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Dragoon 14: The Boy and the Princess

  The second princess Fina was an expressionless princess. As she was unable to express her emotions well, people took to calling her the Doll Princess. But rumor had it her beauty was number one in Courtois, and her beauty … Continue reading

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Dragoon 13: The Boy and Little Brother

  Izumi and Basyle raced over to the collapsed Rudel. With teary eyes, they confirmed his safety. The referee declared Aleist the winner. But Rudel was still trying to stand. “Not yet, I haven’t lost yet. I can still stand!” … Continue reading

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Dragoon 12: The Boy, the Match, and the Red Girl

  Taking on a student of Aleist’s class, both sides fought mainly with swordplay. Unable to block her swift movements and cuts, the student was made a sport of by Izumi before she thrust her wooden sword at his nape… … Continue reading

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Dragoon 11: The Boy, the Sword Idiot, and the Magic Idiot

  In the academy first two compulsory years, the class tournament was the largest of events. Before it was held, the number of people training in the morning increased. And in the boys’ dorms, two to three times the usual … Continue reading

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Dragoon 10: The Samurai Girl’s Dream and the Boy

  The academy grew busy as it entered its third term. Its graduate classes with their futures… while its enrolled students put zeal into the inter-class tournament. “Well then, Rudel-kun and Izumi-san, next is…” It was the same in Rudel’s … Continue reading

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Dragoon 9: The Boy and the Elf Girl

  In a place that lay through a dimly lit alley, an old man who specialized in materials ran his business. Bringing her feet there, Basyle had brought the ‘Boar Tusk’ she had obtained in her last job. The old … Continue reading

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