Genre: Low Fantasy


By Wai / Mishima Yomu
Illustrations By Tomozo

Current Translation Progress: 100.00% (343/343)
Side Story Progress: 93.75% (15/16)

473 Responses to Sevens

  1. sp12er says:

    Just a bit of question, it’s there no illustrations page?

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  2. Mhaj58 says:

    He doesn’t want to upload them. Check the characters bios

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  3. Vincenttan says:

    Wow! 3 post together! Thank you very much!

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  4. Yoraikun's #1 Reader. says:

    Good Luck Yoraikun! I’m Assuming four more generations to go right?

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  5. ale says:

    Was there a chapter in this wn where the two girls revealed her feelings for the MC, but where then so embarrased that they hit him in the head until he forgets?

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  6. laudibus says:

    wishing you God Luck Yuraikun…. BTW, how many volumes are there in this Novel?….

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  7. laudibus says:

    is Sevens light novel has only 15 volumes?….

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  8. mhaj58 says:

    Hey Yoraikun, I’m curious, where can we find info on the sevens light novel. I ask because I haven’t found much, even on LNDB

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  9. ryllonceras says:

    ….the end is near.

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  10. crest says:

    oh nice snow just seeing it. lol

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  11. Yomi El says:

    ‘Cute Celes, Lovable Lyle’. Somehow I am pretty hyped to see that chapter translated.

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  12. gunastreak says:

    Thank you for your effort. Really love Shield Hero and Sevens. Hope you can translate the rest of Shield Hero (Valentine arc).

    You should set a paypal, i want to buy you a beer..

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  13. Mlongue says:

    hi there, just curious about somthing that i believe it was asked already, but after ending the translation of sevens do you plan to trasnlate the sequel? again if someone already asked sorry i didn’t finded anywhere.

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  14. Dumbao says:

    Just a question Yoraikun, after you finish translating this, will you translate the Sevens Gaiden?

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  15. Amomynous says:

    With such a good story, the entire series kinda felt very short to me…

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  16. Liam says:

    How long is the sequal and is there plans on doing it? I generally read most what this website translates because its top class!

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  17. Dumbao says:

    is it just me or the changing of title picture is a premonition in the novel?

    first it was a full body lyle holding the gem.
    then half body lyle w/ gem
    then fading half body lyle w/ gem
    then fading half body lyle w/o gem

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  18. Robz says:

    So I’ve been rereading this a few times and something I’ve noticed just now is that Aria was mentioned to have come from a Viscount house including when she was first introduced, but there’s been a few times where she was said to have come from a Baron house. Which is it exactly?

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    • Yoraikun says:

      Her House got demoted over time, mostly due to her father. But where does it say Viscount? I don’t quite remember that, so if you give me a chapter, I can check it up.

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      • Robz says:

        I just noticed while reading ch 149, at the line:

        “Among them were adventurers formerly of knight households. Just as Aria hailed from a militaristic Viscount House, there were a number of adventurers with similar heritage.”

        or maybe that doesn’t count? As you said, maybe he was just saying that the Lockwardes “were” a Viscount house.

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  19. Mr.Snappy says:

    Hey guys can someone explain lyle’s harem.. I just started and i read alot about his girls for being yandere..

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  20. jii~ says:

    It’s ..fading away…

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  21. HATSU says:

    Yorai, are you taking a break after finishing Sevens? Or do you another project that has caught your eye?

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  22. laudibus says:

    last few chapters of this light novel… can’t wait to see the ending… Celes vs. Lyle…. the final showdown of the two siblings…. Aggrissa vs the Walt Family…. hahahaha…. now that i think of it… it has happen during the start of the Bahnseim Kingdom….

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  23. Nordisk says:

    “Army of the Dead vs Army of the Dead”

    Could this be!? Celes’ necromancy vs the Summoning of the Walt Heads! Can’t wait!

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  24. Hellwhisper says:

    Guys, I was rereading Sevens when this caught my interest.

    Conversation between Lyle and the old Septem

    『… Perhaps you truly do have fate with the goddesses. Be careful of Ūnus and Duo’s descendants. Quīnque as well. I don’t know why, but you’re drawing the goddesses’ descendants to you, Lyle. You’ve got some fate in store.』

    “… No, um, I’m sorry. Could you please forget my past, ‘I must be loved by the goddesses’ line, and wait, how do you know about that? By Trēs, you couldn’t mean…”

    Septem’s face was still serious, but after a while of silence…

    『Oh right, you did say something like that. But there’s no mistaking it, right? Novem, Nihil, Trēs, Quattuor… you’ve pulled those girls’ descendants to you. And Lyle?』

    It was after Vera became harem member.
    Harem: Novem, Aria, Miranda, Shannon, Clara, Eva, May
    Other: Zelphy, Lianne, Annerine, Allete, Tanya/Tahnia, Marina, Aura, Thelma, Marianne, Ludmalla (hasn’t directly meet Lyle)

    『Be careful of Ūnus and Duo’s descendants. Quīnque as well.』
    I think it could mean Lyle have met them but not in harem yet. Ūnus and Duo was spoken at same time means Lyle met both of them in short time or recently (In Beim) and Quīnque before them. The three of them are dangerous and after we see Lianne we know how dangerous she is, I think she is Quīnque. Ūnus and Duo could be Tanya and Marina. Lyle met both of them in relatively short time and both are actually dangerous. (I don’t think Tanya is that dangerous though). Other factor will be they are interested in Lyle. Lianne save Lyle on a whim, Marina clearly interested to fight Lyle and Tanya seems to like Lyle even she is supposed to side with the guild or at least neutral.

    『Novem, Nihil, Trēs, Quattuor… you’ve pulled those girls’ descendants to you.』
    Means those four already in harem. Quattuor is between Aria, Miranda, Shannon and Clara. I believe it is Clara because she is the closest to Eva other than Novem. Since they are both descendant, it could be what makes Eva closer to Clara compared Miranda or Aria (remember Elves has lower standing compared to Human, It could also because their education as former noble). Aria was more interested in Zelphy when she first met Lyle and Miranda was manipulated by Shannon so I’m not very sure.

    0 (nihil) Eva
    1 (ūnus) Tanya/Marina?
    2 (duo) Tanya/Marina?
    3 (trēs) Vera
    4 (quattuor) Clara?
    5 (quīnque) Lianne?
    6 (sex) –
    7 (septem) Lyle/Celes
    8 (octō) Octō
    9 (novem) Novem

    Also Sex was killed by Novem maybe she doesn’t have descendant? if this is true then every goddess has made their appeareance.
    What do you guys think?


    • necrosis says:

      I think one and two are gracia and elza though don’t know why Tania/Tanya and marina got on people radar they aren’t really impressive in terms of power or ability and aria might be four with that whole goddesses have purple eyes thing and her physical ability


      • Hellwhisper says:

        isn’t it because Septem told Lyle before meeting Gracia and Elza? Since the jewel can only see from Lyle’s POV, Lyle has to meet the person directly or maybe I miss something about the jewel can detect other without seeing? btw May said that Marina in strength alone manage to equal her which is actually crazy. Tanya is lacking but from elimination process I couldn’t found anybody stronger except, perhaps Alette.

        I think the author just want reader to guess since he didn’t specify the goddess character or he’ll tell us in Novem/Septem memory flashback.


    • guradugilgida says:

      Purple eyes. List them.


  25. necrosis says:

    intermissions sound better then the main story for some laughs


    • jii~ says:

      The empror ho ran away
      And directly after the empror ho couldn’t run away .lol
      As if you could run from your harem lyle ! Just give it up !


  26. Hyakky says:

    does anyone have the pdfs for volume 15 and 16?


  27. laudibus says:

    you may be right… but if we count the “harems” of Lyle-kun, there are more than 9 of those girls that he had…. first is aria, second are the sisters – miranda and shannon, third is eva, fourth is vera, fifth are elza and gracia, sixth is ludmilla, seventh is Lianne and ninth is Thelma… if we connect it to the goddesses, well i do have the thought that Eva=Nihil; Vera=Tres; Novem=Novem; Lyle= Septem…. all in all, i have only 3 goddesses that support the claim of septem that Lyle attracts the goddesses’ descendants around him, including himself…. it has not been describe what are the characteristics of other goddesses that may lead to the clues of their descendants…


  28. Paul says:

    Theme song Imagen Dragons Warriors


  29. laudibus says:

    here is the link on sevens:
    until the 17th volume… only

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  30. testla says:

    so apparently after binge re-reading some chapters heres the actual list of goddesses descendant those alive at least
    0 eva
    1 gracia/elza/ludmilla
    2 gracia/elza/ludmilla
    3 Vera
    4 Clara(is the most likely but theres also the chance its may though low)
    5 gracia/elza/ludmilla
    6 sex does not have a decendant she was killed by an older version of novem or the original
    7 Agrissa & Lyle
    8 Octo is either alive or her decendants inside some subspace connected to a 100 level deep ladybirth
    9 Novem
    heres the issue there are no way to know to which whos decendant is whos for gracia elza and ludmilla there are nothing to use to narrow down which goddess is their protégé due to lack of information I put 2 on 7 since agrissa got reincarnated then again its nearly time for lyle to use his skill at its 3rd level since theres a chapter named army of the dead vs the army of the dead I’m assuming it allows him to temporality manifest people he knows or those recorded in the jewel


  31. testla says:

    theres a chance also its aria that’s a decendant of the goddess not clara it just hard to know which between the two it is I put clara at 4th for it seemed to be the most common opinion but aria could very well be the descendant of the 4th goddess too

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  32. ward says:

    can some one recomend other stories that have to do with dungeon diving and such?


    • CatBag says:

      The Invincible Saint, the main character is a healer who goes dungeon diving and stuff.

      Other novels which I like a lot which is somewhat related to dungeons:
      Korean Novels: Dungeon Hunter, Reincarnator, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor.


  33. Red says:

    Can someone tell me what the name of the side story where the ancestors wives were added to the jewel and it was set around the beginning of the novel


  34. cc says:

    do u know why there havent update in 2 days.??is yoraikun not feeling well??if so im sorry for asking.


  35. laudibus says:

    well maybe… its february and i guess yoraikun is on the verge of hibernation because it is cold in Japan this month (LOL). Yoraikun also is a college student, so maybe there are paperworks to be done in the school and Yoraikun set aside first the translation progress of the sevens in order to focused first in the Academics….

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  36. After the last chapter of the story
    please translate sevens gaiden as well yorai-san ><!


  37. Hyakky says:

    Guys i made pdfs of the last 3 volumes, the 18th is ncomplete but that’s because i’m waiting for the last part of the epilogue :D


  38. RageEnder says:

    Lol the title for 17th is so 4th wall breaking


  39. noll17 says:

    Ok. Time to start from the beginning, in two weeks or so it seems this will be complete :)
    I so miss LYLE XD!


  40. Thank you so much. I have followed you from chapter 12. On sevens. Thank you so much for this.


  41. chrno89 says:

    6 chapter lest and this novel is finish , feel empty T.T


  42. Is there a side story about May? Doesn’t look like there is from the future chapter titles. Hope the author keeps writing these.


  43. Bruno says:

    Are you going to translate the sequel?


  44. Barko says:

    Another finished story I’ll miss ;_;


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  46. Mhaj58 says:

    I really hope we get some service in Yorai next project


  47. アかガ says:

    The new song “Something Just Like This” somehow fits the atmosphere so much while reading the final volumes of Sevens imo.


  48. HATSU says:

    Thank you for translating this for us, Yorai. It has been an amazing journey that you allowed us to take part in. Hope you get an awesome break and some Uni procrastination in! :D


  49. jii~ says:

    T’was a good read thanks !

    The only novel that are of this type that i know of ..tsuyokute new saga ..and maybe to the deepest part of the labyrinth


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