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Dragoon 23: The Boy and a Chance

While Lilim had come to report to the academy, she was also to look into Rudel and the incident. She investigated into things outside of Cattleya’s report. Whether the rumors around the boy were true…  the matter was resolved surprisingly … Continue reading

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Dragoon 22: The Boy and Petting

  In the vacant academy cafeteria, Millia met with her sister Lilim for the first in some time. In the cafeteria that only operated for lunch, they prepared their own tea an talked. Lilim had to drop by the academy … Continue reading

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Dragoon 21: The High Knight and the Headmaster

Izumi returned to the girls’ dorm, and when night fell, Rudel slipped out of the infirmary. His hand was clasped around a sword. Noticing his movements, Luecke held some suspicious and decided to tail him. There, Eunius called out. “Just … Continue reading

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Dragoon 20: The Three Idiots and Fluffies

  The four who went to serve as decoys… got wrapped up in intense combat they did not, as they ran around. To be more precise, it was a repeat of hit, run and hide. The four of them coordinated … Continue reading

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