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Dragoon 81: The Young Men and the Festival’s Eve

Around the time Rudel was training in the dragons’ dwellings, Aleist was also training to master his own powers. “Aleist-sama’s so cool!!” … But by Aleist’s popularity at the academy, female students would gather around him on a regular basis. … Continue reading

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Extra: Surpass Marty 7

  Rudel had taken Fina, Mii and Sophina along to the dragons’ dwellings. In order to learn what his current self was lacking, he had come to meet Marty’s dragon. While he had technically dragged the princess along on a … Continue reading

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Extra: Surpass Marty 6

  “S-so even the secret arts don’t work…” ‘It’s all slimy and gross.’ Before Sakuya returned to the dragons’ dwellings, Rudel tried applying the dragon petting skills he had devoted his being too. But if he pet her, she just … Continue reading

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Extra: Surpass Marty 5

  A few days after Rudel had fallen onto the hall, Sakuya and all… In a room of the palace, Fina received a report from the two dragoons. She wanted to hear the events that transpired in the dragons’ dwellings, … Continue reading

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Dragoon 77: The Oath and the Little Brother

Once a conference on the country’s future course was held in the chaotic grounds, Rudel called Izumi and the others to a tent that had been temporarily set up. Gathering Luecke, Eunius and Aleist, he started explaining everything in order. … Continue reading

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Dragoon 76: The Young Man and the White Dragon

  The academy’s vacation ended and the second term began. But Rudel had yet to show himself at the academy. Even when they confirmed it with the Arses House, a reply came back that he had yet to return. The … Continue reading

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