

They soon reorganized their forces, switched out their equipment, and attacked again. And yet, the report they received was one of the annihilation of their forces.

“… Could it be they received reinforcements? Just as South Beim received reinforcements from Cartaffs, couldn’t Beim have as well?”

On a general’s words, the feudal noble Count who was forced to retreat from casualties affirmed. But he seemed considerably irritated.

“Isn’t that why I reported it!? You’re the ones who ignored it. Don’t forget you’re the ones who said the alliance would never be able to dispatch much a force!”

The four-nation alliance… it was a gathering of small countries. Their entire military force may number a few ten thousands, but from Bahnseim’s point of view, they weren’t a threat or anything. But in their war with Beim, they were a foe whose intervention they didn’t welcome.

“As if a mere ten thousand reinforcement could crumble us so! There must be a possibility they’re getting reinforcements from elsewhere as well. If Cartaffs got serious, they’d be able to send a hundred thousand…”

The Supreme Commander lowered his clenched fist onto the table.

“Stop your rash remarks. Do you think it’s possible for Cartaffs to transport a force of such numbers? It’s true, if they used every ship in Beim it would be possible, but Cartaffs is glaring at Bahnseim from the north. They haven’t the leisure to dispatch such forces to some foreign land!”

The tent went quiet. They had already investigated the surrounding situation before their invasion. The alliance was overly cold towards Beim. Such so that it wouldn’t be strange if a war broke out between them.

Even if they had dealings with Cartafffs, it wasn’t thinkable Cartaffs would go that far for them.

“Whatever the case, we cannot stand by and do nothing here…”

“Message! Within Beim, a large-scale force has begun its march! T-they’re… planning on attacking this point!”

The generals and lords stationed there… and the Supreme Commander stood. They immediately went into preparations to intercept, but their expressions were well varied.

“So they’ve gotten impatient and come for us. If it’s a field battle, we have the advantage! Make mincemeat of them.”

“Why? Why did they come out… why would they discard their advantageous battlefield…”

Each of them had their own impressions as they exited the tent.

There, the unit in front of the gate was breached by Beim’s cavalry. Their numbers continued streaming out without any sign of interruption.

But more importantly, the banner they flew was one the generals could not believe.

“Why… why are Cartaffs and the alliance… and even Djanpear taking part!?”

That large banner with blue circle surrounded by a silver crest in the center, was placed in the center of the others…

Atop the wall of Beim, I mounted May, I looked down over the battlefield at the enemy surpassing a hundred thousand before my eyes.

In contrast, our numbers were less than a hundred thousand. Looking at number alone, we faced a minor numerical inferiority. But now that reinforcements had arrived from Djanpear, there was no point in buying any further time.

By my side, a Djanpearan general of tanned skin spoke to me.

“Beim sure is cold. Looks like I’ll need to wear something thicker.

I laughed.

It’s true it isn’t as far south as Djanpear. Now then, it’s about time I went out.

It’s not like I’d take the front lines and fight. I didn’t have such a need.

Gripping the Jewel, I plucked it off its chain to form the halberd in my right hand. It was the one with the lowest Mana consumption, and the most conspicuous weapon.

And as I held up my left hand, the blue Jewel embedded into the weapon let off light.

“I’ve got to make use of it properly one of these days… 【Select】.”

Using the Second’s Skill 【Select】, I was able to designate my attacking allies, and use my own Skills on them. They were too numerous, so I couldn’t use any Skills that were too powerful, but…

“【Full Over】, 【Speed】.”

I used the First’s 【Full Over】, and the Fourth’s 【Speed】 on all allied forces. Even if my Mana pool had grown, when using it on an army of tens of thousands, it consumed a considerable amount. However, the current me was able to bear it.

Standing on the opposite side of me from the Djanpearan general, Novem held up her staff.

“It’s coming. I’ll defend.”

Novem deployed a Magic Shield to defend our allies, and perhaps my Skill had elevated her abilities, as it blocked the enemy’s magic and arrows. Under the umbrella cover of extensive Magic Shield, our allied forces attacked the enemy camp.

Their breaching force was formidable.

“Looks like you’ve got some talented pieces under your control, Lyle-dono. That man called Maksim… even in Djanpear, I’ve heard of him, if but by name alone.”

The one cutting open the lead was Maksim-san. Apart from Aria, and Miranda, the Valkyries were participating as well.

“We’re an allied force, so we can’t help but be unable to choose any complicated military formations. We can do nothing but straight-up attack. I want to raise their coordination a bit more for the real deal… Now I’ll be off.”

Novem spoke to me.

“Lyle-sama, won’t it be fine, even if you don’t go to the front yourself?”

I nodded.

“It’s completely unnecessary. But it’s important to let Bahnseim’s side know about the existence that is me, right? And also… while it’s unnecessary, it’s better the more results we get.”

Lightly tapping her stomach, May raised her forelegs and raced forward. Seeing me race from the top of the wall, the Djanpearan general was a little surprised. Even if he knew quilin could run through the sky, there’s no helping he be surprised.

“Do I just keep going straight?”

“That’s right. If it’s now, our allies are eating into their main force, and there’s no worry of being surrounded!”

“… Lyle, aren’t you a bit petty?”

“Petty? Call it cowardice.”

As I had that conversation with May in the air, May made a straight line towards the enemy headquarters. The Fifth’s and Sixth’s Skills, precisely relayed the affairs of the battlefield to me.

I swung the halberd to cut down the knights guarding the tent. After May blew the top away with magic. The Supreme Commander of Bahnseim’s army was standing before me.

Holding up my halberd on quilin-back, I looked down at the commander.

“I apologize for speaking down from up here. I’m the new ruler of Beim… Lyle Walt. I’ve come to take your heads. Now then… anyone wishing to surrender… I’d think not.”

Once the Generals caught sight of me, they pulled their weapons in indignation. Soldiers gathered around, but our allies were approaching the tent, and it was only a matter of time before they were surrounded.

The Suprme Commander stood, taking a nearby ornamented sword in hand.

“I heard you were Celes-sama’s elder brother, but I see… so you’re the one behind this.”

The surrounding Generals were the same. When they heard my name, they put Celes’ name to mouth.

“… So they’re under her charm.”

As expected. I’m sure the army’s mainstay is under her rule as well. And the people in Centralle were naturally those under her influence. I jumped down from May’s back, spinning the halberd, and swinging it down on the Supreme Commander.

Bisecting him alongside his ornamented sword, I went right into swinging it at the generals who approached. The surroundings were dyed with blood, and the Halberd sucked in Mana.

The surrounding soldiers stood immobile.

There was that it was a moment’s happenings, but the Supreme Commander they were to protect was dead. Confusion began to spread at once.

As I thought over that, with allies in tow, Aria raced to the tent on horseback.

“Hey! Why are you at the front again!?”

Perhaps she had hurriedly forced herself there, as she was out of breath from pushing herself.

“Don’t worry. I shan’t lose. More importantly… It’s time to raise our cry of victory.”

I took a deep breath before wringing out my voice.

“The Supreme Commander of Bahnseim’s head… has been taken by this Lyle Waaaaalllttt!!”

A soldier hiding behind the pillar of the ruined tent peered out this way, so I threw the halberd. It spun as it cut into the soldier taking aim at me, before returning to my hand.

Aria spread my cry, the surrounding knights and soldiers following along. As they did that, Bahnseimian soldiers began running, surrendering… or attacking resolved for an honorable defeat.

I looked down over Bahnseim’s Supreme Commander.

“… Curse your ill fortune of making an enemy of me, is that what I’m supposed to say?”

Dismounting her horse, Aria commanded her subordinates to protect me. And perhaps she had heard my mutterings.

“You’re definitely going to regret this.”

… Novem watched the overrun force of Bahnseim from atop the wall.

A wind blew, and releasing the hair caught against her face with a finger, her violet eyes focused on the space Lyle was.

“Lyle-sama… you’ve really grown up.”

Holding a Jewel with Skills recorded from the First to Seventh Generation Heads, and capable of handing his ancestors’ weapons, the current Lyle was Novem’s pride and joy.

To succeed the Walt House, a House with a special meaning to Novem, she saw that he had grown into a worthy young man.

“Standing on his own feet. And that form in battle… Lyle-sama, this Novem is delighted.”

With tens of thousands of casualties coming out. While looking at such a battlefield, Novem was smiling…


In Beim’s Adventurers’ Guild… it’s East Branch, I borrowed a meeting room.

Baldoir reported the present situation to me.

“A few tens of thousands of Bahnseim’s soldiers have fled. I don’t think all the surviving forces will be able to join up again, but at present, I think the area’s bandit numbers will rise to something incredible. Also, Beim’s soldiers we’ve taken in are using violence on Bahnseimian soldiers taken as prisoners of war. The soldiers of the alliance don’t seem to hold too good sentiment toward’s Beim’s side… the scuffles aren’t dying out. Um, Lyle-sama?”

Baldoir looked at me with a troubled look on his face.


“… No, um… I’m not quite sure what to think about that appearance. Um, I do understand they’re tired, so if possible, I’d like them to return to their rooms, or rather… I don’t know where I should look.”

Seeing Baldoir’s reddened face, I looked to my sides.

Having gone to the baths to wash off the grime, Aria and Miranda were sitting to my sides in clothing close to undergarments. I sat in the center of the sofa I’d carried over, and there were two women leaning on my lap.

“Aren’t they cute? Want me to introduce you someone? Ah, I’ve just thought of something. How does the princess of Lorphys sound?”

“Please stop. That’s too far beyond my status. Rather, really, what are you going to do about Lorphys? Within the alliance, Lorphys is the only one that doesn’t have anyone that’ll tie the knot with you, isn’t it?”

“Novem rejected her. Even I can’t force her to be my bride. I can’t go against Novem. And wait, that one’s… yeah, she’s no good.”

“Please don’t try to shove no-good people onto me! … I hope Maksim-dono comes back soon.”

I recalled Maksim-san. Holding his friend’s helmet in one hand, and a bottle of ale in the other, he had locked himself in his room. Adele-san went to cheer him up, but I don’t know what’s happened to the people in question.

Baldoir looked over the report.

“Within the next few days, their surviving forces should regroup, and reorganize. What will you do, Lyle-sama?”

I looked at the two faces leaning on me.

“… I can’t leave Beim yet. There’s a need for me to crush the ones showing restless movements at this stage. Because it’ll be troublesome if they win over the merchants. ”

Baldoir looked mildly impressed upon hearing my opinion.

“I’m a little impressed. I was anxious as you were, but you’’ll do what needs be done. As expected of the Walt House, I guess.”

“I don’t hate pretty words, though. I always hold ideals in my heart. Eventually, I’ll get the continent together, lower war, and aim for world peace!”

“… Um, that’s a bit…”

“You’ve got to dream high! And I’m taking the first step. Do you hate pretty words?”

Baldoir laughed a bit.

“I loved them as a kid. But to be honest, when I became an adult, I was taught just how impossible it was for my ideals to be granted. Do you still believe in them, Lyle-sama?”

I looked at Baldoir’s face.

“Even I know it’s impossible as things are. But in a few hundred years. Or thousands even. I’m taking the first step for what’s to come!”

I don’t think war will go away. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing to wish for peace.

“And also. Don’t I need a goal that grand? I mean, that’s how grand a man I am. And see, such a man has got to do his best for the world.”

Baldoir gave a bitter smile. I heard some voices of contained laughter from the Jewel, but they were much fewer than they had been before.

“A thousand years, is it. I can’t even imagine it.”

The Seventh agreed with Baldoir’s opinion.

『Well, our lives have been spent fighting, from our Founder to Lyle. Even if you talk about peace… It’s true I can only think of strained situations.』

The Third laughed. But it wasn’t a belittling one.

『Peace, eh. Really depends on what state Lyle can call peace. In all actuality, Beim that scattered sparks to its surrounding countries for profit could be called peaceful if you wanted to call it.』

Certainly, but I got the feeling that sort of peace was different.

“If we have that much time to spend, we’ll surely have the world of our ideals.”

As Baldoir said that, I nodded. But looking at Aria and Miranda…

“Well, I’m facing war amongst my harems every day regardless. I need to do something about this situation first. Baldoir, do you have any advice?”

Baldoir looked at me.

“… Why can’t you just let it end on a good note? I don’t have any good ideas. Rather, you have way too many. Exercise a little prudence, please. The former Holy Maiden’s in her thirties, isn’t she?”

Looking at Baldoir, I tilted my head.

“Oy, oy, love is irrelevant to age. And My love in infiiii…!”

As I laughed, my body was grabbed on both sides. It seems Aria and Miranda were awake. Oh, it’s so cute how they get jealous like that. Baldoir covered his face with his left hand.

“For now, I understand that it will be hard to actualize your ideals, Lyle-sama. For starters, work hard to remedy your own surroundings.”

I wonder why it is. Baldoir let out a deep sigh.

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