Official Character Bios

Lyle Walt
Age (At First Appearance): 15
Gender: Male

A young man with characteristic blue hair and eyes. His hair is cut short. Height a little over average for his age.
Of pale complexion and slim build by nature. His body is actually quite trained, from the intense sword and magic training he did in order to have his parents look his way.
His parents were both of refined features, and Lyle himself is resultantly of superior appearance.
Due to his alienated treatment that began at age ten, his eyes at fifteen looked quite dead.

At first appearance, whatever could be called clothing was made into quite a mess, and since the one who saved him was old Zell the gardener, he ended up receiving some of the man’s son’s old clothing. Shirts and pants, boots, relatively common clothing, pretty much. A style that usually asks for a coat to be draped over it.
After becoming an adventurer, he’s started carrying around a robe as well.

Weapon of Choice:
He’s trained with a sabre from a young age, but can generally pull of anything.
He’s specialized in weapons used to cut, and for some reason, the simple fact he has two hands makes him able to dual wield.
He does not have a weak point in magic either. If he didn’t have a certain cursed Jewel on his person, he may have been able to raise his name as a magic knight instantly.

The Main Character of Sevens.
He fought his sister Celes in the spring of his fifteenth year of life, and his defeat caused him to be driven from the house. Saved by old Zell, the estate’s gardener, he received the Walt Heirloom blue gem turned Jewel, starting his story.
While he was often tormented by the curse-esque nature of the Jewel in sucking up his Mana, he borrowed the knowledge and Skills of the seven ancestors residing in the Jewel to grow.
At his first appearance, he often received the following evaluations in the comment section:

Yep, definitely a prodigy lolololol
How incompetent~ lol

Yep, that’s our main character. What a guy.


Novem Forxuz
Age (At First Appearance): 15
Gender: Female

A young girl with her light-brown, long hair tied into a side-ponytail. She is fair skinned, with violet eyes.
Her eyes curve inwards a little, giving her quite a warm impression, but they also contain quite a strong will. She is the second daughter of a baron house, raised to be well-mannered, with superior appearance.
Her body is well trained, but it doesn’t seem to have gone to her muscle, but her breasts.

On her first appearance, she discarded her dress to follow Lyle, and wore clothing easier to move in.
A skirt, thigh-high stockings, and boots. She also wore a coat that gave off a magician’s impression.

Weapon of Choice:
A magician, she wields a staff.
She holds no weak point in magic, excelling in all fields. While she may seem better at it from Lyle’s point of view, the individual herself say Lyle is actually the better caster.

The heroine of Sevens.
The daughter of a house treated largely as retainers by the Walts.
As Lyle was alienated, the Forxuz House offered to take him on, and thus the engagement was made. Therefore, the two of them were fiancé and fiancée.
According to Novem, she was saved by Lyle sometime in the past.
She’s known to have frequented the Walt House, and called out to Lyle quite often.

She remains faithful to serving Lyle, and while that may go amiss on occasion, she moves on the modulus operati of having everything be for Lyle’s sake.
Demi-humans and divine beasts take a liking to her quite easily.



Celes Walt
Age (At First Appearance): 13
Gender: Female

A charming girl with blond hair, and blue eyes. Her hair is long and wavy, and despite her age, she is a peculiar girl who possesses quite an enamoring air.
Perfect, and according to Lyle, a sister blessed by some goddess up there.
While her appearance is superior, her figure is quite questionable, and her body is more slender than one would think.

At her first appearance, a white dress, and red shoes.

Weapon of Choice:
A rapier with a round yellow gem imbedded in the hilt. With rare metal used in abundance, it is a splendidly tempered piece. It has had a Skill engraved into it, making it a magic tool.

She hates her brother, and proposed a duel to kick him out.
A monster that even twists the air around her, according to the First. Charming despite her age, all of the opposite, and even same gender are enraptured by her.
This seems to work especially on other human beings, and it is because of her that the mansion of the Walt House turned strange.



Aria Lockward
Age (At First Appearance): 16
Gender: Female

A girl whose red hair curls up at the tips. Her eyes are violet, and her face is one that inspires vigor and determination. Her eyes are slightly slanted.
Due to her impression during the production of the work, her breast size has been changed from large to normal.

At her first appearance, she chose garments easier to move around in, rather than things befitting a lady. Personally, she prefers clothing that display the lines of her body.

Weapon of Choice:
Born into the militaristic Lockwarde House, she learned to use a spear.
She is capable of casting magic, but it is not her specialty. It’s not at a level unusable in combat, but because everyone around her is too talented, she has opted to specialize herself in physical force.

The daughter of a fallen imperial noble who lost his status.
She resembles the First Generation’s first love- Alice- and the fact she was her descendent caused her to get involved with Lyle’s group.
She holds the red gem of the Lockwarde House. From her first appearance, her attitude and conduct towards Lyle caused her popularity to remain quite low.



Miranda Circry
Age (At First Appearance): 17
Gender: Female

A young lady with light green, wavy hair. Her sharp eyes give a vigorous impression, as well as that of an older sister who enjoys her share of mischief.

At her first appearance, she wore the uniform designated by Arumsaas’ Academy. Once that was over with, she started wearing easy-to-move-in clothing for adventurer work. The reason her specific choice of garments have a bit of sensuality to them is due to her attempt to catch Lyle’s eye.

Weapon of Choice:
Mainly daggers, but she is also skilled with traps. She knows how to use gunpowder, so she can make use of bombs as well. She knows enough magic to make her an all-rounder, but she is not specialized in its use. However, she is quite skilled at abusing whatever means her opponent would hate most.

The eldest daughter of the Circry House, and therefore, the daughter of a Viscount.
She commuted to the Academy in order to look after her sister, and she dotes on that sister, Shannon, quite a bit. At first, she was nothing but kind, however, after the parts of her Shannon buried surfaced, she attacked Lyle.
After that, it looks like her inner and outer parts had reached an agreement, making her quite the schemer. She still holds Shannon quite dearly, and is always attempting to compensate for the portions the party is lacking int.



Shannon Circry
Age (At First Appearance): 13
Gender: Female

Her long hair is of a light purple shade. It’s waved like Miranda’s, and the pale, fleeting impression she gives off is due to both her lack of functioning eyes, and the large amount of time she spent holed up in her room. While her amber eyes are unable to see normally, they are demon eyes that let her see the flow of Mana.

She is often in her room, so a comfortable dress, and red shoes. At the start, she looked up to Celes, so she tried imitating her.

Weapon of Choice:
Demon eyes… they let her see the flow of Mana. From its fluctuations and changes, she can read the emotions of others, and even see their weak points. But as the individual herself is a piece of junk, she isn’t using them to anywhere near their full potential.

The youngest of the four Circry Sisters.
After her mother gave birth to her, she lost out to illness, and her two directly older sisters were wary of that. Her lack of eyesight was but another reason the Circry House couldn’t leave her be. For that sake, as she grew older, they shipped her off to the City of Scholars, under the pretense that there would be better medical technology there.
Shunned by the rest of her house, she happened upon Celes at a party in Centralle, and developed a yearning for how she was treated. That was the moment her eyes opened for the first time, but when Celes chose her sister Miranda over her, she could only be irritated.
It was for that reason that she began plotting to make that sister of hers into her puppet.
After having met Lyle, she seems to have reformed a little on their journey. Story-wise, she’s an individual whose popularity has undergone sudden changes part-way through. She was on a high trend around the ending.



Clara Bulmer
Age (At First Appearance): 15
Gender: Female

She keeps her red eyes half-closed, and wears glasses over them.
Her deep-blue unmaintained heir falls to her shoulders.
While her build is petite, it is otherwise relatively normal.

She wore a dress shirt while she was working at the library, but as she wasn’t particularly concerned about her appearance, she dressed simply otherwise.
When working as an adventurer on support, she only wore the bare minimum protective gear.

Weapon of Choice:
A staff taller than she is. She also owns a gun.

An adventurer who worked at the great library of Arumsaas with the guild as an intermediary.
The Skill she possesses goes 【Reading】, 【Copy】, 【Library】, with her capable of using it all the way up to its third stage.
As she was small and lacked strength, she decided to specialize in support as an adventurer, and generally took on freelance jobs.
She loves books, and often gets entranced in reading. As everything else seems to fade away, she has collapsed from it before.
After she began working alongside Lyle, she became Porter’s exclusive driver, and got to be quite Skilled at the use at Golem magic.
While she is abundant in knowledge, she isn’t the best at applying it, and the individual herself seems to be quite aware of that.
Her relationship with Adele is that of a cat and a dog. After joining Ludmilla’s faction, she discovered the joys of scheming and leaking information.

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  1. DarknessWolf says:

    No maid inform?

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  2. Pawmiester says:

    wonder if we can expect illustrations of characters or is it the case were there is a need to wait for manga or anime


  3. nckeo says:

    Yep, definitely a prodigy lolololol
    How incompetent~ lol

    What a guy.

    Whoa, even the author himself is dissing the MC!?


  4. necrosis says:

    seems the Japanese fan base was not very accepting of Lyle early on
    and it seems that may is going to like novem in later chapters
    Last note I can see why Shannon’s approval rating goes up later on even now she is becoming more likeable than Aria recently

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  5. Yanto Sonata says:

    is there any picture of each elder?
    because i’m only recognize 2 elder only (from the picture of they sitting in round table)
    that are 1st and 4th elder


    • manthin says:

      just as a pointer for confused people in the future:

      1st gen – guy with bandage arms, fur coat, brown hair with “crown”
      2nd gen – guy with the darkest skin tone, could be 5th, but he does not give “cold” impression.
      3rd gen – Green haired pony tail closed eyes
      4th gen – glasses
      5th gen – short grey hair (the one most to the right of the picture), could be 2nd but his clothes make him look more “noble” than dark skinned one.
      6th gen – red haired, almost as wild as 1st gen
      7th – blonde who clearly likes Lyle alot (doting grandpa…)


  6. zekkendo says:

    Novem’s eyes are curved inwards? I’m a tad confused, because in my mind, the shape of her eyeball is similar to a round fruit someone took a bite out of…


  7. Delete if spoiler.
    Let me guess…



  8. Hakurei06 says:

    Plan to update the Character Profiles?

    Clara, Monica, Eva, May, the female monarchs whose names i don’t care to remember too well…


  9. Dan G. Brett says:

    Since it was all buggin me, I numbered them.


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    • Yoraikun says:

      You got the numbering wrong. The blond is the 3rd, the green hair is the Fifth, and the bottom right is the seventh.


    • Dan G. Brett says:

      The Walt Family Ancestors
      1st. Basil – The First Generation was a Savage
      2nd. Crassel – The Second Generation was a Wise Man
      3rd. Sleigh – Could it be He’s Actually Quite Dark? That Third Generation?
      4th. Max – The Fourth Generation was a Money-Loving Submissive Husband
      5th. Fredricks – The Fifth Generation was an Animal Lover, and Quite the Efficient Player
      6th. Fiennes – The Sixth Generation was a Former Delinquent
      7th. Brod – The Seventh Generation was a Doting Grandfather

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    • DayRenDBR says:

      It is kinda a fun coincidence that the ones who were interchanged were the exact three who……


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    I think this page is kinda outdated?

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  11. vince321 says:

    Will there be a character Bio for the Wives of Lyle?


  12. Randomness178 says:

    “Due to her impression during the production of the work, her breast size has been changed from large to normal.”

    How does this even work? Did she not like how the author made out her breast size to be big? :D


    • Fnurdleburp says:

      Nah, but she started working out seriously with the help of another vanguard-type adventurer and lost some weight (what’s often called baby fat). She still has decent-sized breasts, they’re just not as big as before.


  13. badaampista says:

    Which is the chapter of first kiss between Lyle and Novum in Sevens??


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