As I said before, this book is not divided into chapters. For a proper release, I have to post a PDF.

AURA Koga Maryuin Last Battle


This PDF edition has already been edited slightly from the post by post release. It is currently the most up to date version. If there are any typos, please notify me so I can correct the issue at once. I probably won’t be editing posts,  just the pdf

About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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6 Responses to AURA PDF

  1. FranckOA says:

    Thanks for completing this novel, will you edit a epub version of this novel ?
    The fixed page formating of pdf files is not really confortable on small screens or ebook readers as the text can feel small and hard to read, especially for people with bad eyes. The epub format has a definitive avantage on this point for long texts or full book reading with its fluid and easy font resizing compatibility (this and the support of color schemes personalisation while reading the file).
    If not I made a quick/sloppy conversion with calibre that can be temporarly found here : (the link will last for 30 days, if you want it to last longer feel free to host the file on your blog, but it’s really a makeshift conversion, so there might be some issue with it).


  2. NZPIEFACE says:

    wtf did you just finish this in 2 weeks


  3. isopotonic says:

    Page 233: “Mm, as expected of the greatest genius swordsman of the Maruin.”
    On another note, thanks for translating another fantastic novel, with such fantastic speed as well! It’s a pleasure to read.


  4. Kids27 says:

    You are as great as always. I wonder what is your next project? Or will you open for suggestion?


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