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Dragoon 105: Inherited Feelings and Revived Fear

  In the palace, King Albach who faced Rudel felt the situation was taking just a bit of a strange turn. Once he learned that Rudel had returned, his authorities said they would have Alejandro take responsibility for this incident. … Continue reading

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Dragoon 104: Discipline and Parent and Child

  When Rudel returned to the dragoon lodging house, the active members were waiting for him. The brigade members Alejandro led were knights of famed houses. That was Alejandro’s faction, but in the dragoon brigade that couldn’t help but be … Continue reading

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Dragoon 103: The Dogfight and Discipline

  Sakuya boasted the body of a gaia dragon subspecies, and she had grown bigger than even that. While her length made her look slender, her torso was just about as thick as a gaia dragon’s. And her powerful jaw … Continue reading

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Dragoon 102: The Effects of Healing Magic and the Dogfight

  After Rudel healed her sprain with healing magic, Enora could no longer look into his face. It went without saying; Rudel had seen such a deplorable side of her. But she still had time left on her surveillance duty, … Continue reading

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Dragoon 101: Formation Flying and Healing Magic

  Mystith and Sakuya had temporarily returned from the north sea, and the large load of pent caesars that carried back left Luxheidt, who had subbed in for surveillance duty, in mute amazement. “You brought back quite a bit.” ‘Amazing, … Continue reading

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Dragoon 100: The Head of the Platoon and Formation Flying

  Left to watch over Rudel, Enora would be alone with him until Cattleya returned from giving her report. Even when it was a man and woman together, and they were by a lake in a forest, a place with … Continue reading

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