O-Ri-Ga-Mi Volume 2 has been Translated (To no Applause)


O-Ri-Ga-Mi Volume 2 (Circa 2004)

This one’s more of a volume for Iori. Suzuran isn’t really the main character of the series, if you were wondering. She’s more of the entry point. This is not a harem, and there is very little if any romance from beginning to end of this one’s run, though there is a little more romance in Reisen, which is two series down (O-Ri-Ga-Mi > Battlefield Masurawo > Reisen > Mismarca). Technically, the magical girl series Violence☆Magica takes place before O-Ri-Ga-Mi in the same world, but there are only two recurring characters from it, and one of them is only briefly mentioned.

On a side note, I finally got around to reading About the Reckless Girl who Kept Challenging a Reborn Man like Me Volume 3, and it’s surprisingly pretty decent after the minor letdown that was volume 2. If you’re wondering how it continues the story of Seig and Anja that was pretty perfectly wrapped up, well, it doesn’t. Volume 2 is about a (reincarnated) musician whose music brings back that good old-timey vibe people thought had been lost. Volume 3 is about a witch who pioneers the magic of reincarnation because all her friends are dead, and she’s been tossed ahead into a strange and scary world. While volume 2 just kinda felt a bit redundant, volume 3 is actually pretty heartwarming, and the way this series is going, if it continues it looks like each volume is going to detail a different reincarnator’s life. If this does turn out to be the ending, I can say it went off on a pretty high note.

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7 Responses to O-Ri-Ga-Mi Volume 2 has been Translated (To no Applause)

  1. Appleaters says:

    Will you translate the continuations of “About the reckless girl who kept challenging a Reborn man like me?” It would be great if you did, since I really loved that story, but if there are any issues, it’s fine, anyways.


    • Yoraikun says:

      The first volume’s a retelling, so I’d have to start from the beginning; I don’t really mind that part, but my current project’s a lengthy one. I might get around to it if I find the time and money. It’s been published digitally, so it’s up for grabs for any translator who really wants it if I don’t get there.

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  2. exqalph03 says:



  3. thealbinoblacksheep says:

    This sheep claps it’s hooves and tries not to breathe fire on anything


  4. Anon says:

    Thanks for the translations! Are you going to make PDFs like you did for the Okitegami Kyouko series?


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