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Dragoon 151: The Other Reincarnation

  The Arses House manor. Many armed knights and soldiers crowded into the stretch from the gate to the front door. In the noisy state, preparations were underway to intercept the Gaia Empire encroaching on the national border. While the … Continue reading

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Dragoon 150: Comrade

  After entrusting the defenders with a message to Luecke and Eunius, Aleist had come to the gate to slip out of the palace. Concealing himself in the pillar of a shadow near the gate, he kept a close watch … Continue reading

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Dragoon 149: The Empire’s Advance

    “So you were brought here too.” The jail cell the royal guard led Izumi to was already occupied by Sophina. A clammy underground dungeon, she could barely make out her face by the unreliable light. “U-umm,” Izumi was … Continue reading

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Dragoon 148: And Aleist the Protagonist

  The Gaia Empire and the Kingdom of Courtois. Near the border, a large formation of troops had gathered. The soldiers sent creeped-out glances at the monsters stationed nearby, on standby as ordered. The most conspicuous monster, the Gora included, … Continue reading

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Here’s the PDF

This PDF is the latest edited version thus far. I edited the word document, not the actual posts on this site. If you see any typos, please point them out, and I’ll revise the document.   The Testimonial of Okitegami … Continue reading

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The Testimonial of Okitegami Kyouko Chapter 3: Kyouko-san Advises

  1   Where a detective goes, an incident follows. This was something of a law in the world of detective novels, so it was occasionally teased ‘you should never travel with a detective,’ but in this instance, my way … Continue reading

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