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Dragoon 18: The Boy and Fleeing

Once the forest excursion commenced, Rudel’s group hurriedly made for the first point. In the class that advance through the trees towards its determined destination point, there were barely even any murmurs. Izumi was at the head, and Rudel walked … Continue reading

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Dragoon 17: The Boy and the Rechallenge

  The long break over, Rudel returned to the academy with heavy heart. The only thing occupying his mind was the active dragoon’s words to give up… Rudel only grew darker. Not in the boys’ dorm cafeteria, but the school … Continue reading

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Dragoon 16: The Boy and Engagement

  During the break before the second term, Rudel returned home. There, an event awaited him. To be more precise, it was a happening related to Aleist’s event. After Chlust received disciplinary action, the Arses House grew mindful of its … Continue reading

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Dragoon 15: The Boy and Events

Rudel and Izumi were surrounded on the school roof. They were surrounded by the followers of Rudel’s brother Chlust, and all of them were underclassmen of the fundamental course department… new students who had only just enrolled and learned the … Continue reading

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