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  End of the day homeroom. As per usual, Dorisen waltzed in with a full smile on his face. Lately, I’d gotten to noticing his smile was either faked, or something close to that. The strong aura he emitted on … Continue reading

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  I stopped by the infirmary the following lunch break. The nurse with a fluffy, short, blonde perm sat in her swivel chair, her toes stretched out, kicking back as she washed down some konjac jelly with the working woman’s … Continue reading

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  Chasing Ryouko in a mad dash, I came onto her. “Vile witch! On a quest or something!?” While it hadn’t gone far enough to lay a hand on her, if I didn’t put the stick back, I’d never be … Continue reading

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  The sticking was carried out the next weekend. As of late, the destiny going that one extra mile to bully me—Mr. Fate was becoming truly merciless, and he had finally reached the point where his splendid programming would destroy … Continue reading

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