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Chapter 2: Parents and Diagnosis

 Seven o’clock when the morning sun was at its brightest. I passed in front of the school far too early to attend, walking on and on until I had arrived at Mayu’s apartment. We’d be living together starting today. I … Continue reading

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Chapter 1: Reunion and Exultation

      “Just tell them the principal’s name is Fujiwara Mototsune, the StuCo president is Sugawara Michizane, and the teacher in charge of second year is Tachiba Hitomi.” Said I. “And who exactly does that fact appeal to?” Just … Continue reading

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The Bomb Fell One Day

By Furuhashi Hideyuki     Perhaps the end is something that drops by so abruptly on the most mundane of days. The self-proclaimed newest-type bomb that fell that day reminded me so much of the girl I liked in high … Continue reading

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Battlefield:Masurawo is Completed

As stated in the title, the translation for Battlefield:Masurawo is completed, and you can read it here: Battlefield: Masurawo This is a story I personally love, and it has finally been completed more than ten years since its publication. I … Continue reading

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And to Each their own Tomorrow

  … A few months had gone by. Messages came in from here and there, informing Hideo of what had happened after that. (……) Hannibal and Johnny apparently reopened the steak shop in that city. It didn’t take much effort … Continue reading

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Chapter 8: Repaying a Miracle

  ① “… That’s…” He was practically a different person. The colonel couldn’t think this was the same young man wishing for death. Minako could not overlap the one before her eyes with the timid one wiping his tears when … Continue reading

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