Intermission: So I Tried Asking my Ancestors 3


A day in the Jewel, the round table room.

『My wife was normal.』

So spake the Second, the man who called himself plain.

The First had ended up showing everyone his wife, his shoulders slumped after it came to life his domineering husband schtick was a lie. But in regards to the Second’s words…


The Third laughed along.

『Yep, that’s a lie.』

They came to the unanimous conclusion the Second’s words were a lie.

With two denying it, the heads of history Fourth onwards directed skeptical looks at the second.

『I’m not lying! She really was normal. She’s the wife I found after so long. Do you think I’d bring in someone so strange?』

A tired Fourth spoke contrary to that opinion.

『You sure you didn’t compromise because you couldn’t find anyone else?』

The Fifth gave a belittling laugh.

『That would be you, Fourth.』

The parents and children of the Walt House really didn’t get along. Well, perhaps the Second’s opinion was just. I’m sure it would be quicker to just look into it.

“Wouldn’t it be quicker to have a look?”

『…… Say what?』

When everyone had confirmed the First’s memories, it seems he was under the impression no one would be looking into his.

The First leisurely stood.

『Well said, Lyle! That’s right. From there start, there was no need for me to be the only one to have to go through this. Now that it’s come to this, we’re going to go around and have a peek at everyone’s wives.』

The ones who went pale at those words were the Sixth and Seventh.

The Sixth’s gaze swam around.

『No matter how you look at it, we really don’t have to confirm everyone…』

The Seventh was the same.

『That’s right. It’s not like I have any interesting episodes to share.』

But the First put a hand on their shoulders and grinned.

『You’re trying to run away, aren’t you? I can tell.』

Without taking no for an answer, the First chucked both of them into the Second’s door of memories.

『And we’re off!』

Leaving the Second behind, the three of them had disappeared behind. The Third shrugged his shoulders, giving him a push on the back.

『You’re not going to leave them be, are you?』

The Second shoulders dropped terribly low.

The Fourth and Fifth,

『This sounds like fun. We really must see what sort of ‘normal’ the Second is talking about.』

『I agree. Let’s go, Lyle.』

“Ah, sure.”

Once everyone had passed through the Second’s door of memories, the scene that unfolded out was a long shot from normal.






The gentle landscape of a farming village.

The Walt House started out as newly cultivated soil. The savage lands had been cut open for that sake, and you could say this was an era where the people were desperate to spread out the fields.

But the scenery was filled with lush greenery.

In a place where such a tranquil backdrop spread out, the two women snarled at one another.

On the farm road, they each took a stance with weapon in hand.

One was Amanda… the First’s wife. She held her glaive in her right hand, pointing at the woman with her left.

『How many times do I have to say it before you understand? You’re peddling us water, little girl!』

She had put on some years since the last time I saw her, but even so, she held her back straight and her muscular build had not changed.

She was the same heroine as ever. Just how many years had passed since the time she married the First…

The one who stood against Amanda-san was a woman holding a large metal ring.

Her deep green hair was straight and long. Her silky follicles swayed gently in the breeze.

Her drooping gentle eyes might normally give of what I might call the impression of a kind older sister… and yet, perhaps I could call it pure rage, but her expression was terrifying.

『Oh, how many times must I say it back. Your northern spices are a straight punch to the face. My husband and father in law drink my soup without a complaint.』

『You’ve got some nerve, little girl.』

As Amanda-san took a large step in, swiping horizontally with her iron lump of a glaive, the woman… 【Mynerinne】 jumped up

Purposely unhanding the metal ring in her hands, when she pointed her palm upward, the metal ring floated above it and began to spin.

The sound of its rotation tore through the air, and wait, it was letting off the sort of shrill sound you wouldn’t normally get to hear from plain rotation.

『Nosy in-law!』

Swinging her left hand, the ring maintained its rotation as it flew straight at Amanda-san.

She hit it aside with her glaive.

Sparks flew, and as Mynerinne-san landed, the villagers gathering around…

『The boss and the mistress, eh. They never get tired of it.』
『At least the house is still intact.』
『Have you ever seen those two get along?』

Holding their farming tools, the men heading to work fled to the side so as not to be caught up in the fighting. No, they were trying their best to stay out of it.

But their wives were different. Each one of them rooted for their own generation.

『Boss, don’t lose to the young’un!』
『Blow that old lady away!』

Quite the radical statements were flying around.

The repelled metal ring gouged into the road and the glaive smashed in after it.

『We won’t be able to use that road for a while.』

The one who muttered it as he headed for work was Basil, whose white hairs were starting to stand out. Rather, the First didn’t try to get involved either.

『What is this…』

I don’t know whose voice it was. But it was the representative voice of the heads of history.

When I hurriedly turned, I found the other ancestors at a loss for words. But the First and Third were all too familiar with that scene…

『Do you think this is normal? Well I sure as hell don’t.』

『In my case, I’ve been watching it from the moment I was born, so I’m used to it. At first, mom was at a disadvantage, but once her Skill manifested, it became equal. Though it seems it took a long while of trial and error after she got the Skill.』

Wait, you can’t be telling me she manifested a Skill and polished it to fight her mother-in-law?

I looked at the Second.

“Second, by normal…”

『O-of course you’d think not if this was the only thing you saw! This wasn’t an everyday occurrence you hear! Twice a week at most.』

The Second frantically explained, but two wife battles per week? Seriously? What’s more, repairing those destroyed roads looked like a job in itself.

The Second cleared his throat.

『N-now our usual lives, you see…』

Once the scenery turned a shade of gray, Amanda-san lowering her glaive and Amanda-san parrying it with her ring froze in place.

Once the two in the midst of close combat faded away, a scene inside the mansion spread out.






『Oh my, don’t you think this flavoring is too light?』

It was a scene at the dinner table. In what was supposed to be a happy family get-together, a tense air flowed through.

The Second held his head.

『Why is it showing this scene!? We weren’t always like that!』

Amanda-san’s statement caused Mynerinne-san’s eyebrow to twitch.

『I even made it on the thicker side this time.』

There, the Second of memory… Crassel frantically followed through for her.

『T-this much is just about right for me.』

Hearing that from Crassel, Amanda-san gave up her pursuit, but still unsatisfied with it, she turned to look at her two grandchildren.

『Dewey, Sleigh, what do you two think?』

There Basil…

『Hey, no need to drag the grandkids into–』

『Dear, pipe down.』

『… Yes ma’am.』

Even there, the domineering husband (lol) Basil was ignored, but the problem was the two boys. The Third spoke with a smile.

『The pressure back then was incredible.』

Mynerinne-san stood.

『Won’t you cut it out already?』

Amanda-san stood as well.

『Oh, you want to go at it? You want to have a go? Very well. Grab your weapon and get outside! I’ll teach you who really looks after this house!』

Upon hearing her tone, I could only think the fact she mellowed out after having a child was a lie.

As the two retrieved their weapons, Crassel frantically headed to call them back.

But it was at that moment…


Sleigh burst into tears. Perhaps weak to a child’s tears, both Amanda-san and Mynerinne-san tucked away their armaments.

『… In honor of my grandchild’s face, I’ll let you off for today.』

『Well thanks for that. Sleigh, your granny was scary, wasn’t she? I’m sorry you had to see that.』

I got the feeling Mynerinne-san was riling Amanda-san even after it was over.

The Second looked upon the scene,

『Don’t tell me you were already a schemer back then?』

The Third laughed suggestively.

『And if I was? But that managed to stop the fights a number of times, so doesn’t it all work out?』

There, the Fourth touched a hand to his chin.

『Even so, great grandmother’s manner of speech… it’s similar to my mother and wife’s. The way she said the same thing twice to rile her up.』

The Sixth had noticed as well.

『My wife did that too!』

The Seventh as well.

『I’ve heard it before as well! I get the feeling Claire might have said it once or twice?』

The Fifth got it all together.

『So even a wife’s way of riling an in-law was passed down. I guess there are some truths in the world you’re better off not knowing.』





Fifth Generation Head (;゜д゜): “Now that I think about it, the Walt House House has an overwhelming number of truths better left unsaid.”

Lyle ( ゜д゜): “Starting with the First’s precepts. The no-good portions really do stand out. I’m surprised we were able to become Bahnseim’s strongest like that.”

Sixth Generation Head (ヽ´ω`): “You don’t get it Lyle. Tempered in harsh soil, even the women polish themselves by battling their mother-in-laws… there’s no way we wouldn’t become the strongest.”

Lyle (;゜Д゜): “I must have it real easy, now that I don’t have to carry on the trend.”




Lyle (´;ω;): “… Who was it? Who’s the bastard who said I wasn’t going to carry on the Walt House trend? I’m the one who inherited it most strongly, dammit!”

Novem (#゜Д゜): “By the Walt House Precepts!!”
Miranda (#゜Д゜): “Shut it fool!! Let’s take this outside!!”
Novem (*´∀`): “Oh, are you mad? You’re mad, aren’t you? Very well, I shall accompany you out for the duel you desire.”
Monica ( ゜∀゜)o彡°: “Now fight! Fight more! Leave only the chicken dickwad and his chicks behind, and disappear!”

Shannon φ(・ω・` ): “Dear diary, today was a normal day.”

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