AURA Author Notes


This is Romeo Tanaka (Human Power 2Hu)

This time, I tried challenging the most basic of the basics in genre, a school romcom. As it does seem you have picked up this book, you have my sincerest of thanks. Before being a writer, as a single businessman, I’ll have to give you some (slimy…) warm gratitude.
Now as an author, I’d be happier if you enjoyed the contents.

This novel was serialized in the monthly magazine PC Angel neo (As it contains highly sexual material, I can’t recommend any readers under the age of eighteen check it out) under a column of the same name, and it has been published here in a form that expanded upon that. It’s not like I didn’t have anything to go off of, I just reused whatever I’d submitted there to make my life a… with the thought of delivering everyone the purest of dreams in mind, I got permission to withdraw it.
From my heart, my thanks go out to the PC Angel neo editing department that readily gave consent.

In the end, I couldn’t take it too easy and I ended up going over the expected schedule, forcing me to activate the special power I had sealed, the Terminal Flash Writing. This is a loveless technique consisting of realizing your writing speed is dropping along the way, so you end up writing the ending first, and spend the rest of it mechanically filling up the center. If any normal person utilizes it, their motivation towards creating the word declines, but my special ability allows me to write on without losing motivation. The reason being, my love is absolute. To all writers who are confident in their love, please try it out by all means.

Now then, I went and wrote a novel like this, and I’m sure there are those of you out there wondering if the writer also had a past rife with delusions, but unfortunately, not in the slightest. I’m a slave to common sense, and when it came to my old-fashioned old man, he was a stick in the mud who wouldn’t endorse the slightest bit of mischief. After growing into a fine adult, there were times I found myself actually saying “I am but an observer of history, so I can’t stand on center stage”… that is… all… (blush). And that statement was a complete rip-off of Paptimus-sama… you know… (super blush).
If I’m not talking about myself, then up to now, I have encountered those with the superpowers of ‘Endless Relative’ and ‘The Forgetful Curse’. The former allowed one to draw upon unlimited authority from their relatives, giving them an absolute advantage that did, in essence, let them rule the country. The later was an accursed existence would suddenly come out with strange cries or curses but would forget all about them afterward. My elementary school self believed both of them wholeheartedly. I’ve decided to think it was thanks to that sincerity that I’m here right now.

This time’s illustrations were done by mebae-san.  As you can see, his artistic style gives way to a true abundance of expression. The way his rough illustrations contained all the slightest of gestures and tones I had commented on proved to be a wonderful reference when I was writing. I truly am thankful. While it was the first time he ever illustrated for a  novel, there really are some amazing people in the world. When he said, “I don’t want to write an afterward in this book. “My art speaks enough,” surprised as I was, I felt like saying, “I-I agree…”. Aah…
I’ll do my best.

It might be my nature as a writer, but there are times I have an excessive urge to write romcom. If there’s a demand, I think I’ll have another chance, and if that does tickle someone’s fancy, I’m sure everyone will deliver their impressions to me through the special ability ‘Wireless Run’. The good thing about telepathy is that the service comes free of charge. You can send in surveys too.

Now then, any flashes of unnatural sentences you may see in this text must have come from our editors at Shougakukan.
Have a nice day.


Tanaka Romeo
Born in 1973. A freelance writer whose work centers around PC games. Often working at home, the regional community has recognized him as unemployed. Despite his repeated assertions that he has a job, his treatment as a honorable member of society (part-timer) continues. Who’s responsible for this? The Mayor? There’s something I simply have to talk to you about,  real soon.

About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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4 Responses to AURA Author Notes

  1. Justin Case says:

    Thanks Yoraikun. I always enjoy the stories you post here.

    I agree with you that this seems more wholesome and filled out than the anime adaptation, and the narrators tsukkomis? Golden.

    In an odd way, I feel almost bad for Ooshima, who is now the odd one out in the class. Guess thats her just desserts.

    Thanks again for a wild ride!


  2. Ooshima still needs a serious bitch-slap. Trapping a girl in a bathroom stall, then dumping garbage and a bucket of water on her, it’s just sick.

    Another fine choice for translating. Yoraikun. Thank you kindly for your efforts. Greatly enjoyed reading this volume. 👍


  3. NZPIEFACE says:

    This was… really unexpectedly good.


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