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Dragoon 8: The Boy, the Boar, and Classmates

  The monster in the shape of a boar; its eyes let off an ominous red light as it raised a war cry. With his classmates that couldn’t even move to his back, Rudel channeled the Mana circulating around his … Continue reading

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Dragoon 7: The Boy and the Older Woman

  The academy’s air was different than usual. The students of the standard curriculum had all gathered on the grounds, wearing easy-to-move-in clothing, each of them carrying a weapon. The weapons were either personal possessions or ones borrowed from the … Continue reading

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Dragoon 6: The Boy and the Samurai Girl

A long break in the school year. Alongside it, Rudel returned to his home. Even if he was only gone for three months, everything had been a first for him, and felt a bit of growth on his part. But … Continue reading

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Dragoon 5: The Pickup Boy and the Reincarnated Boy

  Rudel had safely entered the academy. With confirming the basics, and understanding individual situations, the first three months at the academy consisted of aptitude tests. Everyone had lived in a different environment… the differences in individual achievement and environment … Continue reading

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Dragoon 4: The Suspicious Boy

  After that ruckus at the academy gate, Rudel dismounted the carriage, and carried his belongings off to the boys’ dorm he would be using. His few possessions were brought in with only a few round trips, and after the … Continue reading

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Dragoon 3: The Boy on a Journey

At the age of fifteen, Rudel had become an adult. His body had grown, and his training had made it sturdy. At this point he could use elementary magic, and appart from swordsmanship, he had learned the spear and the … Continue reading

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