Genre: Low Fantasy


By Wai / Mishima Yomu
Illustrations By Tomozo

Current Translation Progress: 100.00% (343/343)
Side Story Progress: 93.75% (15/16)

473 Responses to Sevens

  1. Dyshana says:

    Ahhh~~!! Truly a memorable Novel…
    Being able to read this was really fulfilling for me…
    Truly!! Thank you For translating this novel….(੭ ˃̣̣̥ ㅂ˂̣̣̥)੭ु

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  2. Mhaj58 says:

    What about the last three intermissions?

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  3. appleaters says:

    HI Yorai! I’m just wondering if you’re still alive?


  4. Ezkiel777 says:

    Honestly, I enjoyed the story of shield hero more. But the world of sevens was far greater!

    Shield hero was absolutely wonderful. But compared to the level of character building and world building in Sevens, even the shield falls short.

    Sorry Raphtalia, there’s a new waifu in town, and her name is Shannon!

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  5. I don’t think i can fully express my gratitude to you in words for translating this novel, thank you so much yorai-sama. This novel is just great, the best!

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  6. Kags says:

    What about the last 3 intermissions? So I tried asking my ancestors 1-3

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  7. Zeecluster says:

    Dear fellow readers of Sevens,

    I started reading this series last year but because it wasn’t completed back then, I took a break from reading. Today, I finally returned to do a bit of reading.

    But while I could remember most of the characters, some elude my memory.

    Like Adele for example. Who is she exactly? Which country did she come from and what was her previous position before coming over to Lyle’s camp? And what’s her Skill? I started reading from several chapters back when she appeared to prepare potatoes but I just couldn’t place her at all in my mind even though I could remember the other girls.


    • Yoraikun says:

      Adele came from Bahnseim, her previous position was noble daughter. Her Skill is unknown, it is never said if she even has one. She fled from Bahnseim and joined Lyle’s camp with Maksim.


  8. Christopher says:

    Where can I find the illustrations?


  9. TheQwertiest says:

    It was a good ride while it lasted…
    Thank you, Yoraikun, for translating!
    I do hope you’d consider adding ‘donate’ button some day (and yeah, I’ve read the FAQ :P), so that we could show some appreciation by buying you a beer or a pizza or smth =)


  10. rum says:

    Hello. Passing by only to say that the links for chapters “Natural Enemy of Labyrinths” and “Thoughtless” are the same (

    Have a good day.


  11. Ixillia says:

    Aaaaa~~!!! thank you so much for translating this WN!!
    it’s a good and memorable Novel beside Mushoku Tensei for me!
    i’m re-reading this novel, the last one i read is arround chapter 200+, and that’s arround 1 years ago i think….
    i’ve been reading this since 4 days ago, and i’ve read arround 80% of the story…

    actually, i cried when The Fifth generation and Milleia was gone in the story….it really was a good story…
    Again, Thank You Very Much For Translating This Novel!


  12. Zerrox says:

    So… I haven’t read it yet, but it’s seems to have very positive comeback… could someone explain why the title’s (Sevens)? Is there seven ancestors? But why what’s up with the “We’ve Come All the Way Here, Eighteenth Generation” title? 18 ancestors? I might start if this is intriguing enough to entice me… since my schedule is packed to read extra WN/LN..


    • shadowblazor says:

      the reason why the title is Sevens is an actual spoiler, so… but there are indeed 7 ancestors…

      the “Eighteenth Generation” thing is just the arc / volume title, it’s nothing serious. I mean look at the title for Vol 10 / Arc 10 lol

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  13. Mauzel says:

    So… Now that the series are complete, will there be a pdf or epub batch for the series?


  14. Shrey says:

    Ty for the amazing translation


  15. Elquapo says:

    Tyvm for the translations! It was an enjoyable read!

    Any thoughts on translating Sevens Gaiden?


  16. saceria says:

    Thank you for translating this novel! it was a blast to read XD


  17. winter says:

    Thank you so much for translating this novel, yoraikun-sama(man,that sounds weird lol)
    The character building and world building is definitely on par with mushoku tensei, absolutely MARVELOUUUSSSSSSSSS


  18. cp2 says:

    1 whole week
    I lost sleep over this for a whole week
    Skipped work
    Delayed social gatherings
    Messed up my biological clock

    totally worth it.
    thanks for tl. will buy the books someday.

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  19. akocbibbo says:

    Thank you for translating this novel!


  20. This is the translation for the WN version correct? currently there is a LN being published but no english translation for LN yet right?


  21. hikaru says:

    lemme just put this out there….

    I enjoyed the volume titles waaay more than I should have!
    personally, I loved the story, but the titles…… I have no words to represent my humor and amusement at the current titles

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  22. FrostFlare says:

    Just want to Ask, please reply to the Ones who knew, and willing to answer.,.. Did it end up a Polygamy with the Harem in the End? Who were they? Officially Called Wives only…..


    • hikaru says:

      Well, I’ve reached volume 16 and the harem has crossed 16, though the ancestors are stressing on one singular legal wife and the rest being mistress.


    • hikaru says:

      okay, yes its polygamy with a harem in the end…..the final number of harem characters is twenty-five.


    • FrostFlare says:

      Oh, I see….. Thanks Hikaru…… 25…… That’s Massive, I guess Most are Only political Marriage as He was Aiming to be An Emperor….. Sentiments are Irrelevant I guess? That’s what happens why they have amount to 25? Or all 25 of them have sentiments for Him?

      (Still at the Chapter Where Novem’s Love to Lyle was …… Debatable!!!! Because of the Memories of the past Novem….. Does she Love Lyle? Or lylE?)


  23. J0KER says:

    will the side story continue?


  24. The guy says:

    Yoraikun have you planned to translate sevens gaiden?


  25. God Ginrai says:

    Is the Erhart 3 intermission still not translated?


  26. ケネス スチュワート says:

    It’s really nice that they still give you a minimum explanation of things you already know just to keep you updated and not forget of any required information. This is probably the kid of novel that I’m looking for and I’m already looking forward into it. I’m glad that this novel is completed


  27. patpay says:

    Start from 1 of march. This is a good ride.
    Yorai-sama please translate novems gaiden,if you have a free time for it.


  28. exd890 says:

    Started reading it from April 2. It was one of the best harem stories I’ve read in a while.
    Just asking is Sevens Gaiden not a sequel but just a side story series?


  29. xkei1215x says:

    Thanks! I thought this novel is a normal harem with shitty story but i didn’t expect it to be this good! Awesome!

    *I feel sorry for Celes though. I mean because her parents and everyone around her don’t pay attention to her. She develop an inferiority complex to her brother. If possible i want her to be save at the end of the battle. Just by having Lyle say sorry to her would be enough.


  30. MHCP001 says:

    *secretly hoping for Sevens Gaiden*

    I think its sad that Lyle and *spoiler* were the only characters that remained and how *spoiler* fell apart..

    I want more Sevens tho ( ;-;) i need the worldbuilding stuff. What happened. Who happened. how happened. Which wife descendant did it. *spoiler* *more spoiler*

    I have so many questions T.T


  31. Hunter112 says:

    Hey do you have a per volume??? Or pdf like that???


  32. @Yoraikun now that it’s been years and several other series after Sevens… ahem… do you feel like wanting to work on Sevens Gaiden?

    Sure the kid doesnt seems like another Lyle… Isnt that a plus?
    Sure he seems not to be the overtense we know and love from Lyle. but his Experience stage is coming and dont you feel curious about his first Level up ?
    Dont you want to work on Monica?


  33. ARMI5 says:

    erm, can some one help me, regarding intermission chapter whta is the chronological order? thanks


    • Yoraikun says:

      Just read them in the listed order after the main story. If you’re talking about the emperor that ran away, that one takes place before the epilogue, and is chronologically Miranda Novem Aria Vera Shannon, but meant to read in normal order

      For technical chronological order, The Start of Everything Comes first, and The End of the Empire comes last, but most of the others could go anywhere inbetween, and it really doesn’t matter.


  34. Mango says:

    Ahh… I wouldve liked o see the troubles our dear princess from lorphys would have caused but its fine lile this too.

    Almost every captain of a ship could let it sail so we can be happy i guess.

    Its been a great time reading this novel. Thanks for translating this journey for us :)


  35. that0zany0monk says:

    I love this story. Does anyone know if it has a sequel?


  36. Awesome read… Thank you Yoraisama~!

    I love you Aria!!….. You’re too Kyuut Shannon~!! …. Vera! best waifu material! !!… Monica best maid!! ..


  37. 白空 says:

    So… what happened to Erhart 3???


  38. Kira says:

    I hav finished this last year n since then theres one thing thats been bugging me. In fifth generation’s flashblacks, the villager sisters he took a liking to were killed in a way that provoked him. how exactly were they killed? I guess thry were raped b4 being killed n it was disturbing n bugging me. What foes any one think?


  39. rd07 says:

    Sevens is the top novel in my list. Thank you very much for translating them.
    Actually, I was complaining when I was reading the first 5 volume. The story is slow and Lyle is so naive. Honestly, I almost stop reading it. But, many positive reviews in Novelupdates make me read it all the way to the end. And, I am glad that I did it. I think this is the first light novel that can make me smile, laugh, and cry through the story.
    Once again, thank you very much for translating Sevens.


  40. Yohan Polancotejada says:

    esta fue una de las mejores historias que he leido el final fue algo triste pero soportable


  41. Lars says:

    I just finished the novel.
    It was like being with Lyle all the time. The unspoken best friend in a sense.
    This has been a great journey. Thank you, translator.



  42. MathiasExeia says:

    This novel made me laugh hysterically, cry my heart out, get extremely frustrated, and most of all fall in love with the characters within it. The ancestors, harem, and Lyle (mr Lyle) made every single second reading it enjoyable. It starts slow, but once it gets rolling the journey and obstacles that Lyle and co. encounter make it all worth it for a EXTREMELY heart rending and satisfying conclusion.

    Trust me. The character development of Lyle is subtle, but by the end you’ll be proud of where he’s come as a character. From Unmotivated and ignorant of the world to decisive and a competent leader of men.

    I HIGHLY recommend this novel and will be reading the light novel translations for the changes in the story.


  43. Tek says:

    I don’t know why people say that Celes is Bad (or Evil) or whatever: She is just doing what a girl would do if she had power. The only thing ‘Monstrous about her is her level of power. Well, its a similar situation to the ‘Bitch’ and Goddess from Shield-hero. We just see that story from the point of view of a ‘victim’. They aren’t especially bad or evil; well, no more so than any female really…


    • Tek says:

      Well, she is definitely the most realistic female when it comes to her interaction with males, especially the way she uses them until bored and drops them (Okay, so women here may not kill you after they get bored…they just make you wish that you were dead :P )


  44. DarknessWolf says:

    Monika maybe.


  45. N/A says:

    What about intermission erhart 3?


  46. delgadius says:

    I’m binging today!!!


  47. Zeth says:

    Here I am years later rereading Sevens in one go… and it’s still MARVELOUS!!


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