I Really Don’t Notice Volume 3 is Done


Despite the number of chapters, it is still the same length as the other volumes.

If some of the text of this volume seems incomprehensible, you might have missed something.

I apologize this one took so long. The other three volumes should be faster, as their ebooks consist of text instead of images, so it’s easier to look stuff up.

Volume 3 doesn’t have much plot, as stated, it is mostly just a collection of short stories. This is more of a ‘I Wanna Do It’ rather than a ‘I Want it to be Popular’ series translation, so I completely understand if you don’t enjoy the series. Hey, none of you people are paying me. I’m actually at a loss here, I’m paying for books.


About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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9 Responses to I Really Don’t Notice Volume 3 is Done

  1. exqalph03 says:

    haha XD!
    Well, what you’ve said is obvious from the start anyway, haha, and what you pick-up is always a liking of mine one way or another.

    — Thanks all~!!


  2. It’s really good though , the first 2 volumes were great can’t wait to read the 3rd .
    And I like the characters so short stories are also fine ~


  3. Reaper Phoenix says:

    Hey, I enjoyed it. And you’re doing it for free. So no one has a right to protest your choices. If they don’t enjoy it, they are free not to read it.


  4. Love it! Thank you for your volume! May I ask why do you decide to switch from chapter(s) to a volume at a time?


  5. likantro says:

    Well thnx for your work yorai


  6. Bob Joney says:

    I am loving this so far!! Binge read it all this morning XD
    Thanks for translating~~


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