Extra: Surpass Marty 2


“I can really pet you?”

“Yes. I won’t be able to understand unless I experience it myself.”
(Hurry it up! Get to the petting; pet me already!!! And then I shall lay hands on that sacred technique!)

In the princess’ room, the princess’ words created a bizarre air. For someone to tell him to pet them of their own accord, his little sister Lena was the only such person Rudel knew. Recalling his sister, he lightheartedly tried to pet her… but was stopped. It goes without saying the one who stopped him was high knight Sophina.

“Y-you can’t! Such indecent… Fina-sama, you should call it quits already!”

“Why is it no good, Sophina?”

“It’s just no good!”

“Then there is no helping it… in that case, I will give up on receiving a petting. But in my place, Sophina, you shall be pat.”

“Why did it come to that!?”

“That’s an order.”
(Get to it already. I must learn that technique at all costs!)

Sophina and Fina carried on that unproductive back and forth over whether there should be petting or not. Rudel didn’t just want to retract the hand he reached out to pet, so… he placed it on the head of the nearby Mii. At first, lightly and gently… receiving a surprise attack, Mii held the naïve notion that she would be fine at this level.

She regret it.

“Eh!? Wai… not there… mn, ah!”

His hand reaching out to her ears, his fingertips gently stroked them… Mii collapsed at the knees, letting out a sound as she fell to the floor. At that sound, Fina stopped her quarrel and looked over.

“I missed it… Sophina, it’s your turn.”
(It’s because you’re so noisy that I missed the sight of Mii being pet! Take some responsibility and get pet yourself!)

“Don’t joke around with me, pr- eek!”

As she tried to deny the order, Rudel circled around and started petting her ears. A high knight having her back taken by a student was in itself a failure. But as Rudel had no ill motives, filled with the pure intent to pet, Sophina never noticed. Sophina saw hell.

“Wow, this is amazing.”
(Is he generating magic on his fingertips? Using magic of that level will be difficult for me… six, no! If I push myself, then three years should be…)

“N-no! Don’t pet me so!”

As Sophia’s face reddened, her body twisting around, Fina stared in earnesty. To be honest, Sophina wasn’t fluffy so she had no interest in her. She was able to watch this act as a simple experiment.

It was there that Rudel became interested in his own limits. To that point, he had only used exactly what he had learned, but here he wanted to test technique he was still in the process of acquiring. That technique was…

“What beautiful hair… a lovely hue of deep purple. You must be looking after it well, Sophina-san, you’re…”

Verbal attacks. According to Marty Wolfgang, it is important to express your love with words. Even if there are things you cannot express in words, you must not neglect trying. As these words were to be directed at a dragon, the individual called Marty was likely an oddball of Rudel’s level.

But Rudel was dealing with a human, the human Sophina who wasn’t accustomed to these sorts of things. Whether she wanted to resist or accept it all, the individual herself no longer knew… her hips gave out like Mii as she slumped to the floor.

“Hah, hah… I-I’m not happy about…”

Sitting down, her body occasionally twitched as only her mouth put up a resistance. As Rudel seriously took Sophina’s reaction,

“So I still have a ways to go…”

He was vexed. But Fina thought quite differently.

“Well it all depends on practice, Rudel-sama.”
(To think he was of this level… and the man who surpassed my master, Marty Wolfgang, just what heights could he have reached? What magnificent things could he have seen?)

After that, Rudel began commuting to the girls’ dorm to practice. But the individual himself only came because there was no helping an order from the princess. If he needed to practice, it didn’t particularly have to be at the girls’ dorm.

But if a man began bringing his feet to the girls’ dorm every day, of course, the other girls would notice. To make matters worse, an individual who should never have been informed ended up finding out. Antagonistic to the white cat tribe, a young lady of the black cat tribe, ‘Ness’ became privy of the rumors.

The reason she should never know… it was because Ness loved Mii. Not like, the other one… her love having surpassed the barrier of antagonistic tribes, and even the wall of gender, Ness was a young lady boasting long, black, silky hair. She carried a supple body, tall for a woman, sticking out where it should.

But she was off the boys’ popularity scales. She was extremely cold to men. Only interested in girls, the fact that Rudel was frequenting the Princess’ room and the fact that Mii was there were unbearable to her.

One time as she grew curious and passed by the princess’ room… as ill fate would have it, Mii happened to rush out. And spotting Ness, Mii hid behind her back.

A step behind, the princess Fina leapt out, and even further back, Rudel walked his way out… Sophina was already incapable of standing, so she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Don’t run away, Mii.”
(To run away at the good part, this is teasing play! My little kitten really is a mischievous one!!!)

Already in high tensions, Fina expressionlessly looked at the white cat hiding behind Ness. But for Ness, her beloved Mii was cowering behind her back, asking for help. There’s no way she wouldn’t save her! The moment she thought that- some indecent intent tinted in- her luck had run out.

“Give it a rest, princess! You’re scaring my M… Mii, are you not!”

“Who are you?

(Well of course I know. I’ve already investigated all the fluffies, graduates included… rather, you just said ‘My Mii’, didn’t you… what’s with this cuckold feeling I’m getting!? You’re arousing me, dammit!)

Behind in quite a few things, Fina sent a glance at Rudel and the high knights behind her… but Rudel didn’t know what she was trying to say. Rather, he didn’t want to know. Ever since he began to mingle with the princess, a sense of fear towards the girl had begun to bud within him.

“I’m Ness, a fourth year student. I’m going to return Mii to her room for the day, so… wait! Why are you surrounding me!? N-no, let my go!”

The high knights whispered apologies to her as they carried off Ness and Mii to the princess’ room (den of evil).

Having gotten a new sacrifice on her hands, Princess Fina pinned Mii herself, while leaving Ness tied up with rope. Rudel still couldn’t follow the situation. He was panicking over what he should do.

“Let me go!”

“That’s no good. The crime of trying to cuck my Mii… I’ll reward you for it. It’s your turn master!”
(I’ve got my hands on a white and a black fluffy… isn’t this the best? It’s gone past best into crazy!!!)

“…? You want me to untie her?”

“… What are you talking about? You just have to pet her.”
(Why does he still not understand come to far? Hurry up and give her a good fluffing!)

Hearing that, Rudel looked at Ness… as she glared at him with hate-filled eyes,

“I don’t want a man near me!”

At this point, she showed hate regardless of status or authority.

“It seems she doesn’t want to be touched.”

“Hah, master… if you manage to tame a woman who hates you… and get along with her, then you can climb to even greater heights.”

“I see!”

Convinced by Fina, Rudel freely wielded every technique in his possession to try to become friends with Ness. As a result…

“S-stop! Ah! M-my ears feel so go… not the tail!!!”

“What pretty hair… your tail is beautiful.”

And at the end, while she hadn’t stopped hating men, so came the birth of Black Cat Girl Ness who would snuggle up close to Rudel. The characteristic purring those of the beast tribe gave to show their good will resounded through Fina’s room… Rudel muttered.

“I get the feeling this is something else…”

Rudel’s question was irrelevant to Fina. That present scene was justice! Two cat girls with reddened faces collapsed on the floor of her room, the human Sophina lying around as something of a bonus.

(It’s come! My era has finally come!!!)

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    • pliszkablog says:

      I suspect that illustration would not give justice: it is an echchi technique, the master of the technique touches ears, tail (if any), hair and talks hypnotically, while the female is increasingly raptured. It want an “anime special” with a good sound actor. As you wait, I recommend Valkyrie Drive specials.

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  19. Kasinki says:

    Rudel’s question was irrelevant to Fina. That present scene was justice! Two cat girls with reddened faces collapsed on the floor of her room, the human Sophina lying around as something of a bonus.

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