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Dragoon 75: The Goddess and Those that Don’t Exist

‘Are you fine with that?’ The water dragon walked up front, and Sakuya followed behind. There were nothing but dangerous dragons around, and a moment’s lapse could have her killed. To ease Sakuya’s tensions, the water dragon had heard out … Continue reading

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Dragoon 74: The Legend and the Dragon

  Arriving at the dragons’ dwelling, the first thing Rudel’s party did was secure a place to spend the night. With thick forests, deep seas and tall mountains, it was a holy land that humans couldn’t inhabit, or at least … Continue reading

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Dragoon 73: The Little Sister, the Friend, and a Little Bit of Dragon

  Once the long break came upon the academy, Rudel took Sakuya along and returned to his house. Sakuya insisted that she had to go along no matter what, but as she parted with Izumi, it felt like she was … Continue reading

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Dragoon 72: The Flan’s Return

As the school entered its first term, Sakuya had lost her vigor like an empty husk. Worried, Rudel and the others tried to look after her, but after a while, she showed her energy again. But for those around, it … Continue reading

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Dragoon 71: The Young Man and Time

  Having entered his final year, while there were various problems, Rudel and the others had safely moved up. General consensus stated the eldest sons of the three lords were most worthy of being the boys’ dorm prefects, and the … Continue reading

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Dragoon 70: The Young Man and the Party

  ‘Well then, to all our graduates’ futures, cheeeerrrsss!!’ The party Fina had thought up to bless the departure of the graduates had reached a scale beyond all expectations. In the hall, the master of ceremonies selected from the enrolled … Continue reading

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