About Strength in Dragoon

(TL: This is not a chapter, or an extra or anything. It is just the author responding to an influx of complaints. Here is his take on the matter.)



I think you for all the comments and pointing out the typos.

As you can see by the title, this is about the power relations of dragoon often discussed in the comment section.

It seems quite a few people have their dissatisfactions with so many people stronger than Rudel coming out, but this was something previously planned, and I have no plans to change it.

(TL: The following are responses to specific comments)

  • When Rudel beat Lilim in his student days, it’s strange that he’s not able to win

About this question, Lilim has some expectations placed on her, but she has never been depicted to be particularly strong within the dragoons.
She has a large amount of mana, and as a long lived elf, there are many hoping to see how she’ll grow. Lilim is still one of the younger ones.
The reason Cattelya recognized Lilim was for her capability to contract a wild dragon, and when Rudel won, it was after Lilim took on five opponents, and then Cattleya. Rudel was also pushed to the brink of death.


  • Is strength about raising levels?

It is definitely written he’s lacking in experience, while Rudel did experience some real battles in his student days, he does not have the same level of experience as the people who do it for a living.


  • I question the reason for the existence of an academy that wastes five years and only mass produces pieces of junk.

I think this question is comparing the academy to a modern military academy, but with both noble and commoner students attending freely, and everyone’s academic level to that point largely varied, the academy in this work’s purpose is to bring all students up to a set level.
It’s not only a place to rear military officers, it also raises civil officials.
As they raise youths of a certain bearing, the teaching staff tends to hire people prioritizing looking after kids rather than pure ability.


  • It’s strange he can’t beat Bennet.

I repent on my failure of depiction.
But Bennet’s standing existed from the start, and while it has been stated in the main story, the knack she’s talking about is only something built up from the basics.
Bennet’s strengths are slanted, but it’s not as if she’s particularly weak. She’s only weak when compared to Rudel, and from the eyes of a single knight, she’s on monster level.


  • The power balance of the new characters is strange.

There is no plan to change this from the initial storyboard.
Any more would be a spoiler, but Rudel’s final level of strength is already decided. This was written with that as a basis, but if it reads as a strange balance, then that’s my fault as the author.
However, if you’ll permit an excuse, between a student, and one who does exhausting work every day and actually fights for a living, I cannot think the later would be weaker.
Rudel is strong, but that is a strength deviating from the framework of the academy, and there are stronger people beyond its walls.
That was the sort of story I wanted to write, but if so many felt off put by it, then that is a fault of my own lack of abilities. I am deeply repentant.


About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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31 Responses to About Strength in Dragoon

  1. haniba says:

    from the auther?

    too much complain in jap ver too?


    thank for your translated


  2. The fights so far have been perfectly reasonable as Rudel has yet to be shown the practical side of dragoon work. Sure his specs are high but he is unable to read opponents due to his lack of information of real fights.


    • Rusaku copy says:

      It was shown that Aleist was this kind but Rudel was always shown as balanced. I think the author did a bad job in the story telling since Bennet defeated him but still calls him stronger than her.

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      • hellwhisper says:

        But it’s true, what rudel lack is called mindgame. Without that he could easily be tricked by someone weaker than him. Beneet herself said that he is to straight foward making him even easier to trick

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      • John Somon says:

        you have to think about it this way strength alone does not mean you will win. When you think about it being strong enough to punch through a planet would mean nothing if you cant hit said planet. Experience and technique will almost always win out against pure strength assuming strong person inst invincible that is for example me a human punching a reinforced concrete wall yea i can move faster and the wall being unmoving cant hit me but at the same time i punch the wall full force the wall only gets a red paint job and i lose skin blood and likely break my hand lol.


      • I understood it differently. It is potential strength. Rudel specs are much higher than Bennets. It is that he is a novice and lack refined form. He has only really fought against monsters so he hadn’t yet learnt real anti-personnel tighting forms.


      • Faust Voncleave says:

        That was before Rudel got the white knight power, after he got it he himself noted that his style of combat had changed away from that balanced style and their was never any section that said he fixed that deviation so It makes sense. Either way, it doesn’t really mean much anyway, since I think the progression has been completely natural and that the complaints are rather dumb. Big man on school campus being big man immediately after entering employment is usually not the way it works after all.


        • Misery's End says:

          Just wanted to throw this out as well, both Rudel and his dragon lack experience, especially the dragon. She’s only like 2 or 3 for Christ sakes. I’m getting most of the so called baby dragons Rudel was playing with a few chapters back were older. So the handicap the two suffer is multiplied many times as well…

          My only true complaints are how one-dimensional Rudel is as he fights and how little everyone around Rudel remembers his dragon is literally just a giant baby dragon. Before it was sword and magic augmented with his fast paced movements. Any more it’s him only using his shields while hoping to bring the opponent into cqc or possibly a breath attack… Just my personal opinion, but if your having trouble hitting a fast moving opponent, set of those shields and have the draon shoot those atrociously powerful mana bombs at them. Lets see how they deal with a mid-air tacknuke. If nothing else it will scare the shit out of them and keep them at a distance.

          Tbh in my mind Rudel’s dragon feels more like the giant bombers from WW2. Let the smaller dragons be the escort fighters and let the big gal do what she’s best at, blowing the holy unliving fux out of whatever ground target she targets.


  3. Rusaku copy says:

    Is there some kind of ‘nen’ as in Hunter x Hunter and it is the spoiler?


  4. Reaper Phoenix says:

    I guess many people disregard experience.
    Back in the Academy, Rudel was like a frog in a well. The only times he fought real dragoons was when they were not in their right mind.


    • Boartank says:

      In my opinion there’s a limit on how much experience can give you. You can have all experience you want, all the muscle and reflexes you need, but no one can’t stop Rudel and Sakuya if they go Saitama and Raid boss on everybody. Anyway I still love it and can understand what the author wants to convey. Rudel is still in the growth phase.


      • Reaper Phoenix says:

        There is a limit for sure. A person with talent will grow faster than those without. Not to mention the difference in base stats. Like Bennet said, Rudel will eventually surpass her.


  5. KozuKy says:

    well atleast the author acknowledges his fault and recognizes the dissatisfaction from readers so he made a post about it.

    the only thing that i really disliked on this wn is Aleist keeps becoming a comic relief chara when that fail confession happened,sure it’s funny that his harem keeps increasing and he can’t do anything about it becuase the girls are scary but for me it felt like a waste. like what’s the point of him confessing to Millia at the arena if he still can’t do shit about his harem that was built on misunderstanding.

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  6. Dark Jackel says:

    Makes sense to me. 😉


    • dhaksbdf says:

      It seems pretty straightforward to me. Rudel has high stats because of effort, and probably a high level cap as white knight. So maybe STR/DEX/CON at 50 each while the avg student is at 30ish. The named hero unit characters (Izumi, Eunius etc) are all probably around the same 40-50s range with slight variance in their specialties. The dragoons, as the respective cream of the crop of their generations also probably have similar high stats, but higher as a result of being in active duty, again with more extreme variance d/t specialty. Presumably, as white knight Rudel has the potential to hit, say, 100 across the board but hasn’t yet, which is one reason why he loses to Bennet. And then, on top of that, since he doesn’t have much practical experience, it’s reasonable that he loses to a veteran. Maybe he’s got bustass sword skills in the dueling arena, but not enough experience to think laterally when forced to fight in a bog vs an opponent with roughly equivalent skills who has prepared pocket sand.

      It’s like…hiring a freshly graduated dude from an ivy league college with no practical experience vs that dude who got his credentials for the job from a community college but has 20 years of practical industry experience. Maybe in the long run the first dude has more potential, but the second dude is the one who gets the job done.


  7. Keikeii says:

    Its bad that MC who has been depicted as OP is getting beaten up now…


    Lets be realistic for a bit. Power without experience is NOT strength. Its just latent ability.
    Its sensible enough to be accepted. Haha~


  8. Dragons33 says:

    I don’t think the author’s at fault for those things. Well sure, the author’s abilities are what affect the story, but I think it was more of a matter where people wanted Rudel to be the absolute strongest. Personally I think the story is just fine as it is and it’s good that there are characters stronger than Rudel. Stories with characters that are to OP get really boring really fast. (Unless they are good comedies).


  9. heavenjudgement2 says:

    Well during the battle where Rudel/Aleist? attacks flying attacking a lot of spectators. Coupled with Sakura fight with Cattaley dragon/Enora, anyone would think Rudel and Sakura are OP!


  10. honkhonk says:

    Lots of commenters are relying on the Rule of Context while forgetting that fights (and ‘power-levels’) are not something linear. It’s alright to show a supposedly strong MC eating grass. It happens. Fights can be settled out of a single mistake, it just happen. Still, it should be statistically shown that he’s still strong in ‘reality’ and not just ‘on paper.’
    What isn’t so great is when you can see the puppet-strings pulling weird shit to literally railroad characters into either a loss or a win. Bennet’s fight is a good example of this. She literally had no idea of Rudel’s skillset and she still somehow predicted his literal Flash Step.
    Everything after that I threw out the window. I realized then that I had not been interested in any of the drawn-out fights. Fight lasting two or three chapters were less enjoyable than when the Self-Styled Commoner’s Hero got 1HKO by the Black Knight. THAT was payoff. That was good payoff.

    To reiterate, you can’t always fall back on ‘experience’ to explain a strong character’s defeat against a weaker veteran. Power is power. ‘Pity is no armor,’ as the saying goes.No amount of tactical fortitude will actually stop a blade from going through your gut. The author himself realize this is a problem. Lots of people are pointing it out to him. There’s little point to a power-fantasy where there is neither. No amount of rationalization will stop me from thinking the author is just incapable of writing good underdog fights.


    • Hellwhisper says:

      you are forgetting that flash step is a dragoon technique which mean even if she can’t use it, she knew about it. The fact that rudel is very famous (demon lord, might become next king etc) and never hide that skill also contribute. Bennet is a good superior or at least she wants to be and it’s normal for superior to investigate potential subordinate so they can put them in their best place to learn/use. hell Oldart might even tell her, he is her secret fan after all


  11. heavenjudgement2 says:

    I am glad I got a lot of chapters to read but I cant help reading all in a flash. This is bad, really bad LOL


  12. Hmm says:

    It’s reasonable, I played fighting game for a long time now so I’m quite good at it. One time my cousin came over and wanted to fight with me, as he’s new to the game I gave him an overpowered character stats. Guess what? I won 17/20 times with the one loss from carelessness and the other two from he’s getting better. Strength alone doesn’t means everything.


    • sodemaso says:

      i fail to see how that example is equivalent… i more appropriate one (in my opinion) would be if you were a pro fighting game player (Bereta is supposed to be an elite in the country) and your cousin was the best rookie pro player, that made the news for his awesome skills. And then you are going to tell me that a mediocre pro (again referring to the character who was among the middle in the rankings) would lose to a begging carrier pro player when he held a much stronger characters stats wise… It’s not like it was impossible, but it sure as hell would make fans rage…


      • Hmm says:

        Sorry your example was a bit confusing for me to read… All I’m saying in my example is that having a character with higher stats doesn’t equal to winning the match.


  13. raj72616a says:

    i think the story is reasonable so far and i don’t think the author is at any fault

    but it might just be a little better if he could throw in a Bennet’s POV chapter of the duel, so we can understand from her side how narrowly she managed to defeat someone stronger than her specs wise and skill wise while pretending to so it non chalantly


  14. sodemaso says:

    Since the discussion was brought up…
    And i want to make sure of this, I LOVE THIS SERIES AND STILL DO AND WOULD HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WOULD DO IF YORAI-KUN DECIDED TO STOP TRANSLATING IT (plz don’t T.T). those problems i am about to describe bother me, but do not stop me from enjoying this wonderful work. That been said:
    I am one who believes the author screw up a bit on the recent fights, and as i’ve read the comments above i see many here don’t see the points that bothered me. The problem is not that Rudel can’t be “week”, has to be OP, can’t “eat grass” during a fight, or loses… the problem is that the author didn’t build the story like that, in the begging we saw him losing frequently, and that was fine. As he grew up and accumulated more practice (and i can’t see how this is not experience) he became an existence that was portrayed as the “strongest” among many abysmal strong students, such as a battle junk master of the sword, crazy magician genius, and the black knight (lol) who was supposed to be the MC, has knowledge of the system of the world and basically has broken status. Rudel character was portrayed as someone who could win against these kind of guys.
    Now you (the author) is telling me about this whole “experience” thing but i fail to see how those fights and duels are any different from his fights during the academy, he was good at reading faint’s, and creating then there, had show power capable of impressing the knights on guard dute (who were also supposed to be experienced veterans). I have no problem with him losing to dragoons who are using their dragons and are more experienced, he can have all the problems in his training to fly and hover and all that because it makes sense, but for him to lose on a duel like that was kinda cheap to me. If he had lost in a fight where many people were fighting together, there were knight maneuver and more complex tactics involved, on a situation where he had no experience about (and duels are not the case), then you could make him eat dirt as much as his has i would find it really interesting, to see how he would grow from it. But that was not the case. I liked his fight with the new Dragoon because it cleary expressed that there were different kinds of strength, and that makes sense.
    I love how the author is trying to express the concept of specialization among the Dragoons, but i still think he failed in portraying Rudel’s strength compared to the bigger picture (the army and the rest of the world). If he had given hints about it in early chapter’s, or made characters compare him to current strong know people and said “well, i still believe he would lose to captain of knight order X” or “he might even rank among the top 20 in the kingdom”, then you wouldn’t have so many complains.
    This was one long rant.. sorry if a bothered someone with this but i felt the need to express these feelings, and like a said i still loved those recent chapters, and very much apreciate all the authors and Yoraikuns hard work to present this story for us


  15. Crossedunion says:

    Wth theyre complaining for the wrong reason, and i think the story is good already as it was, i mean didnt rudel also lose against aleist when he was just starting? I dont see the big deal about it, besides bennet’s explanation basically wrapped it up, those ppl are already veterans among the elites. Funny how they actually expect rudel to win against them immediately


  16. Ricardo Fallusmann says:

    interesting that so many ppl complained, i’d see this as an indication on the authors fault,
    the biggest problem for me, was that we had these super established characters, as others said the battle maniac, the crazy mage, the super mc, and they were all beaten throughout, then rudel went to the outside world and he sucked at EVERYTHING and the story focused on EVERYTHING he sucked at. Thats the biggest problem in my eyes, rudel never faced “normal” soldiers not even normal dragoons and the author never bothered to mention the power level of the other dragoons and establish them. Only after the fight its like oh yeah btw these are the 2 strongest dragoons we have, obviously you have troubles fighting them.

    Thats my biggest complain if we had known that they were pretty strong beforehand, it wouldnt have felt so bad that rudel lost, and come on he didnt only lose, he ate dirt, he got smashed and destroyed, he didnt manage to land one hit.
    And while it makes sense that the coordination between him and his dragon isnt on par, even his own duel capability is so weak that he cant land a SINGLE hit on bennet. And when those fights happened those were just 2 random dragoons.
    And you are right real battle experience is incredible valuable, but rudel in his school days LIVED for that stuff, he only trained and worked on his abilities, going out in the world and instanlty get bashed by random dragoons undervalues all the experience.

    All in all the frustration is to be expected, but the storyline is still interesting, it feels a bit forced in the latest chapters, maybe the author should review his script a bit, but still a great read.

    Thx for the translation btw


    • JIHADJOE says:

      I kinda get what the readers who complained might have been on about. The author is trying to convey here that people out on the frontlines are totally different from students who only stayed in the academy, but the problem is Rudel did go out and do missions to get real combat experience, and was trained from the start by a mercenary who had real combat experience. They even described his fighting style as being more pragmatic, to the point that it could be considered dirty. Now he graduates and all of a sudden his style is considered straightforward and naive… there’s a sudden dissonance.


  17. Yuri Lover says:

    sorry, im kinda miss the train but what happen to the translation of dragoon? is yoraikun does not interested anymore in translating this novel (please don’t)?


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