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Dragoon 53: The Protagonist and the Last Boss

Having safely become fourth years, Rudel and co were having a discussion over their futures in the academy cafeteria. Surrounding a round table, Luecke, Eunius and Izumi… alongside their usual members, Aleist was there as well. As lunch had already … Continue reading

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Extra: Spring Sure is Nice

The young elf girl Millia’s long, green hair swayed as she walked. As she looked at the sky out the window, she could feel a warm sunlight, and the wind she received from that open window also carried with it … Continue reading

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Extra: Surpass Marty 4

A room of the girls’ dorm only nobles greater than the great houses could use; Fina, the room’s owner hugged her knees on the bed as she silently mumbled to herself. Ever since Rudel’s petting had been sealed, her fluffy … Continue reading

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