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Sevens: Laughing Celes

Laughing Celes “Shannon!” Miranda’s bitter cry that echoed through the chamber was directed at the beastly mass of Mana… the beast of Mana without a rear half sticking its fangs into Shannon before exploding. In that audience chamber shrouded in … Continue reading

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Sevens: Lyle’s Fighting Style

Lyle’s Fighting Style Within the audience chamber. In it, the humans who had become monster… the fiends swarmed us. Looking down on us from nearby the throne, it didn’t seem Celes would do anything herself. She didn’t really care how … Continue reading

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Sevens: Lyle and Celes

Lyle and Celes “We’ll break through!” I heard Clara’s voice. Porter’s tires spun round, ripping the carpet on the floor to shreds as it proceeded forwards. Getting into the loading tray, I nodded. Since we were connected through my Skill … Continue reading

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