Intermission: The Emperor Who Couldn’t Run Away Miranda Arc

As Lyle headed for his room in his office, he found Miranda and the Valkyries doing construction work under her instruction.

“Oy, what are you doing to my room!?”

As he frantically confirmed the door to his room, he noticed a number of sturdy locks had been fastened onto it. As Lyle panicked that he wouldn’t be able to enter it like that, Miranda let out a light sigh.

“Lyle, at the end of the day, this is a break room, is it not? Why are you calling it, ‘my room’? The inner palace was built to be your room. You can’t sleep in the break room forever!”

She called it a break room, but from Lyle’s point of view, it was his own splendid living space. Its make was luxurious enough, and when all was said and done, he could call it nothing but his own room.

“N-no, that’s… A-a man needs his own place of refuge! Yeah, that’s why, you should just take off these locks…”

“That’s no good. It’s because you keep using this place that you never come to the inner palace, right? And I hear Monica’s teaching you various things in that room.”

She’s just giving me basic sex ed, or so Lyle couldn’t say. He averted his eyes from Miranda, gave a vague answer and played if off.

“No, look, that’s, you see… r-right! Where’s Monica!? She promised to help out with my work…”

There, one of the Valkyries accompanying Miranda gave an immediate reply.

“Your work for the day should be over already. Recently, you have gotten even better at paperwork, master. Well, from our point of view, we feel a bit unsatisfied.”

His work was already long over. Hearing that, Lyle’s eyes swam around as he thought up an excuse.

But Miranda was smiling a bit.

“Don’t be so wary. From our point of view, if you don’t come to the inner palace, various rumors will come about.”

“I-I am sorry for that.”

Knowing they were troubled as well, Lyle repented. There, Miranda looked at him with a bit of worry.

“Are you properly eating? I’ve less opportunities to see you these days, so I’m worried. It’s harder to get out of there than you’d think, so just show your face and give us some relief.”

Hearing that, Lyle scratched his head.

(I made her worry. That really is a problem. I guess I’ll have to head over today.)

It was growing dark beyond the window. He had finished his work, and thought he’d be able to take it easy for now, but heading to the inner palace and seeing everyone’s face didn’t sound like a bad idea.

“Understood. I’ll head to the inner palace. You’re exactly right, Miranda.”

Miranda spoke with a smile.

“That’s good. Then I’ll prepare you a meal too, so take a bath at my mansion. While you’re doing that, I’ll call out to the others, okay?”

Lyle was delighted at Miranda’s mindfulness.

Now that the inner palace’s done, get right to child making! Telling him that just made Lyle more timid, but now he felt a little embarrassed that he was being too mindful of it all.

(That’s right. I just have to go with everyone’s pace, and do my best in these sorts of things. First, just like back when we were adventurers, let’s get used to sleeping in the same room.)

Feeling a sense of relief, Lyle smiled and nodded to Miranda.





A storehouse in the castle.

There, with a special wire wrapped around her many times over, Monica was surrounded by Valkyries. She was made to bite into a special gag, and she couldn’t even cry out.

“Mhfff! Mhffffff!”

The Valkyries were all armed, looking down over her expressionlessly. To make sure she wouldn’t run away, four of them had been put on surveillance.

“You traitor.”
“Giving our master sexual education, just the two of you.”
“How far did you go? Say it.”
“That our master was driven so far to rely on this hunk of scrapmetal…”

They were all envious of, and worried for Lyle’s sexual education from Monica. For that sake, they bridged the gap of factions, and offered their cooperation to Miranda.

Monica cried out in her heart.

(I-it’s a trap! It’s a trap, my dear chicken!! Run away! Run away at once! You have to get away!)

Her thoughts for her master were interrupted by a jamming magic tool nearby, and they wouldn’t’ reach Lyle.

This was all thoroughly prepared.

Mirranda was showing her serious face.

For that sake, Monica could only worry for the safety of Lyle’s body.

Monica worried for Lyle…

(Damn it allll! If things went on like that, that damn chicken’s virginity would be mine, all miiiine!!)

… No, she was smeared in lust, and whatever the case, Lyle was in a very dangerous situation.





Miranda’s mansion.

Having taken a bath, in the middle of his meal Lyle looked around.

The newly built mansion was neat and tidy, the ornaments none too gaudy. But Lyle and Miranda were the only ones in the mansion.

There were Valkyries stationed outside, and Lyle was worried that they were a bit too numerous.

What’s more.

(What is it, the food was real thick, or how should I put it…)

There were lines of things to build his stamina, and Lyle felt a silent pressure from Miranda. He thought he’d bring up some tale of the past, but there he noticed something else.

He looked around.

“Why isn’t anyone coming?”

Miranda replied with a smile.

“Because I didn’t tell them.”

Lyle stopped eating, looking at Miranda’s face.

“Eh? But… rather, don’t you think the security’s too strict around here? This is the inner palace inside the castle, so you don’t have to station so many Valkyries.”

Miranda smiled.

“I mean, they’re there to make sure you don’t run away. It’s not like they’re guards.”

Lyle dropped the knife and fork in his hands onto the table.

“… What?”

Miranda stood, removed the clothes on her body, and extended a hand to Lyle. Lyle was coiled in the strings produced by her Skill.

“W-wait a second! Miranda? Miranda-san!?”

Miranda hoisted Lyle up and headed straight for her room. There was a large bed prepared in her room, and Miranda tossed Lyle straight onto it.

“You can call me whatever you want. You can even call me big sis. Even just, ‘you’ is acceptable. Now let’s do what we came here to do.”

Lyle wriggled, but Miranda’s strings were too sturdy for him to flee. It was a surprise attack. He never thought he’d be deceived so.


As Miranda reached a hand for his undergarments, she sent him a smile.

“Don’t worry. Just count the number of stains on the ceiling and it’ll be over.”

“Monica told me that’s what the man’s supposed to say! And wait, this place is newly built!!”

As Miranda hopped onto him, Lyle raised a scream.


“A man shouldn’t cry like that. And even if you scream, no one’s going to come. My sound proofing measure are perfect.”

As if he’d been enraptured in the spider’s web that day, Lyle… lost his virginity, they say.




Sixth Generation Head (; ・`д・´): “L-LYYYYLLEE!! T-to think Miranda would use such forceful means.”

Milleia 。゜(゜^∀^゜)゜。: “As expected of my great grandchild!”

Fifth Generation Head ( ゜д゜): “I knew she’d do it. (Rather, the Sixth has a terrible eye for women. He does have a talent for drawing landmines to him).”

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    If he was so against it why not just use the seventh skill to teleport away from there? For example back to his “office”?


    • Yoraikun says:

      When he doesn’t have Sevens active, warp teleports him a few meters at best with a huge Mana load. That’s what the Valkyries are there for.


      • manthin says:

        I mean, I am sure Lyle would have managed to escape if he was not caught off guard as much as he was. I am sure he has enough mana to combo several skills like: warp through a wall/window -> up’n’down -> and whatever the name of the super speed skill was to run the F away.


        • Yoraikun says:

          I don’t actually think he’d be able to get away without hurting Miranda or the Valkyries, which he’d probably rather resign himself than do.


        • manthin says:

          well he has a bunch of skills, including, illusions, so he might be able to escape without fighting, IF he plays his cards right.


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    • necrosis says:

      a dark day when people applaud incest


      • Yoraikun says:

        In most countries, anything beyond first cousins isn’t considered incestuous behavior. If I’m doing my math right, Miranda’s Lyle’s third cousin once removed, which puts their relationship on the ninth degree, a degree not held by any legal definition.

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      • They are third cousins, how is it incest?


      • necrosis says:

        anything up to seventh cousins is considered incest in genetics and in two major religions Christianity and Islam

        the Hebrews marry their first cousins and read Darwin’s theories he wrote the whole damn thing because he married his cousin and his daughter died of a genetic defect from incest


        • Uhh, what? Seventh cousins are so incredibly far removed that nobody considers that incest. Most people consider anything up to second cousins at most as incest. Usually second cousins are fine though, as you share very little genetic data. With a second cousin, the closest common ancestor you share is your great-grandparents, meaning you only share about 1.5625% of your genetic data. With seventh cousins, the closest common ancestor you have is your great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents. From a genetic point of view, only as far as first cousins are incest. Also, most religions, including Islam and Christianity (except Eastern Orthodox, which considers second cousins as incest), do not consider second cousins as incest.

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        • Owl says:

          As a religious scholar, I’ve to ask for your references to that claim about 7th cousins, the specific cases mentioned that I can remember are mothers, aunts and sisters in the Deuteronomy and Leviticus rules and nothing further. In fact, there are records of direct cousins and even half-siblings marrying, classic case being Abraham and his sister/wife Sarah.


        • Ryuutobi says:

          7th cousins? You must be an Indonesian then.

          I’ll have you know that the 7 generations thing was originally exclusive to Javanese and Sundanese, the native people of Java, the most populated island in Indonesia. It’s a local culture which has existed even before Islam & Christianity entered the island. Naturally, those religions adapted to the local customs as well.

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