Battlefield:Masurawo is Completed

As stated in the title, the translation for Battlefield:Masurawo is completed, and you can read it here:

Battlefield: Masurawo

This is a story I personally love, and it has finally been completed more than ten years since its publication. I hope you will enjoy it as well.  I made sure I didn’t interrupt it with anything, so the next buttons should actually work.

As for what I’m going to work on next, well I had a project in mind and this whole big thing planned out…


*Record Scratch* Yeah, no. I might as well finish up O-Ri-Ga-Mi since I paid for the complete set already. If you have any suggestions for translations that haven’t been picked up yet, feel free to comment them.

About Yoraikun

A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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20 Responses to Battlefield:Masurawo is Completed

  1. exqalph03 says:

    Congratulations for the completion!!!!
    And thank you very much! Another complete!


  2. Congrats on yet another complete project. Thanks for the translation!


  3. Hoeru says:

    I know it’s not popular, so even a short one would do, but I would personally love a sci fi-oriented novel. Could be robots. Could be space. Could be aliens. Could be all combined. But advanced sci fi in the end. I am craving for it. No idea which novels are popular in that department though…


  4. How about the other series of Tomoaki Hayashi, like Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari and afterwards Reisen.


  5. A random passerby says:

    Great job. Gratz on finishing another project. I always love the series u tramslate. Also i was gonna ask if ur translating reisen or mismarca next but the comments said it below so….Hope we are able to read another great story translation from u


  6. Congratulations on finishing it, and thanks for the work.
    Honestly I’ve been holding off from reading it since I don’t know which point to pick it up ’cause it’s been years since I last finished the manga, but since it’s completed already, might as well read it from the start.


  7. Baranok says:

    If you’re open to suggestions, what’s your preferred genre?


  8. Zharov Stepan says:

    can you pick up this one


  9. decemberwings says:

    Can you pick up Only Sense Online?
    There’s no news on Only Sense Online since then


  10. Baranok says:

    Holy hell Yorai, I know you said reputable, but I never though infinite novels was the one picking Mismarca up :O


  11. Resa says:

    If possible, I want you to pick this “Reisen”


  12. JS says:

    Congrats on finishing! If you haven’t decided on another project yet, I thought about suggesting Magi’s Grandson. It’s got an anime that seems interesting as well. Either way, thank you for your hard work and translations.


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