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Lying Mii-kun, Broken Maa-chan Volume 1 is Complete

Volume 1: The Backdrop of Happiness is Misfortune   Probably not continuing. Comment section is going to break me at this rate.

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An Old Story: XXXX and Me

          My dad came home with a boy and a girl. The boy’s hair was short, his eyes were round and wide. The girl was small with a low nose, her eyes bloodshot as she looked … Continue reading

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Chapter 4 Addendum: Release

      “I failed.” I summed up the impression I got after a brief look around. The dismembered dead bodies of a runaway boy and girl with a promising future ahead of them were supposed to be the proof … Continue reading

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Chapter 4: Collapse

      While my eyes were closed, my brain cells made their pilgrimage of thought more proactively than usual. Within all of that, it occurred to me. There are those who say humans die all too easily. There are … Continue reading

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Chapter 3: Lies and Lies

    For a long time now. So long in continuum I was losing my awareness of it. It was always a pre-established destiny, something beyond my control would mix itself into my affairs. These three weeks weren’t bad. A … Continue reading

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