Dragoon 30: The Three Idiots and the King

The tournament ended without incident, and the injured… it was around the time the seriously injured Rudel, Luecke and Eunius were bedridden in the infirmary as per usual. Rudel’s window seat you could already call his reserved spot, Luecke at the center, and Eunius’s bed closest to the corridor.

In that infirmary room, Izumi distributed the fruits she had gotten quite good at pealing among them. Only Rudel’s were cut to imitate the shape of a killer rabbit.

“It looks like a dragon’s head, so I can’t eat it… can I use it as decoration?”

“T-that’s a killer rabbit! It’s a bunny, so please, just eat it.”

“Oh, I see, it’s a bunny… then I guess I’ll eat the bunny… no, but…”

Wounds all over his body, Rudel refused to eat the fruit slice Izumi had brought over to his mouth. As Luecke and Eunius watched over the two with sidelong glances, they seemed fed up at Rudel’s exchange with Izumi that words couldn’t describe. And outside the room, the individual who had come to eavesdrop…

(Bunny!!? He’s eating a bunny girl? I-in a sexual way, right!? You eat them sexually, right master!? Let me in on the fun!!!)

… It was Fina. Following behind her were some high knight guards, the headmaster, and King Alabach himself. They had snuck in to congratulate Rudel for his class’s victory.

This time’s victory gave Rudel a high assessment among the royal family and academy… but by no means was this all sunshine and daisies for Rudel.

“Pardon my intrusion… the three of you look well… wait, what are you doing!? Stay at ease!”

As Albach casually entered the room, its four occupants got onto their knees… among them were three patients with serious injuries. The first to move was Izumi, but following right after, Rudel moved his aching body onto the ground… his form caused Eunius’ sense of competition to burn bright, and Luecke didn’t want to be the only one left out so he followed suit.

As a result, the injured three kneeled before the king. His subordinate knights looked at him as if they wanted to say something. While he admired their courtesy to kneel despite injury, the three of them were the future Three Lords…

“Just lie down! You don’t have to force yourselves to get on your knees!!!”

(Ah, father cried out… how interessssting!!!)

Fina expressionlessly enjoyed the situation, while the headmaster and knights sent the king some glances to get them to stop. In such a sickroom, the king’s voice resounded…

Once everyone had calmed down, and the circumstance was one that allowed for conversation, Albach started up.

“Congratulations for your victory in this time’s tournament. I never even imagined you would be so skilled… and so. I want you to officially succeed the Arses House. I got the general gist of things from Fina’s letter. That you saved Fina, and that there was clear malice against you contained in the official reports…”

The king had taken a complete turn from the false reports to that point, handing Rudel a proper evaluation. At that, Izumi rejoiced, and both Luecke and Eunius were relieved. But Rudel alone was purely unsatisfied.

“No, it is true that I exposed the princess to danger, and it is true that both Luecke and Eunius here were dragged into a mess by me! Just my continued attendance of this academy is more than enough for me!”

To Rudel, the Three Lords… succeeding his archduke title would mean giving up on his dream of becoming a dragoon. When he had finally grown closer to his dreams, returning to being a simple heir wasn’t Rudel’s intent.

“No, no, with the exception of the reports, putting together numerous sources has led me to the conclusion you will make for a splendid archduke. Your grades are in the top ranks of the academy, and you’re able to interact with people regardless of race and status.”

In regards to the king’s praise, Rudel- not wanting to inherit any status- thought hard. At this rate, it would be difficult to become a dragoon… if the king ordered him to take over the position, then Rudel would have to get more involved with the territory than ever before. Once he left the academy, he would instantly have to stick his hands into internal affairs… his father would push busy work onto him, and he would have to go out into a high society he had never even experienced before.

Rudel didn’t have that sort of time. He had come all the way here to become a dragoon. To Rudel, an archduke title was useless.

“… I… have no interest in archduke status.”

“… Is that for the sake of your dream? Surely the dragoons are heroes among heroes within our lands, but if you become an archduke, then you’ll be able to save many more than you could from the standing of a single knight.”

On the king’s words, Rudel made a conflicted face.

“But even so, I do not want to give up on my dream!”

Rudel’s will didn’t change. The king was impressed by his strength of will, and he expected great things from the strength in his eyes. That’s precisely why he said it…

“Starting with the crown, to protect the country and its people. Such is the duty of a knight. From the very start, your answer was contradictory… I’ll put the archduke matter on hold. But as long as you can’t give an answer that satisfies me, I won’t let you become a dragoon, and your archduke rights will be confiscated… let’s end things here for today.”

With those words, Albach and his knights took their leave. After taking one look at Rudel’s brooding form, Fina followed her father and left the room.

After the king left, Rudel made for the roof. The infirmary… the roof of the facility you could already call a hospital, he had begged Izumi to take him there. Noon had gone by, the winds were blowing… the roof where the laundry made a ruffling sound.

Bandages wrapped all over his body, wrapped so much Rudel could barely move the fingers on his hands. Sitting on the bench, he thought over the king’s words. And sitting beside him, Izumi worried.

Izumi knew of Rudel’s dream. She knew of his will to throw aside his people if it was for that dream… so having come this far, the words from the king put a stopper in his way. Izumi herself knew a large number of people would be saved if Rudel inherited the Arses territory, and she knew the king’s words were just, but…

“Rudel… don’t feel so down.”

Even so, Izumi wanted to grant his dream. So she called out, but,

“Izumi, how am I supposed to talk my way out of this? I can think of a number of appropriate reasons, but… I can’t hit on anything that hits the nail on the head.”

“… Rudel? You plan on deceiving the king!?”

“Deceiving? Your words do me ill! I know what the king was trying to say… but in short I just have to save more people as a dragoon than I ever could as an archduke, right? I’ll become a knight, become a dragoon, and save loads of people!”

His body covered with injuries, Rudel lacked any fragment of persuasive force. But finding his words reliable, Izumi smiled as she looked over him.

… Watching over the two of them from the shadows. Luecke, Eunius… and the headmaster.  The three of them had been searching for the right time to call out to the depressed Rudel, but the boy himself was surprisingly… no, on top of being more energetic than they had anticipated, they learned he was trying to deceive the king.

“You can’t just deceive him!”

Luecke quietly retorted.

“Tricking the king, eh… it all comes down to how he plans on doing it.”

“Why do you look so amused, Eunius!? Rudel’s trying to trick the king of our nation. Let’s stop him.”

“No way. Of course I’m amused… and Rudel said it, didn’t he? He’ll save more people than he could as an archduke anyways.”

While Eunius found enjoyment and Luecke began arguing, the headmaster seemed relieved as he saw Rudel’s high spirits. And he was also relieved that the boy was thinking over what was to come after he became a dragoon.

(I’m glad he isn’t losing his way…)

After that, Rudel wrote up a letter to the king. It was meant as an answer to the king’s question, and as he read it, King Albach was put into quite a good mood.

‘I will become a dragoon that can save many more people than I could as an archduke.’

That was Rudel’s answer to the king.

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51 Responses to Dragoon 30: The Three Idiots and the King

  1. jhfr10mong says:

    This guy’s so pure ;-;

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  2. anarchydev says:

    Such a naive way of thinking. He said he would deceive the king and just wrote a stupid line.

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    • Denn Mael says:

      But…”Its not a lie if you believe it.” -Costanza
      I think whatever ‘answer he thinks up’ Rudel would struggle to make it a reality. Replace the whole ‘dragoons are cool’ motive with something at least a bit more adult sounding.

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    • as naive as he is…..

      That one stupid line….

      is the reason that made him survive the world where the ‘default settings’ are against him a world where he is viewed as an antagonist a world where he is hated for being too naive.


    • Best Maid says:

      He never said he would deceive the king. That’s just what Izumi thought he would do. All Rudel did is tell the truth of what he believes in. He believes he can save more people as a dragoon, so that’s the answer he gave to the king. No bullshit, just his direct pure thoughts.

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  3. katanng13 says:

    He’s soooooo cute!!!! (in the naive, how sweet and kind and wonderful his thoughts are!)

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  4. ftxnexus says:

    >his father would push busy work onto him, and he would have to go out into a high society he had never even experienced before.

    I dont think that sorry excuse of a human being is doing anything at all. I would say that switch him out with a bucket of crap would have been more effective.

    Regarding him saving more people as a dragoon. It is completely plausible. If you force someone onto to uncomfortable position, then they would obviously do a worse job than doing what they like


  5. Dark Jackel says:

    Izumi: “How am I supposed to comfort him, if he never ever gets depressed!? 😫”

    Thanks for the chapter! 😄

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  6. Ajx says:

    Thanks for the chapter


  7. cactuar0 says:

    I can understand the king is probably scared of having idiotic Chlust be one of the 3 most powerful people outside of royalty – but he still didn’t have to threaten Rudel that he won’t be allowed to become a dragoon.

    Why can’t Rudel just be allowed to train as a dragoon, and also get the title of Archduke? Doing nothing at all in his territory, would still be an improvement over the current Archduke Arses or his second son … and having the new Archduke patrol on a dragon would do wonders for morale too!


    • Lucied777 says:

      2nd that


    • Yoraikun says:

      I don’t think the king was threatening him. He was trying to get Rudel to think of an answer, unbenounced to the fact Rudel already had his answer.


      • hezat says:

        More like I have a felling, the king wanted to know if Rudel just wanted to be a dragoon to be a dragoon, or if he had further plan.
        As the king says Rudel could become a splendid archduke, so if just want to become a dragoon for fun/glory, as a king he can’t let that happen


    • Agni says:

      i thought the same thing, he could even have a knight corps of the dragoons in his territory under his command if he did so


      • Dakkar says:

        If he inherits the title, he will become the lord of the territory of Arses, or the lord of arses for short. Who would want that (other than Chlust)?

        Also, dragoons seem to be a special force in the standing army, and are directly under the king’s command, much like the royal guard. It’s a full-time job with potential conflict of interest, so it wouldn’t be surprising if dragoons were required to formally cut ties with their families on entering the service. Something like having a dragoon force as a feudal lord retinue is even more controversial.

        And headmaster’s pretty much spelled out the reason for king’s actions: so far Rudel was entirely focused on becoming a dragoon, not what comes after he’s one.


        • Agni says:

          controversial? certailly, it could even mean to be an exploit from some nobles against the crown. impossible? i dont think so, it would really depend on the circunstancies tho


        • Dakkar says:

          Dragoons are the kingdom’s trump card, and quite possibly the edge that the royal family has over high nobles: if you create a precedent and allow noble houses to host private dragoon forces, you can expect the royal authority to plummet. Dragoons are certainly competent, but hardly perfect in terms of character, as we could have seen, so you can be sure that the system will get exploited and every high house will get its dragoon retinues.

          Moreover, at present all dragoons appear to have the same status regardless of their birth. If noble dragoons are allowed to command private forces, you will have to differentiate between the dragoons under the command of the royal family, the dragoons under the command of feudal lords, and then even between dragoons in the same unit based on their family standing, as some have potential to command their own dragoon force while others don’t.
          That’s one huge mess for the sake of a single naive boy.


  8. A Regular Peasant says:



  9. tachibanabot says:

    (Bunny!!? He’s eating a bunny girl? I-in a sexual way, tight!? You eat them sexually, right master!? Let me in on the fun!!!)

    I-in a sexual way, right!?

    “Pardon my intrusion… the three of you look well… wait, what are you doing!? Stay at east!”

    Stay at ease!


  10. Pure says:

    What about me?


  11. nekogamivni says:

    Thanks for the chapter ~


  12. dklaf; says:

    “Why not both” – Mexican girl

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  13. Selinus says:

    You know….. Rudel really reminds me of the First in some ways.


  14. Anonymeese says:

    “Only Rudels were cut to imitate the shape” Rudel’s*
    “But even o, I do not want ” so*
    “After the queen left, Rudel made for the roof” is this supposed to be king instead of queen? Cause from the previous part it seemed like only the King, Fina and their guards came to the infirmary.


  15. Damn Rudel! How resolute! He already walking the walk! The king already knew how he was going to respond but getting such a straight forward answer is overwhelming. The harshest of paths is often a straight line. But such a path has the most rewards if he can pull through.


  16. Ok so lets count the harem members

    2:Fluff Princess
    3:Cockroach Elf


    Being naive has its pros and cons so dont judge guys.

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  17. Erwin says:

    Thanks for the chapter ~!!!


  18. Catbell says:

    Thanks for the chapter!


  19. sodemaso says:

    Thx for the chapter o/


  20. Kessler says:

    Well, I think Rudel might not be the best Archduke – excellent combat ability doesn’t necessarily translate into statecraft and administration. He would lack the same drive to learn to rule, as he has with being Dragoon.


  21. Ryuutobi says:

    the words from the king put a stopped in his way. (stop)


  22. if your willing to throw away your home and the people who need you.. then your not qualified to be a knight. just because you dream of riding a dragon. other then in war how will you save more lives then a life time of service as a arch duke.


    • darktemplar666 says:



    • Axel says:

      Problem is, Rudel has min maxed his combat and Dragon bonding skills.

      He knows very little in regards to taxes beyond ‘my family has a really high rate and everyone hates them for it’ nor does he actually know how to deal with high society (you are looking at someone who didn’t even know what the Second Princess of his own country looked like) nor does he know how to avoid character assassination or actual assassination (beyond shanking said assassin with a sword).

      Basically, having him in charge would make things worse, or he would only be in charge for six months before his little brother poisons him or something.

      Whereas, if he becomes a Dragoon, he can go around protecting villages across the nation against monsters and whatnot, which probably include other dragons.


  23. hezat says:

    Thanks for the chapter as always yoraikun


  24. GM_Rusaku says:

    。   ∧,,∧
      [(っ⌒/⌒o Nepu!!!
      |\ ⌒”⌒ ∧,,∧ …zzZZ
      || || ̄ (´-ω-)
         || .[.(っ⌒/⌒o
           |\ ⌒”⌒  \
           || || ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄||


  25. Kasinki says:

    This is why this novel is so genius. If it’s a setting where Rudel is the naive protagonist, we’ll all be bored because we’ve seen the “naive-hardworking-neverstopdreaming” archetype of a main character. But no, in here he is not the protagonist, so we see Rudel in a completely different light, albeit he is still the same archetype, making the story feel fresh and exciting.
    Keep up the good work, Yora, and thanks once more for translating this gem!


  26. Paps says:

    Thanks for another funny chapter, that princess really she is only missing a penis to be a serious sexual deviant!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHA


  27. bcahthekill says:

    Rudel is so pure and naice, well, he dont have 7 scheming dude


  28. habib1100 says:

    Thanks for doing this chapter! 😁


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