Lying Mii-kun, Broken Maa-chan Volume 1 is Complete


Volume 1: The Backdrop of Happiness is Misfortune


Probably not continuing. Comment section is going to break me at this rate.

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A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.
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38 Responses to Lying Mii-kun, Broken Maa-chan Volume 1 is Complete

  1. fufuuff says:

    I remember reading the manga a few years back, will reread that and then read this one. Thank you!!


  2. Daiz71 says:

    That’s a shame I was really enjoying the story.

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  3. exqalph03 says:

    Well, thank you for what you’ve done for this volume 1!!!

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  4. Jason says:

    Thank you for volume 1! It’s really sad that it won’t continue I was really loving this. Again thanks for all the hard work.

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  5. fufuuff says:

    Thx for the story, rly enjoyed it, hoping to see this get picked up by someone then.

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  6. Probably not continuing. Comment section is going to break me at this rate. <— May I ask why is that?

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    • Yoraikun says:

      I have not gotten any comments on this series whatsoever. The comment section on it is completely barren. Not a single comment about any event or character that happens anywhere in the story, not on any page of this blog. The only comment I’ve received even marginally related to this series was Aotenshi correcting the typos. It feels like I’m translating something that isn’t even worth discussion. It’s really demoralizing.

      I started translation because I wanted to hear what people had to say about the works I loved. Otherwise I’d just read it in Japanese and that would be the end of it. It doesn’t matter how many, I think I’d be able to translate for just a single person in the world. I’ll gladly take negative criticism. How are the characters? How is the plot? Am I doing good? Am I doing bad? Someone tell me something! Translating this has felt completely empty.

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      • fufuuff says:

        I don’t tend to comment on whole novels since I’m not someone that remembers everything accurately after finishing one and I tend to have to reread everything while commenting, also my writing sucks lol

        I did end up reading the manga right before reading this volume and I feel like the novel was very much worth reading (they also cover the same plot). I guess rereading the novel itself is also worthwhile though simply because a lot of the scenes and dialogues give off a different impression/have a different meaning after you know what’s actually going on.

        The murder scene paragraphs are a nice touch that weren’t in the manga, always having Miikun’s perspective in the main story provided a lot more information. In the manga he seems more composed and crafty while having most of his actions thought-out and planned albeit also somewhat careless, in the novel it’s shown that a lot of his actions are on-the-fly.

        I really liked the dialogues between him and the doctor. Those were mostly cut from the manga.

        I’m still unsure why he jumped from the roof, was it just a desperation move? It happened quite quickly, did he stop being miikun from maachan’s pov at that moment so there was nothing left to do? After rereading that scene I guess that’s the case. Imo it’s strange that she views him as mii-kun again right after he jumped off.

        Also I don’t quite get his intention/objective/relationship with maachan. I understand their past and him wanting to protect her while her relationship with miikun is also explained. But why did he start being miikun only then?

        After thinking about it he was looking out for her but never entered her life as miikun. When he saw the kidnapping news, he wanted to resolve the incidents while taking the blame for the kidnappings and be done. But that doesn’t resolve her messed up life nor do I understand why he waited until then since both their lives hadn’t been particularly great. In the manga he wasn’t even her schoolmate.

        The volume ends nicely with revealing what happened in the past kidnapping incident while also resolving both of the current incidents so it does provide closure while also leaving a lot of things open to potentially expand on. The narration is misleading, the characters have depth and are likable. So yes, I’m definitely glad I got to read this, thank you very much.

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        • No, you remember a lot and you write really good commentary! I was baffled reading the bulk of your comment after reading your introduction to it.

          As for me, I just got here.


      • Well, you should try isekai/tensei genre on awesome badass MC or hilarious as hell MC. This is for mass marketing I guess.


      • RyMarq says:

        I do not like to comment on things (especially now that the stupid message system realized who I really am with default info), generally, but I can tell you that I enjoyed the series at least.

        The twist was effective on me, and the tone kept me engaged.

        I will admit though, I am much less sold on the idea of continuing this as I was on battlefield masurawo, as I feel like the gimmick has played out decently this time. Continuing to build could be done, but I feel like they put little energy toward it at that point. This is a one-off story, the sort that was written without expectation of continuing.

        I know its tacky to repeat this stuff at times, but I do want to thank you for the translations. They are quite good and different from a lot of the samey trash that people are putting out there. Even if they look superficially alike, the things that you end up sticking with always have a note of something unusual that makes it worth following you after all these years.

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      • Doc_B says:

        you’ve gifted this community a lot and they still remembers

        I’ve haven’t read this novel, not really my cup of tea, but i’m sure it most be interesting to catch your attention and i have no doubt about the quality of translation

        So will continue to lurk around, so best of luck on what you decide to do moving forward


  7. ShinItsuwari says:

    I just finished reading this.
    Honestly the twists and the story was so well made that I don’t feel it deserves a sequel anyway. Vol1 is a great stand-alone story.


  8. I really enjoyed the story, read the first three chapters on another block so perhaps thats why theres few comments in those. And i always enjoys your translations, have read a lot of them

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  9. By the way if i may ask where do you find the raws for this? I am a beginner at japanese but think i might be interested enough in this to translate some of it for practice consistently (i have never been able to translate something consistent, but i really would like to know how this one goes).


  10. May I interest you in co translating other project so it could get more chapter/week?


  11. Baranok says:

    You ok Yorai? Sorry this novel wasn’t as popular as you were hoping for.


  12. Yorai sama, i think you should try some fantasy genre? It will be much easier to understand and more marketable.


  13. Anon says:

    In fact, there were chapter discussion threads on the light novels reddit, so I wouldn’t say there weren’t comments.

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  14. Cob les says:

    Just noticed Volume 1 had been completely translated and did a read through. Thanks for the translation Yoraikun. Story was not what I initially expected, but I enjoyed it in the end.

    With 10 volumes i wonder if this ends up progressing like the Monogatari series, with flashbacks and whole volumes focusing on other characters.


  15. Yorai sama, any new project you want to pick? Which LN you are reading, can you recceomed us too?


  16. Anonymous says:

    This is the first time i ever post anything but this novel is worth it, so i come through the medium of this to humbly request you to continue translating it, its been over a month so im afraid its never going to be finished if its not you who does it, by the way I just realized you posted this on my birthday so thank you for that gift.

    Im now going to reread All the chapters somewhat and write my doubts and impressions because I really liked this novel, feel free to ignore me.

    PS: This volume does close Its story very well and I have no idea where its gonna go but I am most interested in what happens with, the siblings: will they ever appear again or is their story concluded? The doctor and detective: clearly at least one of them likes him but how? Like a loving mother, like a loving sister, like a loving doctor, or like a loving lover?(clearly the most interesting in multiple bloodsoaked ways)

    I really dont like doing this but Im afraid if I dont, no one else will

    All my gratitude for what you’ve already done


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  17. Yorai sma, may I interest you in translating other novel of Seven’s author, ” The world of Otome game is tough for Mob”? It has the same hilarious and hilarious gangs as the ancestors from Seven too! The old translator has disappeared for month now.


  18. sommart sisongkram says:

    hope you can translate seven gaiden , was hoping some one translate that , sure every will come back commend on that

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  19. I can’t say much besides the fact that I would really appreciate if you were to continue the translation of this series, it would mean the world to me and, I believe, many others. If possible I’d also like to contribute wirh support through patreon or such.

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  20. I would be delighted if Yorai sama will translate anything even if it is something not my preference. It is sad to see the translator just simply disappear. Well everyone has their RL, so those should be prioritized though.


  21. I was late but I would like to continue reading this novel


  22. asadlinguist says:

    o7 Thanks for all your hard work! May you be happy wherever you are!

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  23. zfglx says:

    So I probably should have actually responded to this a while ago, but sorry for reading and not commenting. Honestly around the time you started translating shield hero I didn’t really get involved with online and that continued for a long time. I guess I didn’t really get how to jump into an online discussion or why it might be encouraging or discouraging to see comments or the lack there of for a translator trying to share something they love. I just wanted you to know I really appreciated all your translations though I did not necessarily read all of them. Especially The Lazy King, O-ri-ga-mi and Battlefield Masurawo (which I knew through the manga and was pretty unlikely to ever get to finish as a result of not being able to read Japanese so really thanks a ton for that I love that series and author). Sorry I took so long to thank you.


  24. LinKen says:

    I always stalk your site, yorai-kun but never commented, I was there when you got plenty of comments on Tate no yuusha when you first translated it. Theres plenty of ppl discussing it so I didt feel the need.
    I read for the fantasy adventure Sevens was fun too and then you explored other genders of stories, it just doesn’t sit right with me ’cause I wasn’t interested in it, I mainly read for fantasy afterall, the Lazy demon story was fun too.
    Either way I do noticed you started to have less viewers when you explore other gender, didt thought of you wanting to see ppl discussing your stories since most of the time I rarely saw you replied to them. So, if it bothers you and you still willing to translate in the future I’ll participate in discussing the story if it’s fine with you. Good luck with real life yorai-kun.


  25. Front lines says:

    Hi there just checking if covid got you. Hope u r fine.


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