Maria from Hell!

(TL: 15+ Don’t let your kids watch it. Not my proudest translation.)



By Fujinohara Akihira

On that day, I, Marianne Phull Reheath died. It was complete and utter death. That guillotine thing did its thing and I died.
Ah, just remembering it is making me a little sick.


As I sprayed vomit, the way my personal maid Nelly panicked was a little lauabuuooagh.
And wait, how nostalgic, I don’t think I’ve seen Nelly in a while. Been about ten years, perhaps?

Right, ten years.
I had been executed for national treason, but by the time I came to it, I was vomiting in the house I used to live in ten years ago. I don’t know what’s going on.
But those guillotines, you know. All I did was leak a few national secrets to an enemy nation in order to live my way of life, but this nation’s laws sure are strict.

Whatever the case, what’s done is done. No, I guess it still matters.

Looking closely at my own hands, I got the feeling they were even smaller and more lovable than I remembered. Meaning just like a fairy tale, it wasn’t as if I was simply sent into the past, my body itself was reverted ten years.
Could this be a dream… is my life flashing before my eyes…
It’s just, well, whether this be a dream or reality, that doesn’t change what I’m going to do.

“Milady, have you calmed down?”
“Quite, thank you Nelly.”

My gratitude must have been considerably uncalled for as Nelly opened her eyes wide in surprise.
No, well, I guess that’s the obvious reaction. In short, around this time, I was a damn brat. My ill-naturedness has yet to change, but back then, I was an honest girl who didn’t know how to put on an act…
As I recall, I had Nelly resign in a flight of fancy. Since then, my personal attendants changed a few times, but looking back on it all, Nelly was always the most skillful. I don’t feel like firing her this time, and I guess I should play the good kid for a bit so she doesn’t run away.

“O… oh…”

For some reason, Nelly was shaking, or so I thought when she suddenly burst into tears.

“W-what’s wrong, Nelly!?”
“To think the day would come when milady would exhibit a human level of kindness… I’m… I’m just so happy…”

Oy, this girl’s super rude. Just what do you think I am? I’m your milady, you know? I’m sure I’m not wrong for reconsidering my decision not to fire her.

For now, I waited for Nelly to stop crying as I thought over my future prospects.
Putting aside whether this irregular time turnback is a dream or illusion, there’s something I have to do.

Right, avoid the guillotine.

For what reason would I have a redo only to die again? I have knowledge of the future on hand. Then as long as I know the clear reason, avoiding my own death sentence is a simple task. Even if I just threw up.

“M-my apologies, milady. I was simply taken by surprise…”
“No, that’s fine Nelly. Everyone has moments they want to cry.”
“Waaaah, lo and behold, milady! Your kindness has graced me with goosebumps most foul!”

I’m going to off her one of these days.

Just when I thought she’d stopped crying, she yanked up the sleeve of her maid uniform, “See look, look!” presenting out her arm, and ignoring her, I thought over what I had to do. I’ll have to look for the right time and off her.

Simply avoiding the guillotine shouldn’t be too hard. Even if you don’t dig too deep, I’m the daughter of the high noble Reheath House, and as long as I put on an act and spend my days as a good kid, holding back where I have to, I’m sure I can live a quiet and dignified life.
Spend my young years as a kind girl everyone would shower with their smile, spend a bittersweet adolescence at the national academy, tie the knot with my future husband as a modest girl, spend my old age in peace, surrounded by children and grandchildren…

“… To f*cking hell with that.”
“Hooray! The usual milady is back!”

Ah, that’s no good. When I tried drawing a loose picture of the future, I unconsciously leaked my true feelings. For some reason, Nelly’s rejoicing, and she really is a creepy one.
Well, let’s just leave my dear Crenelly (Creepy Nelly) to the side for now, and purge that hellish future scenario from my brain.  What manner of tragedy might bring me to live such a trite and boring life? Don’t look down on Marianne Phull Reheath!

While I mustn’t be the one to say, I am a pure-bred villainess. I’m spendthrift, I’m ill-natured, I’m debauched. If there’s a man I like, of course I’ll lay hands on him, and it’s of no concern of mine be he a married man. As long as I like them, I intend to have a go be they man or woman. “When Marianne Phull Reheath walks the streets, the townsfolk finish, the old men stand tall, and the young boys become men,” the song the troubadours sing of me is of much too renown.
I just looove doing what I want! That is the innate nature of Marianne Phull Reheath, and regardless of if I’ve turned back ten years, that isn’t something that will change. Yet you wish for me to be kind? To live a bittersweet youth? A happy old age? You send shivers down my spine!
But, that being the case. It’s not as if I’m foolish enough to let such things show. If it’s to fish in a man, I’ll put on an act, and if it’s to deceive a woman, I can even be kind. Though in the end, I’m the sort of fool who died by the guillotine, hahaha! Perhaps I was just a little too free, yes.

Whatever the case, let’s put on an act and live freely to an extent where I’m not branded for treason this time. There’s no need to fear, I know the happenings of the next ten years, it’ll be a piece of cake. I win at life, gahaha.





“The witch Marianne Phull Reheath is to be burned at the stake.”

Huh… how did it come to this?
I definitely avoided the guillotine, but isn’t this just getting needlessly more disastrous? What’s more, the two nations that were supposed to be enemies are cooperating in my execution? This is just great.

Having learned from the country’s guillotine course last time around, I gave up on involving myself in the country or politics, arbitrarily living the fast life, but just how did that lead to this? All I did was use my position as an international student a bit, “Pale-skinned gentlemen and tanned men of valor, why pick when you can have both!” I went around eating up the hotties related to the royal families on both sides warping the country in a muddled drama of love and hate, is all…
But the way it resulted in a tragic and looong war, should I say as expected of me? Hah, my own appeal really is scary… don’t fight over me! I don’t really mind if you call me Devil Woman Maria, you know!?

Ah, crap, they’re igniting it dam-




Yep, I’m back to my childhood.
I see, again, I returned from death. But still, the stake really is harsh, just remembering what’s so harsh about it.


Crap, I threw up again. And it’s been a while, Nelly, around two years this time? I gazed faintly at Nelly’s face as she cleaned up the vomit and wiped my mouth.
In the midst of that drama in question, the fine ladies and gentlemen loyal to their country all went, ‘The vile woman must perish’ and sent one assassin after the next, but within all that, Nelly was the one who stayed with me the longest, dying as she saved me from an assassin’s devices. I can still remember how she went cold in my arms.
I thought she was skilled and didn’t fire Nelly last time, but she really was creepy to the end, a stupid woman who faced the most foolish death imaginable, and just remembering her uselessness made me endure a laugh.

“There we go. W-what’s wrong, Milady!?”

In order to hold in my… laugh, I hold Nelly tight. The past me’s still small, and if I hold Nelly who’s eight whole years older than me, the height difference puts my face right under her chest.
Soft, warm. Ahh, it’s Nelly’s smell, a living Nelly. She’s not cold at all, she doesn’t smell of blood. What sort of stupid servant dies and leaves their master behind? Just how much inconvenience do you think I was forced into after that? All the maids who served me afterward, each and every one of them was lacking in skill, lacking in tempo. They were all trash who didn’t understand the first thing about me.

“… Milady, are you crying?”
“… It’s nothing, nothing at all. Nelly.”

Seriously, just remembering it brings tears to my eyes.

“… Don’t go off dying without my permission, Nelly.”
“Eeeh, what’s this all of a sudden!? Are you planning to have me die!?”

As she said that with a stupid face as she made a grand ruckus, she was so interesting to look at I burst into laughter. Right, right, an idiotic expression like that is fitting of your stature. There’s no way in hell a satisfied death face will ever suite you.

Alright, now then, it’s once more time to put my all into it, and live the ultimate freedom!
In order to avoid the stake, I won’t study abroad this time. I’ll miss the tan hotties, but what’s done is done, they say.




“… If only you… if only you weren’t there, Maria! How could you play with me like that… I… I loved you with all my heart!”

Huuuuh? How did it come to this?
After that, I safely overcame my childhood and entered the national academy to spend a hot and flirty adolescence with all manner of young men and women. It was a grand and prestigious school where the lucky could even associate with those of the royal line, and I enjoyed my fill of it.
Yeah, generally speaking, they’re all fair-looking for some reason, made a lot of progress in my man hunting. The licentious demon of the academy, Maria the F*cker is none other than me!
Ranging from attendant young boys to young men who held the right of royal succession, I ate the lot of them! Gahaha!

And then I was kinda stabbed from behind.

For reals, this is why those virgins who misunderstand if you’re just a bit kind to them are…! No, but this is strange. The time before last that ended on the guillotine, I still made a mess of the academy, but I didn’t meet anything like this.
Is it that? Because I knew the future, I unconsciously acted too kind? Or is it that? Because I included that heroine chick (Wonderful smile and rustic charm, a girl from a standard household. For some reason, she’s always glimmering like those heroines from common romance novels, so I arbitrarily stuck a name on her. I’m totally fine with women, therefore I thought I’d eat her up. End quote.) in my path of romance and made a mess of her!? Tehehe.
But I really can’t tell what factor flipped the switch for my death.

Ah, crap, my consciousness is fading, this really is the worst.
Umm, who is this guy again? The guy who stabbed me in the back is still tediously droning on about something, but honestly, I can’t pick it up anymore.
There, the sound of a knock at the door. In my fading vision, I see off Culprit A frantically flee out the window. Perhaps she thought the lack of a reply was strange as, “Milady!? I’m opening the door!?” Nelly’s scream resounded through my receding sense of hearing. Ah, looks like I’m not getting out of this one, but for now, I guess I’ll get one last look at Nelly’s stupid face.

The door opens.

“… Milady?”

Within my disappearing consciousness, only that voice came clearly vivid. The sensation of being held, the voice that desperately called to raise me, it all went far, far away. In my disappearing mind, to the end, I spat abuse.

Stupid wench, what sort of face do you think you’re making?
What I asked for was your stupid countenance filled with bottomless happiness.
What’s with that tear-stained ugly look you’re giving?
What’s with that shaking voice without a fragment of your cheeriness.
You damn   fool         what bastard                  made my Nelly                                        cry

Ah        it was me

God                                   dammit






Hi honey, I’m home. Here we are again.
Returning to my childhood from death again, I immediately leapt at Nelly to my side, warping my face with all my might as I lifted the corners of my mouth.

“Nelly! Nelly! You idiot Nelly! You should! Alllways! Be! Laughing! You got! That! I won’t’ forgive you next time you cry!”
“Guwaaaaaaaah! Milady is being even more unreasonable than usual!”

After pulling higher and higher until she collapsed, I felt satisfied so I parted my face. “But this isn’t so bad either,” Nelly’s slovenly face really is creepy.
Well whatever, for now what I’ve learned after dying a third time… be careful not to go too far! But I don’t know how to hold back, what do I do!?

Leaving those stupid deductions aside, seriously speaking, what do I do? I really don’t mind dying a few more times, but when I think of how this miracle might suddenly end one day, ending me at a trashy death, it’s incredibly irritating.
For argument’s sake, when I took action against the guillotine, I was able to avoid it, and the same could be said for the stake. I’m sure there are ways for me to avoid being stabbed to death. Meaning if I carefully crush each death factor one by one, then I’ll one day be able to live freely at the summit as Maria the F*cker leaving my name for generations to come as a legendary temptress.

Now that that’s settled, that makes matters fast. I’m sure I’m going to die time and again after this. And I’m sure I’ll vomit and work Nelly to the bone every time! But so what! Did you think that was enough to stop Marianne Phull Reheath in her tracks!?

“Nelly, I’m going to do it!”
“Yes? Oh, alright. Um, do your best?”


And like that, my journey began through the world beyond.




“Ah, milady was burnt black by lightning!”
“Ah, milady was trampled to bits by a rampaging flock of sheep!”
“Ah, for some reason, milady became a famed pirate, got the highest bounty in the nation’s history and was torn apart by bounty hunters!”
“Ah, milady was dissected by emissaries from outer space!”
“Ah, milady stepped on a banana peel and hit her head!”
“Ah, milady!”
“Whoah, all the way over there!?”
“Ah, that was amazing! Milady!?”




“Nelly… I’m tired…”
“Milady!? What’s this all of a sudden? That’s a withering you should never see on a young girl!”

Pleasure, this is Marianne Phull Reheath back from death…

Ever since that point, I fought. I fought and fought and fought against the enemy called my own fated death. Fought and died, fought and died, if you just look at the time I’ve spent, I’ve repeated enough times I’ve lived just a bit over a hundred years. And there’s something I’ve learned after experiencing a great diversity of rich variations on death.
It was the fact that the woman called Marianne Phull Reheath’s life is unavoidably fated to end sometime in the next ten years.

I’m already burned out, Nelly… I’m sure my blond hair’s been dyed the white of burnt ash… ah, but even as I repeated, I didn’t stop my manhunting, and I guess you can call it my good fortune I was able to polish my technique. That last round, “There’s no one Marianne can’t bring to climax,” I was spoken of on a national level. I went at it with enough force to leave legends. When I walked through various towns, they asked for signatures and handshakes. By the way, the handshakes were enough to bring them to finish. Oh my, it sure is hard being famous!

No, but still, I really am stuck. Isn’t my life too much of a shitty game?

“Hey, Nelly… when met with a strong foe they can’t defeat even if they fight and fight, must a human have no choice but to give up…”
“Uwah, I really never expected that question from a little girl, and I’m a bit freaked out right now.”

Freaking Crenelly? No way. That’s just needlessly more depressing.

“Hmm, well, I guess you just have to keep training until you can win, right? In olden days, they used to talk about raising levels and physically smashing obstacles, you know!”

“Nice ring to it,” I felt like an idiot for placing my hopes on the laughing girl of rotten brain. In the first place, with the general notion I’ll die within the next ten years, just how am I supposed to… smash…

At that moment, electricity raced through my brain.
I see, that’s right. How simple. Why had I never noticed such a simple thing?

“Eep! A-ahaha, it was a joke! A joke, milady, you needn’t take it so…! … Milady?”

The guillotine, the stake, the stabbing, the lightning.
The rampaging sheep, the bounty hunters, the aliens and the banana!

All I needed was the ‘power’ not to yield, the power to independently suppress a country!


“I’m going to become strong!”


At that time, I’m sure I was tired and out of my mind.






The wind bellows under the cloudy sky. The dry gusts hoist the loose sand of the wasteland, sorrowfully swaying the low withered grass. Such desolate earth is violently trampled by the hooves of warhorses and the soles of army boots.

“Lady Reheath. The enemy army is in sight.”

Straddling a warhorse, taking in the charging enemy army with his telescope, the young soldier Azure informed his commanding officer. To his voice, “I see,” was all that came back. while it truly was such a short response, it was a seductress’ tone that was enough to gently shake the eardrums and melt into the brain. Taking his eye from the telescope, Azure took a glance at the voice’s owner.
A size larger than the one Azure rode, a warhorse so black it was as if darkness had taken shape. The one riding it let her long, blond hair sway; regardless of the rough, uncouth armor she wore, she was a devilish woman who charmed all who saw her.
The Empress of Lightning, the Dragon Slayer, the Nation Devourer. There were numerous monikers, legends attributed to her, And not only the troubadour’s breath, she even appeared in the lullabies sung to put children to sleep. She had simply established legends to such an extent, and even now, she continued her path of conquest.
But within all of that, the soldiers would follow her; whether their destination be hell or the beyond, her adherents would happily march into battle, and there was another name those men of valor preferred to use. Azure himself also took a liking to that name, and it was a name she herself always thought was fitting.

Invincible and peerless, the lord of the battlefield, the god of fresh blood, the goddess of victory, for she was… The God of War, Marianne Phull Reheath.


On those words from a warrior he respected, Azure corrected his posture. And in regards to him, she spoke in an overly earnest face.

“By the way, I heard you were still a virgin.”

Azure did a spit take.
Why did it have to be that of all things? Marianne herself surely knew this would soon become a battlefield of blood and madness, but perhaps that was precisely why she was bringing it up. A common man like Azure couldn’t understand the thoughts of the God of War.

“Oh my.” “This is…” “Oh Azure, so you were still green.” “How cute!”
“Being a virgin doth be totally unacceptable past squirehood!”
“Shut it, quit it with that joke!”

After Azure yelled at his middle-aged-man ridden colleagues who had suddenly broken into girly tones and bent their bodies, “Oh, how scary,” they laughed heartily and left. Chuckling at Azure’s blushing face, Marianne led her horse beside his and called over.


“Nelly was lamenting, you know. At your age, not a single love story to speak of, she said.”
“Sis…! She just had to go and…!”

Nelly was the name of Azure’s older sister, and the maid who had served Marianne from childhood. When she had been grieving she was past her time until recently, the moment she got married she started putting on airs. Though Azure would never say it aloud. That would just be him acting like a sore loser, and her husband, the man who became Azure’s brother in law was such a good guy he couldn’t raise a word of objection. He even felt pathetic over trying.

“But to think that idiot could nab such a fine man. Perhaps I’ll try cucking her.”
“Lady Reheath, please keep your jokes in moderation…”
“Ha ha ha, I know, I know.”

War God Maria gives a cheerful laugh. It was her bad habit, or perhaps the mark of a hero, but whatever the case, when it came to love affairs, she took things to an unprecedented level. If the word cuck came to her mouth, she really would do it, but only when it came to Nelly, that was ‘Impossible,’ those who knew her would chime in to say.
Marianne herself would surely deny it. As always, she would call her an idiot, a fool, creepy. But if one stayed by her long enough watching the relationship between Marianne and Nelly, it was clear as day. The fact that… “Marianne treasured Nelly dearly.”
Truly dearly, Marianne treasured her to an extent where it was no exaggeration to say she loved her. No matter how bad her mouth would be, Nelly would easily laugh it off, it was something to the extent of a light joke between trusted friends, and she would definitely never harm Nelly, or even say anything to that effect.

The time when a certain idiot noble son tried to lay hands on Nelly, she was fearsome.
While Marianne and Azure coincidentally happened upon the scene, seeing her disheveled clothing and the tears in Nelly’s eyes, Azure was immediately able to understand what was going on as his welling anger forced him to draw the longsword at his waist. But he was unable to. He had no need to.
The noble who fled in fear at Marianne and Azure’s appearance, on his first step after he got to his feet, he was converted into a lump of flesh.
Azure couldn’t see a thing. All he heard was the click of Marianne’s longsword returning to its scabbard, and it was only then that he finally understood that a single human had been strewn in little pieces at a speed his eyes couldn’t permit.
Marianne had, through her sword, displayed a speed so far from human common sense but, “It’s alright,” “Were you scared?” she said as she soothed Nelly. The back figure of the God of War, Azure remembered it looking almost like a young girl clinging onto her mother. Marianne didn’t wish for any sadness or harm to Nelly. It could even be said she was terrified of the very notion.
From then on, there were some nobles such as the stupid one’s father who made a ruckus trying to pull at her feet, but the rabble’s chirps were all silenced by her authority, her assets, and more than anything, her eloquent violence.

“Because of you, my workload’s needlessly increased, stupid Nelly.”
“Ow, ow, ow! My cheek, my cheek will come off! It’s coming off! But this isn’t bad either!”
“Nelly, you really are creepy!”

Azure like watching the two from the side and, “Well, I guess that man will do fine,” he remembered how Marianne lonesomely blessed Nelly’s wedding. Perhaps his brother in law was the man most recognized by the God of War in the whole country, that was just how much Marianne treasured Nelly.

But that’s a different story!
Why did you inform your little brother’s commanding officer about his virgin state, stupid sis!?

“Ha ha ha! Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find a nice girl soon enough, Azure! When it comes to love affairs, it’s that, when we get back, I’ll take you to a nice shop. I happen to be an expert in that sort of thing.”

Azure could no longer meet Marianne’s grinning face. The shame. Why won’t you just kill me already? No, wait, if I die here, it’ll be like I lost the war, which is annoying, so let’s go home and give a word to my sister before I hang myself.
Utterly ignorant of Azure’s tragic resolve, the God of War raised a war cry.

“Now, now, It’s hunting time! The wonderful, lively dog chase! Gentlemen, take your weapons in hand!”

On that thunderous cry, whether they thought yes or no, the morale of the entire army was raised. While he had been hanging his reddened face, Azure also firmed his expression, wearing the dignity of a fighter and straightening his back. Marianne to his side was completely different from before, holding her sword out front, the corners of her mouth raised like a lion as she dropped one final, extra-large bomb.

“Or if you want, I can take you on when we get back. Azure.”

Azure did another spit take.
With a backwards glance at him, Marianne rushed out front alone “Yahoo, Marianne Phull Reheath is first,” she gave a boisterous cry. The general of the army taking the lead would normally be the work of a madman but, “It’s Marianne Phull Reheath after all,” the fact even such madness was accepted could be called fitting of the God of War.
But rather than the usual maddened scenery, Azure was more troubled over the bomb she had dropped.

… I can take you on. In what? No, you mean…

Marianne’s previous statement echoed through his brain, chaotic thoughts turning in his head as Azure’s face turned many times redder than before.

“Oh look, the kid’s bright red.” “Ufufu, Azure, how cute.” “Once we get back, Maria the F*ckr’s going to eat you up, I see.” “I hope he’s not traumatized by it.”
“Do you want me to kill you before we reach the enemy!?”

Surpassing its limit with embarrassment, excitement and rage, a vessel in Azure’s nose burst as he let out an angry cry, his sweltering colleagues around him, “Eek, Azure snapped,” “Run away, run away, trample the enemy on the way to the ends of the earth!” they chuckled as they raced towards the battlefield.

“Ah, goddammit!”

Wiping his dripping nosebleed, Azure urged his warhorse to follow behind them. There was no way he could lose this battle, much less die.
He’d definitely return alive, complain to his sister, plead to his brother-in-law to restrain her in those sorts of things, and then… and then… with Marianne…

“… It’s not stopping.”

The battle that day was an overwhelming victory for the royal army led by Marianne, and throughout its entirety, it’s been said that young knight Azure’s nose never stopped bleeding.







Yoohoo, this is Marianne Phull Reheath reporting live from the battlefield. I’m in high spirits? Oh you, I’m a woman who’s always doing whatever I want at full speed, full force, you know? No way they’d be low!
But even so today, or rather lately, they’ve been especially high. I mean, after dying and returning, dying and returning, ever since the start of that hellish cycle, I’ve accomplished a momentous achievement.

That’s right, I’ve finally shattered the fate of death within ten years, I’ve finally been able to turn twenty for the first time in my life! Hooray!

Thinking back, it really was long.
Receiving divine revelation from Nelly’s words, I continued training myself to become strong. Body of course, I also trained my mind. Chipping away at my manhunting hours, from the point of view of past me, you could even say I lived a chaste (Super debauched from a layman’s perspective) life as I gave my undivided attention to climbing to greater heights.
And surprisingly enough, it seems I had some talent in the field. The more I trained the stronger I became, and the more I studied, the more efficiently I could take down enemies.
I severed the lightning coming down at me, jumped from back to back of the rampaging flock of sheep, made mincemeat of the idiots who came after me for a bounty placed in an enemy nation, sliced the ship of space invaders right out of the sky, and carefully disposed of the banana peel. You can already call me a superhuman.
Apart from that, I killed a dragon, singlehandedly invaded and suppressed a small nation, did some crazy things and got around to being called a hero, I’ve really set myself up here, and let me tell you, I don’t hate it at all! Praise me more! Revere me!
I’m an ill-natured woman with a penchant for show, you know. My spirits have been blown the f*ck to cloud nine. And I’m going to take Nelly’s little brother’s virginity too! It all adds up, you know. Azure’s so innocent and cute.
I could also try nabbing Nelly’s husband who’s so good he’s wasted on her, but, well, I’ll cut her some slack. I’ve come back from death again and again, living through a word whose flow changed bit by bit. Among them were worlds where my family turned against me, and like with the stake, worlds where the country itself became my enemy.
But even so, no matter the world, Nelly alone would never betray me. Nelly alone was always by my side. The one shedding tears in my final moments was always Nelly.
Only Nelly, she’s my… anyways, I’ll give up on cucking! Gahaha!

“I presume you are Marianne Phull Reheath! I shall be taking your head!”

Oh, our complete victory was already guaranteed and all that was left was to chase down and kill the last resistance, so I was thinking random thoughts as I rode my horse, but it seems there was someone with backbone among them. A young warrior of the enemy army jumped out on a warhorse. I howled out to answer.

“Oh! Very well, come at me! I’ll take you on personally!”

Nice, nice, those aren’t the eyes of one fleeing from absolute death, they’re the blazing eyes of one who will overcome it head-on. I don’t hate your sort! I’ll even sympathize!
Oh, what’s more, looking at him closely, he’s not a bad man at all. I’ll have to take him as a prisoner of war. Yep. Let’s go with that.
Oh tan hottie whose name I don’t know, do your best to struggle against the absolute enemy that is me. If you keep at it, the day you triumph over fate shall come upon you.

That’s right! Just as it did for Marianne Phull Reheath!





Three years after that, without any forewarning, the world came to an end. All life perished. Humanity perished. I perished alongside it.

“So the whole world is a shitty game!”
“Eep!? W-what’s wrong, milady!?”

Oh my, young Nelly, how nostalgic.

At my first return from death in thirteen years, I ended up crying out, and decided to violate surprised teen Nelly beside me with my eyes.


Until the day I save the world, it looks like my, Marianne Phull Reheath’s hellish cycle will continue.

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