Sevens: Brides of the Walt House

Brides of the Walt House.

Waking up in the mansion of the Walt House, I looked over my own room.

The room I had once been confined had been home to mountains of books. Right, that they were once there was a fact, but now there were none.

Once I was driven out of the house, it seems all my belongings were disposed of. There was a bed, and the bookshelf that occupied one of the room’s walls was empty.

I reached my hand from the Jewel hung at my neck, and gripped it tight.

According to Baldoir, the Walt house still had reserve forces. To prevent an attack from behind while we were busy with Celes, he recommended I head here first.

His true intent was likely to give me a trip back home. We used Porter to move through the surrounding territories, utilizing the Jewel’s new ability… a something similar to my father’s Skill to dispel Celes’ charm as we went around.

But it’s not as if all would rejoice on their release.

I felt quite conflicted as well.

As I thought, a knock came from the door.

“Chicken dickwad, people are gathering from the surrounding territories one after the next.”

Rising up off the bed, I asked Monica for a report on the situation.

“The surrounding territories, eh? What about the mansion?”

Monica shrugged her shoulders.

“There are many trying to kill themselves. And we’ve received reports that some of their families outside the mansion have killed themselves as well. They’ve sent in testaments of how they wished to atone for their son or daughter’s malpractices.”

She reported it all without hiding a thing. But that was how it should be.

“Tell them once more that I give no permission for suicide. That I’ve no particular punishment in mind. They were only being manipulated by Celes’ ability.”

The treatment they had offered me… there were some who tried to end it with that in mind. And that was a surprise to me.

I hated how release wasn’t a safe end to it.

Monica looked over at me.

“I talked with Miranda-san as well, but are you sure it wouldn’t be better to just punish them? You’ll be able to prevent those who choose rash action driven by their thoughts of self-condemnation.”

I heard out her opinion.

“… This really is a pain.”

I had returned, but I couldn’t find any soothing for my heart. The mansion that had once welcomed me so warmly, even when I released Celes’ curse, it didn’t look like it would ever return.

Looking at reality like this, I realized just how many people there were with apologetic sentiment. But at this point, I had yet to find anyone glad.

“Perhaps my return wasn’t for the best.”

There, Monica looked at me, clapping her hands together twice.

“So what shall we do with the people who’ve dropped by?”

I covered my face with my right hand.

“I can’t just go about not meeting them. Though I’d like to go off to Baldoir’s hometown as well.”

Thinking of how busy it was even if I’d returned, I took a coat in hand, and draped it over myself before leaving the room.

… Shannon took a walk through the Walt House mansion.

It was a vast estate. To add to that, there were so many children in the Fifth’s time that a second annex mansion for child-use had been constructed. After that, it had been used whenever guests were invited.

Walking through the annex, Shannon listened to the words of Elza walking behind her.

“… It’s somewhat more extravagant than our palace back home.”

Shannon recalled what she had heard from Miranda.

“It seems the Walt House has the most territory in Bahnseim. It’s bigger than some countries, so I guess there was no helping it? Ah, there it is.”

Shannon arrived at a certain room she had set as her walk’s destination.

It was a room of the annex that was never opened for guest use, and a room the previous generation’s House Head Brod had kept as it was.

Shannon held up the key, and once she opened the door, she saw the guns lining the walls.

It was the room Milleia used.

One shot guns, which would require a new shell loaded after every shot. What’s more, there were knives fastened to the gun barrels. There were a number of them around, but as none had been looked after as of late, they were coated in rust.

Elza looked at them.

“So many copies of the same gun. But it doesn’t look like any of them are usable.”

From among them, Shannon looked for one in good condition. She searched and took it in hand.

“Yeah~, you think I should take this one home with me? It’s a precious memento, and it’s my great grandmother’s, so it’s practically mine.”

Elza turned to Shannon.

“Oh, so you’re related?”

Shannon lifted up the heavy gun.

“My great grandmother was from the Walt House. The Circry House still had relations to the Walts up to the previous generation, it seems.”

Elza nodded in understanding.

“I think I’ll take it back and have it fixed up. I don’t think it’s bad to have at least one of them around.”

As Shannon said that, she continued to look around the room with Elza. There was dust piled up, and it seemed evident it hadn’t been cleaned for a number of years.

She had tried asking one of the mansion’s personnel. It seemed that Maizel had decided to stop preserving it and planned to turn it into a guest room in his generation. But they had enough rooms, so there was no need to hurry to convert it, and before it had come to anyone’s attention, it had simply become a room that no one would enter.

Shannon looked at the room.

“It’s as if it’s been forgotten; a lonely room.”

She said…

Porter’s loading tray.

Sitting on the bench, I talked to Miranda sitting beside me. Novem was sitting furthest away, out of pleasant conversational range.

It was clear from anyone’s eyes that she was avoiding me. But it wasn’t as if she didn’t listen to what I had to say.

Whatever the case, a sense of distance the word dubious was insufficient to describe had formed between us.

“Lyle, are you listening?”

“Eh, oh… I was not listening.”

When I gave an honest apology, Miranda breathed a sigh. Sitting on the bench, she changed over her crossed legs and folded her hands on her lap.

“I was asked quite a few things over there, and one of them was whether the legal wife’s been decided among us. What’s more, they said something about the Walt House’s precepts and such. I’d heard about them before, but were those precepts seriously preserved?”

The Walt House precepts were a lie the First had spouted through his drink. They were carried down generation after generation, and remained as our precepts.

“… I was still a child when I heard of them, so I couldn’t quite tell how seriously people were taking them. Anyways, it’s all about having a talented person as a bride, right? Rather, don’t you think those precepts are unnecessary at this… erk!?”

As we were talking, Novem’s gaze pierced into me. Hearing I was going to discard the precepts our founder left behind, she seemed extremely sorrowful.

Miranda did appear to notice, but she purposely pretended not to.

“I doubt it does you any harm to keep them. I mean, I clear them, so does it really matter?”

Miranda looked up at me as if to peer in.

“Y-yeah. Probably.”

There, Aria sitting in front of us looked at Miranda.

“One of the mansion people said they were relieved as long as Novem gave the permission. Then I doubt we have any that don’t clear them.”

It’s true that a majority of the members here had received Novem’s passing grade. The only one she ever gave a strong denial to was Lorphys’ royal princess.

Shannon was playing cat’s cradle with Elza. And Gracia was staring at them absentmindedly.

Winning out against Elza, Shannon made a triumphant pose before turning to me.

“Come to think of it, there’s something I’m curious about.”

“What is it?”

“What sort of people were the Walt House’s wives? See, when it comes to its heads, you told it all to Eva, so I hear it from her all the time, but I haven’t the slightest idea what sort of people the Walt House’s women were.”

When she asked me once more, I conceded there really were a lot of ambiguous points. At times harsh, at times gentle, I had seen their figures in the Jewel.

But I didn’t know the specifics on the ancestors’ wives… the Walt House women.

Eva’s interest was piqued, so she leaned forward.

“I want to hear it to. If the precepts were to welcome in talented women, then that means they were all prodigious ones, right?”

I folded my arms as I thought.

“That’s probably right.”

Shannon looked over Porter’s loading tray. May was on the ceiling. Clara was controlling Porter, so she wasn’t here. Monica knit as she spoke.

“Whoever they may be, as long as they can birth chicks, they are no different to us.”

… She was the same as always. Shannon looked at the members gathered in Porter.

“But there’s no way they were stranger than these members, right?”

There, Miranda looked around as well.

“Right. This may be the first since the start of the Walt House.”

She said and laughed. Everyone gave a, ‘quite right,’ as they laughed. But there was something I could feel from the air.

… Not a single one of them thought themselves to be the strange one. They were certain they were different…

But when I looked at Novem, she averted her eyes from me. No, rather from me, it felt as if she was having difficulty saying something.

“Novem, don’t you know a bit about it? … I mean, I’m sure there’re a few tidbits that’ve been passed down through the Forxuz House as well.”

When I sent over an ill-natured voice, Novem seemed panicked. She couldn’t just tell everyone she carried down the memories of an evil god. But if I asked like this, I doubt it would be too suspicious.

For some reason, Novem’s gaze was swimming around more than usual.

Seeing her like that, Eva thought something was up.

“Do you know an interesting story? There were plenty of them with the Walt House heads, so I’m sure their wives had their share as well. Or could it be they were dragged all over by their husbands or something?”

Perhaps everyone wanted to hear, as their eyes were full of expectations. Novem did try to evade it, but that wasn’t working out.

“I-I’m none too knowledgeable on the matter. And I heard the missus were all worthy of the Walt House precepts that promised to welcome in talented individuals. So let’s not let that trend end in Lyle-sama’s generation…”

Shannon grinned.

“Novem’s flustered. She definitely knows something.”

While Shannon had her share of hopeless points, the girl could read human emotions. Hearing that, Miranda sounded intrigued.

“How sneaky for you to keep everyone else in the dark. Out with it.”

Monica alone seemed uninterested as she knit.

“Fufu, with this, even if the chicks are born in dozens, we won’t be troubled with clothing. And no matter how you look at it, there will be several to several dozen born every year. There will be no end to serving them.”

As she swiftly continued to produce baby clothes, Monica was drooling.

I guess she wouldn’t be shaken no matter what happened.

Porter suddenly stopped.

As everyone’s stance crumbled, Novem was the first to cry out.

“Did something happen, Clara-san!?”

This lass is running away, or so spoke the eyes she ignored as she called for Clara. So Clara came down from the driver’s seat.

“No, there was a person in pain. There was, but…”

It seems the gist wasn’t getting across.

Opening the door to the loading tray, I saw May was taking a stance before the injured one. They person rolling along the ground in pain… half of their face had swelled, and their right hand showed a bizarre expansion.

While they were definitely in pain, it was an ominous sight.

“Urrrggggggggrrrrrrrrruuuuuu!! L-Lyyllleeee….!! Keeellllll!!”

It was almost like the growl of a beast. As I pulled the Katana at my waist, my comrades who’d descended gripped their weapons in hand. For the behavior of the other party was clearly bizarre.

And as she popped her face out the door, Shannon cried out.

“Eh? What’s with him… on top of being dead, there’s a monster latched… coming from inside of him.”

What I recalled was the scene of Breid using that drug to take on a monster-like appearance.

The flesh of the man’s form expanded, sprouting hair from there to a point where I could no longer call that figure human.

From the nearby woods, I could hear similar ominous growls.

As I looked around, I used a Skill.

There were a number of points directing clear hostility towards us. But they hadn’t been there just a moment before. They had suddenly sprung up.

“… Come to think of it, there weren’t any responses in the direction we were headed.”

Where did a collapsed human being come from? There were people my Skill couldn’t capture, but a majority of them were hiding with a Skill themselves.

I couldn’t think there were enough of those sorts around to surround us like this.

The knight surrounded the man who’d become monster.

“Stand back, Lyle-sama!”

The man suddenly leapt in our direction and collapsed again. Once he had completely become a monster, it looked as if he was a fusion of man and beast.

Monica looked at the enemy and muttered.

“Rather than a monster, he looks like he’s come straight out of a tokusatsu. But if he’s an enemy of my master, I shall eliminate him.”

As the surrounding knights tried to plunge in their weapons, the monster leapt up. It casually rose several tens of meters in the air, and in a similar fashion- leaping from the forest- other monsters began falling towards me.

Regripping the hilt, I was about to intercept them when a single woman whirled into the air.


As she swung the heirloom staff she carried regularly, it took on the form of a large scythe to shred up the monsters. And landing on the ground, she was followed by a downpour of blood on all of us.

“Novem, you’re…”

I reached out my hand, but stopped it halfway. As she raised her face, her eyes were more muddled than I had ever seen them before.

Novem muttered. While looked at my hand lingering in the air.

“… You don’t have to push yourself, Lyle-sama. Even I understand that I’m creepy. But I merely couldn’t’ permit something like this to happen. I’ll be more careful next time.”

Saying that, Novem was smiling, yet I found it strangely scary. Her eyes muddled, and with that unnerving smile, her face soaked red in blood.

I was unable to call out to her.

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  1. GM_Rusaku says:

     ( ´・ω・) ∫ Thanks!
     //\ ̄ ̄旦\  Nepu!!
    // ※…\___\
    \\  ※….  ※ ※ ヽ


  2. Renam says:

    Aah Novem starting to go further Yandere!


    • haruhachama says:

      Its not yandere -_-

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      • SightlierGravy says:

        Isn’t it? We just don’t see the dere yet. She’s so devoted that she’s willing to give up her full yandere feelings because she thinks it’s best for him.


      • Kenshin135 says:

        She’s absolutely a Yandere, except, the current target of her affection isn’t Lyle. Instead, It’s to the idea of the Walt House and its superiority. Intentionally letting a psychopath strip her brother’s power, memories, and even familial love away just to presumably purify Septum’s influence on him is Yandere behavior for sure. She’d seemingly sacrifice anything to maintain the purity and image of the Walts.

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        • DiegoDeveze says:

          She even gets triggered at Lyle whenever he tries to Sully her image of the ancestors. That’s as yandere as it gets.


        • Seanna2k says:

          You’re idiotically idealistic as always. Novem isn’t yandere. She’s goudere-deredere. Also, what she just did isn’t psychopathic. It’s perfectly logical. It was the best and most correct course of action to take at that point and she took it without hesitation. That is what I call not only intellect but also wisdom. One step too slow and things could have ended up much worse. I respect people who can do what Novem did. I would have done exactly the same thing given that situation and circumstance.


    • nihillistkun says:

      its yan yan without the dere


    • Novem and the forxuz house following the first Novem who failed to protect the Walt ancestor. I think the first Novem fall for the first Lyle and that come their zeal to protect the Walt house coming from her regret.
      Now that Lyle who named just like him incorrectly seen as himself and how he’s different from what she thought or wanted put her on denial.


  3. CJ Carlet says:

    Thanks for the update, I’m really starting to doubt this would end with Celes defeat I hope I’m not right but I have a feeling in the end the last boss is Novem… why do I feel this way

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    • Adfdxsffgd says:

      Plot twist: everything is a result of Novem’s unnecessary meddling? Seeing the Lyle that would have become like the current Celes, she tried to fix things back in the past but that only shifted things around and actually made things worse for Lyle, while turning Celebs into a monster. Ergo her willingness to sacrifice everything to follow him when Lyle was cast out.
      Insert plot, everything going well with her Crusader Kings simulator except things are going a little *too* well. LYLE sacrifices himself, original Lyle never comes back and Lyle 2.0 stays in command. Lyle 2.0 is the successful warlord she needs, but retains his empathy, and things are starting to come off the rails for her plans because he’s now an independent, freakishly competent leader who doesn’t need her the way he used to, especially since her manipulation have given him a plethora of hero units at his command where he only had Novem to start.

      So now Novem, who had “the plan” and no real sense of self d/t inheriting memories has a pawn who refuses to be a pawn and no purpose or reason for existence (though her intent remains shrouded in mystery for the purpose of plot, seems like the rightful restoration of the Lyle house reclaiming royalty status? Though that can’t be just it. This inheriting memories shit seems like a real kick in the dick overall though)

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      • supremeradra says:

        Your theory is exactly as I’ve been suspecting quite a few chapters ago.


      • mcdex says:

        I think it’s a bit different. Inheriting Septem’s memories doesn’t turn into a monster, the exception being Agrissa who only inherited the bad ones. But Novem’s predecessor(s) opossed Septem’s beliefs. Novem cares a lot about Walt house but more specifically about the (male) heads. The original Lyle was a Septem (he could probably have become a complete Septem and not a monster like Celes and Agrissa or at least this is what LYLE’s personality makes me think) and to Novem that was unforgivable because he was the legitimate heir to the house and that is why she allowed Celes to steal every trace of Septem inside of him. She didn’t care about Celes. It is possible that she lead Celes to Agrissa’s jewel and she intended to create the current conflict (after all she thinks that war is necessary to humans).


      • DiegoDeveze says:

        You might be right. She, or rather, Novem’s memories must still be super salty at Banhseim’s betrayal, so she could be trying to undo her previous mistake of not truly taking care of Lyle.


    • Countrymage says:

      Well, she is an evil god, and Septem Agrissa said that her plan is line with what was proposed by Novem…


      • Seanna2k says:

        Novem isn’t an evil goddess. She was merely painted and branded as one along with Octo simply because Octo and Novem disagreed with Septem and the others, Nihil aside.


    • azza says:

      Stop making random plot twist or something, just read the raw to know the end pls


    • Seanna2k says:

      Wrong. I believe the main antagonist is not Celes but Agrissa. And sadly, as Novem said, whether you want to admit it or not, the true betrayer of humans is Septem. It’s Nihil, Octo and Novem, most especially Novem who truly love humans.


      • Seanna2k says:

        As for Novem’s behaviour, often, someone has to play the villain to protect people. I know I did the same when I was younger to protect my younger sibling by pretending that I myself would beat up my own younger sibling so that others would leave them be since I was going to beat them up myself. But I never did beat my sibling up as I said. It was just a part I played to protect them. But to till this day my sibling misunderstands it and hates my guts for it thinking I’m some villain. But if the parents won’t play that role then it falls to me, the eldest to do so.


  4. jay says:

    While i knew from the start that Novem was kinda weird, the more recent chapters make me feel like the author really wants to make people think that Novem is creepy.


    • ZetsubouBaka says:

      well… she IS creepy af


    • DiegoDeveze says:

      She’s been creepy since day two. She started super cute and devoted, a veritable lovable deredere waifu, but the creepiness has been rearing it’s head since quite a while ago. I think the moment it reached full maturity was when Lyle was kidnapped by Octo’s automata and she went bonkers.

      She IS being plenty creepy as of late, for sure. Nevertheless, I think she looks more human than ever. It was creepier when we didn’t know anything about her and her plans. The uncertainty was uncanny and scary.


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    I thought Lyle would be choosing one of the girls in this chapter. I am disappointed. We didn’t even learn much about the women of Walt house.


    • ampzz says:

      What’s there to learn? It’s a common trait that the wives are the dominant ones in the relationship within the Walt House. Even the Fifth buckled under the pressure from his legal wife regardless of how revenge-bent he ended up. Remember how he drew back slightly when Fiennes got slapped multiple times by his mother then later on you see him making an excuse to flee from the room where his wife was when it came to purchasing dresses for a soon-to-be married off daughter.

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      • DiegoDeveze says:

        I think he meant the girls learning about the wives. At least that’s what I wanted to get. It would’ve been fun.

        Although, thinking about it clearly, that might give them ideas and empower them even more. Lyle would be doomed.


    • Archus says:

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    but the purposely->but then purposely

    Nove did try to evade it, but that wasn’t working out.

    “Fufu, with this, even if the chicks are born in dozens, we won’t be troubled wit clothing.”
    troubled wit clothing->troubled with clothing

    “It seems the just wasn’t getting across.”
    the just wasn’t->the gist wasn’t(?)

    “They person rolling along the ground in pain… half of their faice had swelled, and their right hand showed a bizarre expansion.”
    their faice had->their face had

    “While they were definitely in pain, it was an ominous sifht.”


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    • Robz says:

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        • DiegoDeveze says:

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  28. berserknexus says:


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