Dragoon 37: The Young Man, the Blacksmith, and the Shadow


Arriving at a town near the border, Rudel’s party met up with their client- a merchant. It was evening when they arrived, and as it would be dangerous at night, the subjugation was set for the following day. Vargas and Eunius sallied forth into the town of the night, partly to prepare for tomorrow, while Luecke spent his time with a book in the inn.

Basyle went out saying she had to look into some things… something was off about the requester, so it seems she went off to ask around town about the man.

And Rudel decided to look around the blacksmithy of that border town. Vargas already had his own equipment, and Eunius possessed his own specially-made claymore. Even Luecke’s self-protection one-handed sword was a special order. But Rudel’s sword was a cheap one.

Perhaps because he would only ever swing it around in training, the one he received at his manor was a hand-me-down from the soldiers. He had been using it fine, but lately, its quality was dropping, and it was starting to chip. He was carefully looking after it… but when it came to life or death, he did have his anxieties.

“Is the store still open… according to the innkeeper, it’s supposed to be somewhere around here…”

Rudel walked alone through the unfamiliar town. Walking by the innkeeper’s memo, and after a while, he caught sight of a number of weapon shops. Lined up in front of the stores were sturdy weapons and well-ornamented ones… a wide variety. After looking around the display weapons, he entered a shop to see their stock.

“This is best for kids.”

“A rapier? I’d prefer something more durable…

“How about it, noble boy!? Aren’t all our store’s weapons the coolest!?”

“Yeah, they do look cool (Those unnecessary ornaments look heavy).”

“If you buy two, I’ll throw in this knife as a bonus.”

“I don’t need two.”

A majority of the shops either treated him like a child or tried to push expensive goods onto him due to his noble status. While there were definitely a few nice pieces among them, as none of them suited Rudel himself, he decided to give up.

It was at that moment he spotted a tarp draped over the street, a single man sitting cross legged over it. Atop the tarp was a single katana. Rudel had learned about it from Izumi, so he stared at it as a rare find. He thought of it as an eastern saber, but according to Izumi it was used differently.

“How rare… but why is there only one?”

Standing before the man, Rudel looked down on the blade. Right, katanas rarely circulated through Courtois. Yet the man selling such a valuable item wore tattered clothing, his beard and hair a scraggly mess. He seemed to be in terrible shape.

“It‘s the last piece I was able to make with my partner. At this point, I no longer have a smithy to make another…”

The man explained with uncomfortable words. While Rudel knew he wouldn’t use it, perhaps Izumi would be happy to receive it, so he pulled out the exact price of the tag.

The man looked at Rudel in surprise, posing a question as he took the money. By no means had he presented any lesser sum. He had grown intrigued by Rudel who could calmly hand it over.

“Do you intend to use this katana? As the seller, it may be odd for me to say, but if you don’t know how to use and look after it, it’s no more than a lump or iron.”

Taking the katana, Rudel carefully held it as he spoke.

“I have an acquaintance from the orient, this is a gift. It’s not like I’m the one using it so you don’t have to worry. Truth be told, I wanted a weapon for myself, but I couldn’t find anything.”

The money Rudel put out had been from the rewards of the monster slaying he had been doing as of late. But in the academy, he had little opportunity to use it, so his funds would only build up. He had intended to use it to buy a new weapon for himself… but in the end, it became a present for Izumi.

“… I see, so you’re acquainted with one of my countrymen.”

As the man stared off in reminiscence, Rudel said his thanks and walked off. The man called out to Rudel’s back.

“I’m Zouken. I live in this town with my comrades and family. Please send my fellow countryman my regards.”

“I’ll pass on the message.”

And with one new encounter, Rudel’s day came to an end.

Around when Rudel’s day closed, two dragoons were spending their time in cells below the palace. The rampaging two had been prominent powers of the country, and the damage was great. For that sake, they were seized in due time, but instead of a reprimand, they got solitary confinement.

There were shackles around their wrists, and by their special make, those cuffs made it difficult to use magic. Proof that the guards were quite wary of them.

In just a few minutes, these two had destroyed the area. Cattleya and Lilim spent their time in separate solitary cells. As it was night, Cattleya was asleep. But Lilim…

“Why do they always come to hate me?”

‘Because you’re repulsive.’

“I wanted to get married you know. I loved him…”

‘With eyes like those, you’re one to talk. As if there’s any man who could love you.’

“Everyone… goes away because of these eyes… if only these eyes didn’t exist!”

‘Are you really going to crush them? Are you fine with that? It isn’t your fault… the one at fault is…’

Finding Lilim’s monologue to be ominous, the guards didn’t want to draw close. They didn’t hear anything, they didn’t see anything. That Lilim was talking to the wall, and that the shadow projected on the wall… was Lilim’s conversation partner.

“The one at fault… right, it’s Rudel’s fault! That detestable one!”

‘That’s right, hate him! The Rudel you loath… the fiancé who betrayed you!’

Before her engagement to Rudel, Lilim had been betrothed to an elven man. But after seeing her black eyes, the man annulled the engagement. He was a kind man, and Lilim truly believed it would be alright if she revealed her secret. Yet she was betrayed.

That fiancé of the past, and Rudel, who even now was an engagement-candidate-for-argument’s-sake, their forms overlapped in Lilim’s head. The shadow that guided her, warped her to the conclusion resembled Cattleya in shape and voice. Once the shadow overlapped with Lilim’s, Lilim stood up and tore off her shackles.

“That’s right, I’ll kill him! I’ll kill the man who betrayed me!”

Lilim’s blond hair gradually changed to silver, her skin turning from white to black… and white insignias rose to the surface of her blackened skin. They were marks that greatly resembled the monsters that had attacked in the forest.

‘Hate him… Hate Rudel, kill him! There is no way he can be allowed to live! The purpose of my existence is to ‘return Rudel to his base’. And if that is impossible… then kill him!!!’

Born in Cattleya and matured within, ‘it’ declared if returning him to his original state proved impossible, it would erase the character Rudel from this work. To it, he was the first act of treason towards the world. On a situation where the surroundings accepted Rudel, it had a will to carry out its reason for existence to the end.

‘The will of the world is irrelevant… this is my will!’

Using Magic, Lilim escaped from the cell. That day… a single Dragoon fled the palace alongside her dragon.

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  2. Reaper Phoenix says:

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    It sounded like an evil spirit possessed her.


    • carrionlucasbrandon says:

      More like the world trying to correct the storyline more or something. That’s why people have an unnatural hatred for him.


      • thatguy572 says:

        I knew there was a Will of the World around due to the MC having an uncontrollable urge to do certain things, such as MC reacting to Millia’s (elf girl in their first year) scorn instead of ignoring it, or him going to the girls dorm among other things. Of course the results were different since MC has a different personality and while the World can do vague manipulation, it can’t do overt kind. Until we see this little shadowy creature that was made from the World’s Will but seems to have developed an ego of its own, as it is saying that it wants to wreck MC not due to the World’s will at this point, but due to its own.
        Really does remind me of “Helck” (great manga btw).

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  3. atrie94 says:

    37? Were the extras 34-36 or did u skip somethin there yorai


  4. Huh why lilim the one will act acording the world


  5. kjiikg says:

    Im confused… …


  6. ShinItsuwari says:

    Huh. Sudden madness.
    And I’m looking forward of how Waifu Izumi will react to that unexpected present.


  7. unidentifyed bone says:

    ahhh guess thats the end of this novel for me to bad but i hate where the author is going with this.


  8. Crabdog says:

    Who was it that posted that link to “falling in love with te villainess” when talking about works that were fun and light hearted because they used a game-turned-to-reality. I hope you feel good about yourself, throwing random surprise feels at someone. There should be some sort of assault charge like “Unwarned feels inducment”, I wasn’t prepared, man.

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  9. Countrymage says:

    So there is something enforcing the will of the (game) World….

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  10. Jhettra says:

    Thanks for the chapter!


  11. woozlak says:

    So, the will of the world is a eerie shadow, there’s a certain baron from another novel who will find this information useful


  12. goblinrou says:

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  13. gloom says:

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  14. unknownsoul says:

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    Nv thought of such twists in the plot.


  15. Silverstar says:

    Thanks for the chapter :)


  16. Nice! I like this! So it really was some force at work. But I wonder why it hates him…

    Also it refers to the world as ‘this work’ so it is aware that their world is all but a story. Maybe it is some kind of error correction mechanism? But while it is able to affect fate, it seems to be unable to directly influence people of the world. Hmm, it could even be that this force might be preventing the world into crashing before it has deviated from the normal route. If that is the case then the Protag importance will rise greatly soon as he may be able to identify that force…

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  17. Nova says:

    I still don’t understand, why do they hate Rudel so much, did he do anything bad to them?


    • Felipe says:

      Rudel parents and their servants hate rudel because they don’t understand him and think that he is retarded, commoners hate him because he belongs to a house of noubles that treat commoners like trash and because by becoming a dragoon and not an archduke is like he is telling them: “I don’t care about you, take care of your problems yourselves”, the knights hate him because of how close to the princess he is (and because of the mess in the girls dormitory), the dragoon catlia hate him because she envious because he is more talented than she, this dragoon hates him now because of that black thing that hates rudel because he deviated from his original setting from the game


      • darkxheero00 says:

        the last part is really complicated and weird… I can understand if it’s cattleya who went insane tho… this will of the world thing feels like forced for plot reason


      • Alvin Hogwash says:

        This shadow is a rogue part of the will of the world. It or those like it have been the cause of most of rudel’s problems. When he first got to the academy it made him yell at the elf girl, it also led him to the girls dorm that first night while he was walking aimlessly. After seeing it couldn’t​directly move him they started throwing obstacles in his way, the boar,the bird,amping up the fiance’s hate to get him kicked out of school, and now a berserk dragoon fiance.


      • Neko MK2 says:

        Cattleya also or affected by will of the world same with with Rudel but he resist it


    • Boom says:

      It’s simply because Rudel is going against “fate” itself. Remember that this was a game based on Aleist’s monologue, so imagine if a character suddenly has a bug or goes haywire, the game itself would try to correct the error. This is the shadow and the external force that has been mentioned many times, it’s the error correction of the game which forces Rudel to go back to his original role in the game.

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  18. Kasinki says:

    Oh wow that turned heavy at the end.
    In other cases, I wonder if Izumi would repay Rudel giving her the katana by allowing him to practice his now-sealed petting on her?
    I would love to see that happen.


  19. KozuKy says:

    first Catleya,now Lilim. and then later on another one,and another one. really do hope this won’t last long cause it feels meh trying to control characters to antagonize rudel

    Thanks for the chapter :D


  20. anarchydev says:

    It’s here… The author officially announced the existence of the world will.

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  21. kirindas says:

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  23. Ugh_Zug says:

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  24. cloudytama says:

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  28. Paps says:

    Thanks for the chapter, ok WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!!?????? So those monster that have been apearing and the unexplicable hate that Rudel have been recieving all his life somehow are connected by some sentien thing that wants the world to follow the path of the game????

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  29. Ryuutobi says:

    something was off about the requested, (requested)


  30. novi says:

    i think that “world will” order “something” like firewall/antivirus, trying erase Rudel as a “BUG”?


  31. sukattomicka says:

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  32. heavenjudgement says:

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  33. heavenjudgement says:

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    Also since those board comes specifically to Rudel, The Baseyle anger is misplaced on information dealer, isnt it? (^^)"


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  41. Baldingère says:

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