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Dragoon 120: Form and the Wall

  Putting in a midday break, Rudel leapt onto Sakuya’s back and rose into the air. The wide, blue sky spread out, noon had just gone by, and the light of the sun was strong. But as he looked at … Continue reading

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Dragoon New Year Special Part 2

http://mypage.syosetu.com/mypageblog/view/userid/218376/blogkey/820209/   Aleist: “Maan, it’s time to start the second half.” Albach: “That sure was long. It almost feels like we took a few weeks of break.” Ciel: “Truly long.” Aleist: “Then let’s answer some questions. This one’s apparently about … Continue reading

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Dragoon 119: Hostility and Form

  “Release Rudel already.” Izumi reached her left hand towards the sheath of the katana hung at her waist, preparing herself to draw it at a moment’s notice. Pushing up the hilt with her thumb, she intimidated her enemy, Keith … Continue reading

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