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Dragoon 26: The Magic Idiot and the Dragon Idiot

In the tournament waiting room, the second years of the fundamental curriculum gathered. Everyone present was a representative of their class, and a person of skill. Within all that, the matches commenced one after the next… and it was finally … Continue reading

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Dragoon 25: The Doll Princess, The Three Idiots, and Royalty

As the school entered its third term, Rudel’s class was the epitome of seriousness. They prepared for the tournament to such an extent the homeroom teacher said it was the first he had ever seen in all his years of … Continue reading

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Dragoon 24: The Upperclassman and the Boy

They were the events of the second term’s end, where the school entered an extended break. While Rudel would usually return home, he followed Basyle’s orders, informing his house, and remaining at the academy. Though a letter of complaint did … Continue reading

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