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Dragoon 47: The Sword Idiot, the Game Idiot, and…

  With the incident that had embroiled Princess Fina a year before, the second term’s fundamental curriculum outing was put under review, and it was altered to be a camping excursion. A safe campout by the riverbed, and Fina was … Continue reading

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Dragoon 46: The Protagonist and a Friend

  The day after the riot in the cafeteria… Chlust was shaking in his room at the dorm. Since that day, everyone would look down him. The nobles would call him a disgrace, while the commoners called him an enemy, … Continue reading

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Dragoon 45: Sisters and Brothers

  Once the fundamental curriculum uprising died down, Rudel and the others were released from the disciplinary room. The reason was simple, the disciplinary room was now at full capacity, and the teachers called this a special measure instituted for … Continue reading

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Dragoon 44: Brothers and the Boy

The school cafeteria had been destroyed by the students of the fundamental curriculum. In the kitchen, the staff members late to run cowered as they made their way to the deepest parts, while the teachers who entered from the cafeteria’s … Continue reading

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