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Dragoon 29: The Protagonist and the Supporting Role

The Second day of the tournament began with a peculiar air. The first year student matches ended without issue, and the princess’ class claimed victory… Chlust also participated as a representative and showed off his mettle. There were a number … Continue reading

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Dragoon 28: The Sword Idiot and the Dragon Idiot

Steadily winning its way through, Rudel’s class was to go against Eunius’ in the semi-finals. In their block with nothing but strong foes, by the time they reached the semi-finals, both sides were in tatters. In truth, Eunius was injured … Continue reading

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Dragoon 27: Big Sister and Little Sister

  The tournament’s first round fights had all concluded, and the second round was about to commence. As the royal family was watching this time around, the match times had shortened. And in the first round, they were conducted using … Continue reading

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