I Translated Something

Say what you will, but you’ll have a very hard time refuting the fact that I translated something.


Flowers for the Forest Beasts

By Kimito Kogi




I don’t really consider this a light novel, it’s just a book. I enjoyed it quite a bit,  but I can see why you wouldn’t. This book is only one volume, completed.

It’s about this one noble kid, you know, abandoned kid, no one likes him, the whole shebang, you get it, you see where this is going. Anyways, he gets lost in the forest, and comes under the patronage of this plant girl who wants to eat him. This is not a comedy, it’s more of a light romance if anything. If you’re entering it with great expectations, first off, whoah boy, hold on. It’s just a little light story.

This is why I don’t write synopses.

I claim no ownership for any part of this book. The title translation might seem a little off, but I’m pretty sure it’s a play on the Japanese title of ‘Flowers for Algernon’ so that should be right.

About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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10 Responses to I Translated Something

  1. All Night says:

    Yoraikun The hurricane is still alive


  2. Hehe, It’s been a while. This time, that translated piece has spark my interest. I’ll check it out.
    On a side note. It’s strange how I had been reminiscing about the sevens LN and then
    Yora posts something. Do I have psychic powers?


  3. exqalph03 says:

    haha, well, I’m fine for it. xD


  4. Reaper Phoenix says:

    What’s wrong with me? The first time I read that title I read it as “Flower for the Forest Breast”. That doesn’t make sense.


  5. Hikaru says:

    leave it to Yoraikun to find beautiful stories like this


  6. Justin Case says:

    Hey Yoraikun,

    I haven’t checked out the new translation here yet, but I wanted to say thanks regardless. Whenever you find something you like and translate it regardless of how the audience likes it, I always end up really enjoying it.

    TLDR, thanks for everything you do/have done!


  7. Heavenjudgement says:

    All hail the Yorai sama!


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