Dragoon 53: The Protagonist and the Last Boss

Having safely become fourth years, Rudel and co were having a discussion over their futures in the academy cafeteria. Surrounding a round table, Luecke, Eunius and Izumi… alongside their usual members, Aleist was there as well.

As lunch had already gone by, there were few people at the cafeteria. In such a situation, Aleist mumbled some complaints as he ate the cakes lining the table.

“Why’d you have to call me? Originally, I wanted to have this badass reunion sort of thing going at the tournament. And Millia’s been distant from me ever since Valentine’s Day… hah.”

“Valentine? Was that chocolate distribution thing you were doing some sort of festival?”

Luecke sipped his tea, ignoring all of Aleist’s complaints as he bit onto the unfamiliar term Valentine’s Day.

“That thing he did around the end of the third year? As I recall, Rudel and Izumi made chocolate together and exchanged them… so what sort of festival is it?”

Eunius also ignored Aleist’s complaints, requesting an explanation on Valentine’s Day.

“… Not telling.”

Aleist averted his eyes from the two of them in an attempt to put up a slight resistance.

“You apparently give chocolates to the person you like. Aleist and his friends were putting their all into making chocolate, and when I got curious and asked, that’s what he said… I also gave some to Izumi.”

Rudel answered quite calmly.

(Normally, the girl’s supposed to give to a guy… why did we have to make chocolates so seriously, I wonder. By the time I noticed it, the girls had gathered and snatched them all, so I couldn’t give Millia anything. Should I teach him about white day while I’m at it?)

Aleist’s feeble resistance was meaningless before Rudel. Listening to Rudel’s words, Aleist hesitated over whether to tell him the truth or not.

But that conversation was interrupted by Luecke as he started into the main issue.

“Well that doesn’t really matter. The problem is how we’re going to spend our remaining two years. Me and Rudel, and that muscle-head over there have some freedom, but what about you two?”

“Once I get my knight qualifications, I plan to take on the high knight qualification test.”

Izumi lowered her eye level a little as she answered Luecke’s question. Right, the way things were going, Izumi and Rudel would graduate the academy and part in two years time. Thinking of it that way, Izumi felt a little lonely.

On the other side, Aleist smiled as he thought over how he was going to enjoy his remaining two years. At the same time, he recalled how he was supposed to spend this time going by the game.

(As I recall… the mid-game has the highest level of freedom. You can make friends with the kids who enroll around this time. Since you’ve just about completed capturing the other girls, after all. But if you don’t do various things during this time period, things go to hell after you graduate. The war event becomes a hard fight, and…!?)

Aleist’s face suddenly turned pale as he stood from his seat. Seeing that, the other four turned wondering what was going on, but without noticing them, Aleist started to mutter again before raising his voice.

“A-at this rate, it’ll be terrible… i-in that case, I have no choice but to do it!”

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but that’s the spirit, Aleist.”

Oblivious, Rudel cheered him on.

“I’m going to the temple in the borderland. There, I have to class change from magic swordsman into an advanced class.”

“I-I see… well, good luck with that.”

As Aleist confidently threw out the words class change and advanced job, Eunius had no idea what to say, so he gave a vague answer. Luecke rubbed his inner eyes as he closed his eyelids in thought.

(At times, I can’t understand Aleist at all. To change from a magic swordsman into something, he has to go to the outer reaches? … it’s no good, I don’t get it. Is he getting his hands on some new technique? Or is there some hermit in the mountains over there?)

Izumi didn’t know what to say either, so for now she tried asking Rudel. Perhaps it was a special custom not found in the orient, and with that on her mind, she turned to Rudel… only to find his eyes sparkling as he looked at Aleist.

“Can you become strong if you go to the borderland?”

“Of course. Five years ago, I myself went to become a magic swordsman, so there’s no doubt about it.”

Seeing Aleist clearly declare it, Rudel gave some serious thought.

Rudel himself understood it, the way things were going he was closing in on his limit. He hasn’t been negligent in his daily training. But Luecke, Eunius and Aleist in the academy… after fighting them, he realized he really didn’t have any talent.

In such a situation, taking on a challenge in the pursuit of strength didn’t sound bad.

“… Then I’m going too.”

“Oy, get a grip on yourself!”
“Don’t be hasty! It’s just Aleist’s usual sickness.”

Paying no heed to Izumi and the other’s attempts to stop him, Rudel decided on a trip to the borderlands with Aleist.

The Gaia Empire. It was a country given no real detail in-game, a land that existed for the sole purpose of making a hero out of the protagonist. In a room of that empire, a certain individual had called Mies, who had failed in her mission and divulged national secrets. The special skill of the Licorise House’s Mies, or rather her in-game skill ‘Successful Flight’ didn’t allow her to avoid responsibility, and she was receiving disciplinary action.

Her actions were used as a reason to cut down the Licorise House’s power in the political world. All that remained of the house were the experiment documents and results of the monster enhancement plans they been tasked with developing for the express purpose of ruining themselves…

The person who called out Mies appeared in the room she waited.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

His age was perhaps in his early twenties. Long, curling silver hair draped over his loosely-worn clothes of high-class make, a man entered the room to give Mies a polite bow. He was tall in stature, and from his trained body and the way he moved, he gave off an air that he wasn’t your average joe.

“No, it is no issue to me, your majesty.”

“Don’t be like that. Call me Askewell or Al or whatever you like. From here on out, you’re going to become my precious collaborator, after all.”

Askewell Gaia… the empire’s third prince, and the commander of the imperial army. A smile on his face, Askewell urged Mies to take a seat as he read through the documents he had received beforehand. His expression turned serious as could be.

“Are the contents written here to be taken as fact?”

“… Yes.”

Mies told Askewell the truth. As she did, Askewell’s initial strained expression eventually turned to a smile.

“Wonderful. So it is possible to take perfect command of powerful soldiers… I cannot comprehend why the higher-ups would ever reject such a plan.”

On those words, Mies feared the prince just a little. But she told herself this was a necessary measure to regain the Licorise House’s authority.

“The method isn’t perfect. And it could not put up a decent fight against a dragon.”

“No problem. Courtois isn’t able to maintain so many dragons. Furthermore… if you can enhance ogres and orcs in large numbers and make soldiers of them, it is the Courtois soldiers who won’t be able to put up a decent fight.”

Honestly, Mies was dim when it came to military affairs. But thinking she had to say something, she tried to joke around by bringing up the necessary food supply to maintain an ogre.

“While it may be easier than rearing a dragon, an enhanced ogre eats more than your common soldier. You should prepare yourself for twice the food expenditure.”

Hearing that, Prince Askewall’s smile didn’t change. But Mies grew afraid of that smile.

“I told you it isn’t a problem. There’s plenty of food to be found where we’re going.”


“You cannot comprehend? Or could it be you’re purposely trying not to… so be it. I’m talking humans. If we invade, we’ll have plenty on our hands. And even if they face defeat, what we lose are not people of the empire. We lose only monsters.”

Askewell spoke to Mies’ confusion.

“I’ll prepare you a research lab. First off, you are to prepare twenty enhanced ogres. I’ve secured a place for you to experiment… and worry not, a monster attacking humans is only a natural occurrence. Whether they be enhanced or not, monsters are monsters… there is no need for it to weigh on your mind.”

This was Askewell Gaia, the last boss of the game.

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  1. Acedia-chan says:

    Thanks for the chap


  2. hexwolfx says:

    This ch toke a dark turn at the end


  3. Jhettra says:

    Thanks for the chapter!


  4. Dragon_ANGL says:

    Thanks for the translation! And hmm, I wonder if there will be any other nations looming in the background / unreleased DLC, or if there will be hidden bosses.

    That said, this arc will probably result in Rudel gaining a dragon. Hoping it’s a female dragon to further confound Fina’s & Izumi’s romantic intents.

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    • Pyro says:

      Indeed, a female dragon who gets insanely jealous of any female that approaches Rudel after feeling the bliss of his petting sessions.

      I’m wondering if Alest is going to have to go for broke & go for the hidden Milf Queen route after failing the routes of all other capture targets


      • npartain90 says:

        I can imagine the jealous route or the insistence to a harem route.
        Either way, I would enjoy reading the dragoness constantly sending her thoughts to Rudel about the women around him.


        • Pyro says:

          I can see it now…

          After the dragoness gets her first petting session.

          MMMMMMaaster…. I want to have your egg, give me your egg now!

          The 2 Dragon Knights that he knows show up and basically say “Rudel, what are you doing you perverted Dragon Idiot?”

          No! He’s my mate! You can’t mate with him until he blesses me with an egg first!


    • dhaksbdf says:

      I’m now imagining a terrible Chinese webnovel style padded out redundant dialogue where the MC realizes his enemy has the newest powercreeped weapon but he can’t get it because he lacks the requisite DLC.

      Enemy:”HOW DARE YOU”
      MC:”I DARE”
      Mook: “THIS GUY. HOW DARE HE”
      Mook: “YES, HOW DARE THIS GUY”
      Narrator:Our MC dares because he is daring. That is the sort of person he is. A daring person.
      Enemy: “HOw DARE YOU”
      Narrator: Unknown to the enemy character, our MC is the most daring, who never backs down.
      MC: “BUT I DO DARE”
      Narrator:”He still daring. Like shit son. Did you know he is a daring character? Cuz he mad daring. The most daring. Of all time.”

      and then our noble protagonist realizes that no matter what he tries,he is unable to enter the country that is the origin of the infinity+2000 SORD because he doesn’t have the DLC


  5. blahto says:

    Oh shit last boss!! they must make an infiltration route….


  6. storeyhunter says:

    can’t maintain a large amount of dragons……
    “The art of dragon petting”
    ( this text was missing from the main story line)


  7. Reaper Phoenix says:

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I was really hoping to see Rudel’s little sister that he trained with to appear in the school. I wonder how strong she is compared to everyone else. Will she appear before Rudel graduate?


  8. moto says:

    I hope chlust comes back alive. I keep thinking of the chapter when he was leaving.

    Its only when you’re at your lowests point will you find out about the people that truely care for you.

    Brings a tear to my eye when he finally figured it was rudel.

    Back to the chapter, rudel getting a class change is by far the most frightening thing to come to mind. Will he class change to master petter or greatest dragoon petter.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story yoraikun.

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  9. goblinrou says:

    Not sure why but Last boss name is kinda funny.

    Askewell Gaia

    Ask well Gaia.


  10. What was the age of these characters again. I forgot.


    • thatguy572 says:

      Well the minimum age characters enter the academy at is 15, and they just finished their 3rd year, so they (Rudel and other 4th years) should be around 18, going on 19. As for Mies and Askewell, they are both in the early twenties I believe. Fina and Chlust are a year younger than Rudel so they are 17-18. Fritz is an exception as he started academy life two years later (17) due to money issues and should be in 2nd year now at 18? As for Millia’s older sis, probably her twenties (with her coworker who originally spawned the mist creature), but who can really tell with elves.


  11. Rasta says:

    Thank you for the chapter! Poor Aleist. Not being able to give chocolates to the one he.loves. But Aleist. is probably going to.get Rudel the hero class, or will try to. And the the small fry empire is going to blow up~


    • smoggythebear says:

      probably gonna be much more complicated than that, this author’s pretty good at making sure the character’s strong, but not op, something that seriously deserves praise.

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      • Rasta says:

        True. Not even the 4 combined could beat that bird. But what I meant by small fry was that they reek of being one. The one agent incompetent, and so I can’t get a “strong” vibe from them. I barely registered the “final boss” part.


  12. thatguy572 says:

    The part of being unable to have many dragons is likely referring to the food expenditure and high bar their riders have to be at to receive acknowledgment. And I wonder what dragon type Rudel will one day get (definitely not gonna be an Ash dragon) and what class he is gonna get at this temple thing. Finally, Askewell may be the last boss for the game, but Izumi aka “black hair” is the final boss barring Fina from fulfilling her dreams of fluffadise.

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  13. S4TY4 says:

    Thanks for the chapter


  14. Paps says:

    So the apearence of the Last Boss signald the ending of the novel or there is more after the War scenario???


    • riftguardian says:

      I would assume that Askwell Gaia is only the “last boss” in name, and that there will be additional fights afterwards, considering that the world is already off its original course with our Rudel as the cause.


  15. GM_Rusaku says:

       / ^ω^ヽ THANKS!
     _ノ ヽ ノ \_ NEPU!!!
    `/ `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y ヽ
    (  (三ヽ人  /  |
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       |( 王 ノ〈
      / ヽ_/  |
      |  /  ノ


  16. Lewd Anon says:

    Lena is what, 4-5 years younger than Rudel? She could probably appear in his 5th and final year, and end up being Aleist’s love interest. Especially considering he mentioned that the last few years of academy life in the game were easy going enough start making friends with new freshmen. That or he ends up meeting her when she visits, and ends up smitten with her.

    As well, with the way the world has more or less made Rudel the MC, most of the capture targets seem to be off-limits to anyone else besides Rudel. That would make the original characters, such as Lena a more likely love interest.

    That aside, I wonder if the LN gives more time to Milla; even her sister gets more time in-story thus far.

    So with this thing about class-changing going on, what are the odds that Rudel ends up class-changing into Dragoon prematurely by petting some powerful dragon in the borderlands? I mean, he already character changed from useless generic antagonist to protagonist, and the world accepted that. What about him inadvertently (ab)using the class change “system” to go from Academy Student to Dragoon Student while Aleist just goes slack-jawed?


  17. hezat says:

    thanks for the food yoraikun


  18. ryllonceras says:

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    finally a good villain to the story, i really hope is not just a “bad guy” but someone who is capable of anything to achieve his goals, but is still a rational individual who doesn’t to evil just for the fun


  24. Thank for chapter! Rudel is going to class change to Dragoon! Waiting for time he pet his dragon LOL


  25. Anon says:

    I had a strange thought that the shadow who’s trying to correct the story line is actually the ‘original Aleist’ whose role was snatched away by the ‘reincarnator Aleist’. That’s why it said “Rudel, like me, you have been abandoned by the will of the world”


  26. habib1100 says:

    Thanks for doing this chapter! 😇


  27. Tasha says:

    huh…well, the villain is suitably villainous!


  28. And we thoght Aleist treated everone as insignificant NPCs.


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