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Dragoon 99: The Search Party and the Head of the Platoon

  Cattleya had been called to a meeting room in the palace under Lilim’s orders. At this point, Lilim had been put in charge of a company. That led to her becoming Cattleya’s direct superior. “What is it, senpai? I’m … Continue reading

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Dragoon 98: Running Away and the Search Party

  “Sakuya ran away.” His shoulders slumped, Rudel returned to the lodging house and muttered that truth to his peers. Right after he woke up, he had made for the cave Sakuya lived, but it was already an empty husk. … Continue reading

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Dragoon 97: The Evaluation and Running Away

  ‘Rudel Arses… Evaluation: D-Rank’ As he looked at the document indicating his evaluation, Rudel’s expression was serious. Sakuya was also out on the training grounds, but her wings and tail unfit for her large build were folded in. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Dragoon 96: The Rival and the Evaluation

  Having become a high knight, Izumi’s first job was to clean up the room the high knights used at the palace. As there was no longer the required personnel to maintain the organization, a notice of its official dissolution … Continue reading

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Dragoon 95: New Comrades and Superiors

  From early in the morning, a large number of knights had gathered at the palace. They were all prim and proper, and even the sounds of voices couldn’t be heard. In the country of Courtois, the appointment ceremony of … Continue reading

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Dragoon 94: The End of School Life and a New Problem Child

  “Well now, that really was a splendid contest.” “Yeah, I never thought it would be that extreme.” A grinning Aleist and Eunius were discussing the beauty contest that had just come to a close. Luecke was nonchalantly nodding along. … Continue reading

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