This is Completely Irrelevant to Everything This Site is About: What I wasted the last 3 days of my transient existence on instead of translating for you people



Hint: It wasn’t any more productive than translating

About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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13 Responses to This is Completely Irrelevant to Everything This Site is About: What I wasted the last 3 days of my transient existence on instead of translating for you people

  1. andreliu507 says:

    Is that Tree of Savior?


  2. Well… at least it wasn’t FGO.

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  3. Yoraikun says:

    I powerlevelled her to 350 just so she could equip a Masinios Mace for the picture. I’d have gotten her the two-handed mace which looks more accurate, but I had to go Cleric 2 for Fade, Kabbalist for the Gemetria, and if I was going Kabbalist, I thought I might as well go all the way. The Masi 2h Mace is a terrible stat stick for a support build, and I wasn’t going to waste a rank just to get it. She does have one more rank, but I’m going to go Cleric for the linger attribute and Guardian Saint. There isn’t enough to be gained from Paladin or Monk to make it the last circle of a support.

    Also, I’m thinking of picking up Scramble Wizards next, but that depends on a certain… matter of scheduling.


  4. Hoeru says:

    Is Tree of Savior any good?


    • Yoraikun says:

      Personally, I think it’s great, but I know there are many who disagree.


    • zemega says:

      It is good. It was great.It’s a bit less greater now. Stop playing, just because getting more busy now. But I really enjoy the class Bullet Marker and Schwartzer Reiter. Goes into a dungeon, go gunblazing with all the AOE gun skills and watch the enemies meltdown. Waiting for BM3 class to comes out now.

      And yes, some classes really need good ping to be played. It all the effect of IMC using netcode tailored for Korean network previously. You know, with less than 1 ms ping and super fast network in Korean, it’s not going to work outside of Korea. Its just an advice, that if you don’t have good Internet connection towards their server, stay away from some classes.


  5. pold10 says:

    This might not be the right post to comment about this but I feel it is better here than in translation posts. I wanted to say “thank you” Yorai-sama for continuing your translations. I haven’t read your latest translations (the last I read was Sevens I think) but I admire your dedication to translating and how you haven’t given up on this blog and your readers. I still recieve notifications mailed to me every time you post something and always think “hope I can’t get back on reading his translations any time soon”.

    Great Game btw, I enjoy playing solo on ToS, it’s relaxing… pvp is kinda imbalanced for my taste tho.


  6. Well, t least it’s not…*shudders*…FGO…


  7. NZPIEFACE says:

    “It’s not like I translate it for you”


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