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Another Pointless Update

Whelp… so much for that. My next project’s probably going to be Scramble Wizards by Suebashi Ken by the way. It’s a 7 volume series from 2008 that is, once again, either the progenitor or an early example of a bunch … Continue reading

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This is Completely Irrelevant to Everything This Site is About: What I wasted the last 3 days of my transient existence on instead of translating for you people

  Hint: It wasn’t any more productive than translating

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As I said before, this book is not divided into chapters. For a proper release, I have to post a PDF. AURA Koga Maryuin Last Battle   This PDF edition has already been edited slightly from the post by post … Continue reading

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AURA Author Notes

  This is Romeo Tanaka (Human Power 2Hu) This time, I tried challenging the most basic of the basics in genre, a school romcom. As it does seem you have picked up this book, you have my sincerest of thanks. … Continue reading

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  Even with judgment day come and gone, my life continued. Having challenged his last battle with the resolve for death, Maryuin Koga, AKA Satou Ichirou AKA yours truly was still battling against the lethargy filling every last crevice of … Continue reading

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  Ryouko’s punishment was suspension. Suspension of indeterminant length, they said. Quite heavy, if I do say so myself. I guess Dorisen determined that was better than pushing the matter and making it worse. I felt the same. “Do your … Continue reading

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