Merry Christmas

Here’s a present you definitely didn’t ask for and probably don’t want


O-Ri-Ga-Mi Volume 1

I won’t say I hate this series, but what I really want to translate is Battlefield Masurawo. It’s just, there are too many things in Masurawo that you have to read O-Ri-Ga-Mi to get. It’s not a continuation of the story, but it takes part in the same world with recurring characters. Masurawo does not really bother to expand on characters that already have their story fully covered in O-Ri-Ga-Mi, and Hideo’s interactions in Masurawo become a lot more badass when you know just how powerful the people he’s dealing with actually are.

So anyway, I’m going to power through the seven volumes of this series so I can translate the five volumes of Masurawo.

If you’re still putting up with my random whim translations, you have my gratitude.

As for what it’s about, this is an old series that’ll make you think, ‘Ah, they did used to write about stuff like that. It’s been so long, wait, am  I getting old?’ The first volume is mostly to set up the rest of the series. The character of Suzuran does improve as the series goes on.

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A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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14 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. Wryvent says:

    Thanks for translating. I had fun with the Masurawo manga so I look forward to it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. raidoukureha says:

    realling looking forward for your next translation yoraikun


  3. Merry Christmas bro ^_^


  4. exqalph03 says:

    Merry Christmas ^^


  5. babapo741 says:

    I can only say Merry Christmas to you for translating this. It looks amazing and for the record, I actually like most of the things you translate. And yeah. We ARE getting old.


  6. thealbinoblacksheep says:

    Merry Christmas Yoraikun! I hope that you have had a good year and I hope next year is even better!


  7. Dantrig says:

    I remember the manga of Masurawo. It was great. Are you also interested in doing the sequels Reisen and Mismarca?


  8. sukebe-sensei says:

    seeing that nostalgic title reminds me of Misumaruka Koukoku the author previously worked on.
    And it still makes me sad for being unable to continue the story, same with masurawo


  9. Frightknight says:

    Happy New Year, I’m glad seeing you are still active after 6 years :D Keep up the good work and don’t stress yourself too much


  10. ALIXEND says:

    Happy new year yorai-sama
    Now that i saw the first chapter of shield bro i remembered when you said it won´t get an anime, and made me remember the first novel i read. So I came to say hi


  11. Heavenjudgement says:

    I just st watched the shield bro first ep, reminding me of how long I have been following your translation! At least 8 years!


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