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Dragoon 69: The Young Man and the Two

  The boar and the bird, their bodies growing considerably smaller along the way, somehow managed to reach the academy. At first, they both boasted large and imposing forms, yet now not a shadow of that glory remained. They had … Continue reading

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Dragoon 68: The Elf Sisters and Flan

Loneliness, hatred, desire… the Gaia Dragon’s lair tainted by conflicting emotions, and the black fog was absorbed and taken in. She maintained her own ego, but she didn’t carry enough power to resist the dragon corpse. Even so, she looked … Continue reading

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Dragoon 67: The Three and the Dragon

  “Royal guard? I’ve decided to decline that one.” Hearing the rumors of the palace’s movements, Eunius had come over to Rudel. He had heard they had prepared a gray dragon and entire organization called the royal guard for him. … Continue reading

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Dragoon 66: The Harem and the Royal Guard

The first princess of Courtois, Aileen. Ever since she was attacked by monsters, she had developed an intense hate of demi-humans. The beastmen tribes were no exception, and she even drove the demi-human knights around her from the castle. In … Continue reading

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Dragoon 65: The Four Idiots and the Three

The individuals’ tournament of the second term ended with an unprecedented lack of a champion. The semi-finals ended with an unsavory pair of a draw and a disqualification. And at this tournament that was a stream of unprecedents, starting with … Continue reading

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Dragoon 64: The Dragon Idiot and the Game Idiot

  In the magic proving grounds the match’s start came later than Luecke and Eunius’. The reason being the time it took to repair, and the surprising number of people that gathered. The fact that Fina also chose to watch … Continue reading

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