Intermission: Erhart 2

Erhart Baumann was a nice guy worthy of his tank top.

He had received a splendid title of ‘Free Knight’ from the empire, and he was an adventurer with trus Skill.

Today once more, he found himself musing over how wonderful his cross-backed tank top felt as it squeezed down over his superbly trained body.

He had dropped by the imperial capital under the call of Lyle- who’d become an emperor not too long ago- and thinking today was the right day to make his way home, he awaited the departure of his coupled carriage.

He had bought a ticket, boarded a carriage set for Beim, and taken his seat.

“When I get back, I really have to do something about my party.”

Female adventurers approaching the latter half of their marriageable years.

But all their sights were set on Erhart, and an intense feud between them was carrying out within the party.

At this rate, the party might break apart.

“No, why not just break it up and be free…”

Would it really matter if he just ran away like that? Rejecting such an appealing proposal within him, the man was undergoing quite a psychological conflict when he heard the voice.

“L-let go of me!”
“You’re coming with us!”

A woman in a hood was surrounded by three men a little ways away from the coupled carriage. As he lent them an eye, they disappeared into the crowds.

Erhart violently scratched his hair.

“Dammit! I shouldn’t have looked over.”

But since he’d seen it, he had no choice but to help, thought he as he stood and hopped down from the carriage. But only after telling the coachman to depart without him if he didn’t make it back in time.





It was a narrow gap between buildings.

Dimly lit, the trash bins left around caused a rotten stench to linger in the air.

“… I’m not going back. If I go back now, I’ll be…!”

The woman showed her rejection before the three men.

“We’ll be troubled if you keep selfish like that.”
“Do you plan to seek salvation from his imperial highness?”
“Even if you make a plea, I doubt the emperor will move.”

The men seemed relatively lax. And they seemed somewhat tired of the woman.

Hanging her head, the woman bit her lower lip…

The one who appeared to her was Erhart, his large sword over one shoulder.

“Oy, wait right there. Don’t you feel embarrassed, three of you ganging up on one woman?”

In regards to Erhart’s provocations, the three men seemed somewhat panicked. But once Erhart had entered that narrow space, one replied.

“This is our problem. We’d appreciate you stayed uninvolved.”

On the presumed leader’s words, Erhart narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t like the look of this at all. That’s enough reason for me to involve myself. Or do you have your reasons?”

The men were lost for words, and it was clear there was something dark lingering behind them.

“In that case…”

Erhart approached, and while the three men had weapons at their hips, they came at him with their bare hands.

Their movements were trained, the movements of those accustomed to battle.

“If it’s three on one…!”

As the three men came at him in that narrow alley, Erhart intercepted with his hands as well.

They were strong, but it’s not as if the Free Knight title was something Lyle had simply handed out on a whim.

Erhart was strong, and had earned it from his growth as an adventurer… and as a person.

While it definitely was interesting, and there was some level of harassment alongside Lyle’s personal feelings involved… anyways, Erhart was strong.

“Glad you could make it simple for me.”

Striking them down, and laying them to rest on the dirty ground, Erhart let out a light breath.

“I’m sure the coupled carriage’s already left.”

There, the woman leapt into Erhart’s chest.

“Eh? U-um… little lady, just because someone saved you, that doesn’t mean you should trust a man so easily…”

He grabbed the shoulders of the woman who had came at him, and as he tried to push her away, her hood slipped off.

Her violet hair swayed, letting off a hint of perfume.

Clouded eyes, and soft looking lips… were there before him.

“For Erhart-sama to be the one to come to my rescue.”

The flushed face of Annerinne.





An inn of the imperial capital.

Erhart was holding his head.

The reason being, on top of the royal princess Annerinne coming to the capital, that very princess was the target of some group or another.

It was nothing but trouble.

“… You want to return to Lorphys at once?”

What’s more, he couldn’t rely on his dastardly acquaintance Lyle.

Since Annerinne was troubled, of course Erhart had proposed he talk to Lyle himself.


“Yes. And if those sorts are moving their hands around the imperial capital, I cannot seek aid from his majesty.”

Before Annerinne’s downcast eyes, Erhart scratched his hair.

(Is it something political? Come to think of it, it’s not like the emperor can do anything, or so Lyle told me. Meaning she has some circumstance where even Lyle can’t help out?)

She had come to the capital in search of help, but she had already met an attack.

“I was careless. If only I’d kept a better watch…”

Seeing her vexed face, Erhart folded his arms, and looked up at the ceiling in thought. But when he recalled the fact that he was an idiot, he could only let out a deep sigh.


To Annerinne’s worried glance, Erhart directed a smile.

“Don’t mind it. I was just about to return myself. I’ll safely deliver you to Lorphys.”

Locking her hands in front of her chest, Annerinne looked like she would burst into tears at any moment as she voiced her thanks again and again.

(I hope her pursuers don’t come after us. Though I doubt that’s happening.)

Could he protect her alone?

Erhart hardened his resolve, and decided to make for Lorphys alongside Annerinne.





Right around that time.

In the palace, Lyle held an audience with the three men.

Leader of the guards Baldoir seemed irritated as he looked at the three conspicuously injured men. For normally, they wouldn’t be the sort allowed to hold a meeting with Lyle.

“Y-your imperial highness…”

Before the representative of the three worried men, Lyle stood from his seat.

“I don’t need a preface. I’ll play fool to the fact you raised a ruckus in my city. But is that really the truth?”

The men nodded frantically with their bruised faces.

Lyle put a hand to his chin.

“I knew it would be a pain, but to think Erhart would…”

Baldoir offered advice to Lyle.

“Your majesty, this matter isn’t one we should involve ourselves in. This is Lorphys’ problem, and…”

Lyle held up a hand to stop him, and he sent a glance to the maid keeping herself to the background of the room.

Monica silently gave a curtsey and left the room.

“Baldoir, do you know what I want to say?”

In contrast to Baldoir’s blatant displeasure, Lyle made a thin smile. Baldoir clenched his hand and closed his hand.

“I’d be troubled if I gain any more political fetters. But if it’s someone of Erhart’s caliber…”

Free Knight Erhart… recalling the face of his dear friend, Lyle gave a warm smile.

And once his expression turned serious, Lyle turned to look at the three men attempting to shrink their bodies.

“You raised some noise in the capital. So I’ll be putting you three to work.”

The three men desperately lowered their heads to Lyle.

“Now then, it’s been quite a while since things got fun around here.”

Erhart was moving, and Lyle was moving as well.

Those movements with Lorphys at the center would one day bring an influence to the entire continent.



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Monica (*ノ∀ノ): “This time holds some heartwarming developments with the harem, and with this and that, there are some depictions that will sweeten the insides of your mouths! I hope you enjoy the differing published version of Sevens as well.”

Monica (´∀`*)ノシ: “And that is all. I shall now put the shameless plug back in.”

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  1. Yoraikun says:

    Note: The Author still writes short stories, and uploads them whenever a new volume is about to come out. In this case, this one was written a few days ago alongside the Illustrated Diary for Volume 4’s release on the 27th.

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  9. CW says:

    What kind of emperor can’t do as he pleases? They need to rename him king of paper work and global babysitting.

    On a side note, everyone makes fun of her for not matching the precepts, but isn’t she just a normal girl? The kind who would have supported Lyle and not caused him headaches? I really hope free knight and her get together, she fixes his harem issues, and he makes fun of Lyle.

    Also again, I forgot, but did Novem ever say why she is do dead set on the Walt Family Precepts? I just assumed it was because the common woman and wife of First Lyle was a disappointment in his death and that Novem herself at the time wanted to be with him.


    • Reginleif2004 says:

      For the first, if I recall correctly, it was because her common sense was lacking, so not a good head on her shoulders.

      To the second, it’s because Novem loves the Walt House with a disturbing passion and saw only the best traits of the Heads, so it’s more the Ten Commandments for a Christian than any worldly issues.

      (All of this is my conjectures from what I remember. Way too lazy to back it up with a chapter’s reference.)

      Thanks for the hard work Yoraikun.

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    • Countrymage says:

      The first Lyle’s wife would have fit the precepts if there had been any, evidenced by her being married off so shortly after her husbands death, but the real reason for the precepts to be held so high, is that they were trying to engineer a superior body for the new Lyle.


    • berserknexus says:

      She definitely isn’t a normal girl. She likes people extremely superficially and in the most romanticized way possible and if you do something that doesn’t fit her tastes (Selva prince) she’d even go so far as to declare war. Hope Erhart ends up with Ruhe.


  10. goblinrou says:

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    Hi yoraikun are the other 3 short stories in the ToC on your Seven’s page already released by the author? Or are those going to be released with future volumes?


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    Finally read up to the latest. Thanks Yoraikun, this is definitely among the best JP novel I ever read. While the characters are many, they are not superficial. Everyone got some depth into them.

    And its sad reading that last days of the empire. Nothing lasts forever, but an ending like that is just sad. Been thinking how Monica can move without Lyle’s mana, and the fact that she’s not tied to anyone after Lyle makes me think that she can operate on external energy, some modifications perhaps? Lyle laid a lot of foundation for the future generations, and I’m sure he also want the pendant to stay safe and only monica can live hundreds/thousand years into the future, ensuring only a capable descendant will inherit it.

    Such a good story, hard to accept that’s the end of it lol. Man, I hate this complicated feelings when a good story ends. Recently it was when I finished Nier Automata, and now this. I’m not sure if you’re reading this Yoraikun, but I would highly recommend Nier Automata. So so so good. Available on PC too.

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    • wontal says:

      Agree, I was really conflicted about how the empire ended. Also, hated it so much that Vera’s kids did not get to take over the shipping business.


  34. wontal says:

    This has been one of the best stories I have read for a while. At least Novem got the 1st wife position (I don’t know why there would have ever been any doubt) But what happened to Novem’s kids?

    And WTF happened to getting to the 100th floor of a dungeon and passing through the wall, as was mentioned. I suspect that this was to get to see the eight’s goddess. Maybe there is a sequel there (I hope!)

    Frankly, the emperor should have put his foot on the necks of some of his wives and encouraged them to support each other as sisters. After all he would have wanted peace in his own home.

    Dam. such a sad ending it really sucked.


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