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Dragoon 112: The Display and the King

  The sky the capital’s residents looked up to was one of cloudless blue sky. But a shadow stretched out over the many onlookers. The light was interrupted by the flight of dragon upon dragon, enough to cover up the … Continue reading

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Dragoon 111: Friends and the Display

  In the capital preparing for its expo in two days, the revelry could be heard, even on the unpopular road back to the lodging house. The two women who met each other on that road, a green haired crying … Continue reading

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Dragoon 110: The Fight and Friends

  In front of Aleist’s eyes, a large man was sent flying to the side. No, perhaps it was more accurate to say he was blown away. Rudel and Eunius exchanged fists nearby, while a little further away, Luecke used … Continue reading

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Dragoon 109: The Bar and the Fight

  In a pub that gave off a dampened air, tensions suddenly surged as Aleist stood to face Eunius’ table. More than himself being mocked, he couldn’t’ forgive the fact they looked down on Millia as a demi-human. While those … Continue reading

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Dragoon 108: Cleaning Duty and the Bar

  The unveiling display two days away, the main street of the capital was lively. The newbie dragoons walked boldly down that rowdy main street. They didn’t particularly intend to put on air, but they were elites, and the dragoons … Continue reading

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Dragoon 107: Friends and Cleaning Duty

  In preparation for the display held every year in the capital, the newly recruited knights had gathered. While the elite dragoons were the centerpiece every year, of course, the other brigades took part as well. It also had a … Continue reading

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