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Dragoon 87: The Idiotic Two and Where Paths Split

  “I definitely won’t accept this!” In the noble visitor room, Aileen judged the contents of the match between Aleist and Fritz with a rough voice. Her father, the king, let out a sigh, while her mother disinterestedly told her … Continue reading

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Dragoon 86: the Battle Junky and the Protagonist.

  The intense clash of light-clad swords didn’t let off the sound of wood colliding. The ring’s floor was gouged out and sliced, growing worse every time the two met. Preparing two shields around a meter in length, Rudel kept … Continue reading

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Dragoon 85: The Confession and the Sword Idiot

  “I like you, Millia!” “You’re saying that again!! Wings made of light appeared on Millia’s back as she jumped high over the ring and fired off an arrow. As Aleist avoided that arrow laced with magic, it stuck deep … Continue reading

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Dragoon 84: The Senior and the Pregnancy

  In the arena, atop the round, circular ring, the man and woman faced one another. One was Izumi, taking an iai stance, while the other was Rudel, his wood sword held low, and his left hand held out up … Continue reading

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